Curb Appeal Ideas

It’s time to consider curb appeal ideas to update, refresh and spring spruce up the look of your home’s exterior for the upcoming season.

Curb appeal goes a long way in making the right first impression- style lives here!

Feast your eyes upon these curb appeal ideas.

curb appeal ideas

Inexpensive exterior updates range from outdoor lighting-to decorative brass and copper accents-to simply painting the front door in a spring spectacular color.

Infuse new life into drab and winter beat flower beds with colored mulch, tired patios and walkways with stones and pavers.

Afternoons and rocking chairs go together so very well.

Dave the Builder refers to our front porch as his office.

The man makes his best plans out there.

Our front porch rocking chairs tend to be full most afternoons with the neighbor men of our street aka the neighborhood patrol.

Spring is for cleaning up and summer is for sprucing up!

painting rocking chairs

Refreshing existing paint colors or going with an entirely new palette guarantees instant update wow factor.

Freshening up  for the summer season begins with a Lowe’s run and a fresh coat of paint.

My late father (pictured in the above image) utilized every opportunity to rock the hours of a spring and fall day away.

Valspar paint colors

We’re rockin’ the Valspar Maple Taffy.

It complements the colors in the brick and pops up against the shutters that shall forever remain painted in Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black.

Updated Refresh:


It seems when we undertake one project it encourages the wheels of home improvement to turn and the ideas to flow.


Freshly painted rockers begets freshly painted shutters, and freshly painted shutters means we might as well paint the trim.

Sherwin Williams paint colors

Trim color choices in the running are Sherwin-Williams Rice Grain and Sherwin-Williams Nacre.

Neutral with a splash of gray, brown, or green keeps the look just this side of vanilla.

Notice the lantern in the above image- it’s on the move to our kitchen, replacing the one in the image below.

Update:  It ended up better serving our decor needs as the dining room chandelier.

lantern-fixture-bronze-gold The hunt is now on for a new exterior light fixture.

Update: A new recessed LED retrofit downlight keeps the exterior porch light on.


One home improvement project does tend to lead to another, but the new and improved look makes it all worth it.

Now that’s better!

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