Organize and Declutter In Style: Decorative Storage Ideas

Don’t you just love the hope, motivation, and get your act together decorative storage ideas a new year or a new season brings.

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Stylish options for storing the I need that-that’s an heirloom-we might need it stuff is the question.

built-in-storageBetter Homes and Gardens

Let’s face it, the life lived inside our homes can be one messy, cluttered, and disorganized situation.

And there’s always this scenario-

stuff meme

Decorative storage ideas can help get the house to home organization and storage job done.

Oceane Acrylic Trunk - Clear


Mod Locker


AHL, Holiday House

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Tyler Square Basket With Rope Handle Low

Tyler Square Basket With Rope Handle Low

antique silver vasesPinterest

Vintage fly fishing creel - Fishing wicker basket

Vintage Fishing Basket

Unique uses for vintage treasures deliver think outside the box brilliance, charm, character and conversation.

Antique Silver Plate Covered Dome Cheese Butter Server w Lid

Antique Silver Plate Covered Dome Cheese Butter Server w Lid

Decorative baskets, boxes and suitcases make a strong case for decorative storage solutions.

firewood-storage-basket Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Kitchen storage is a sought after commodity.


Better Homes & Gardens

Smart kitchen solutions such as cabinet dividers and storage drawers is standard organization procedure in today’s kitchen.

kitchen drawer dividersThe Kitchn

Houzz recently released the U. S. kitchen trends study.

built-in-cookie-sheet-cabinetBetter Homes and Gardens

One particular finding to note from the 2,598 polled shows 50% of U. S. homeowners are incorporating cookie sheet/tray organizers into cabinetry.



Customized cabinet built-ins not in your all things house that make a home project future?

No problem.

Affordable and stylish (the ultimate combination) kitchen cabinet and counter top organizers options exist.

Let’s take a look at just that.

kitchen-pantry-estateHayburn & Co. 

Counters fill quickly, and it seems there is never enough cabinets when we need them.

Kitchen pantries equipped with the storage within storage feature go a long way in the task of eliminating kitchen counter and cabinet congestion.

Home Depot

Decorative onlays and appliques offer an affordable way to dress up to impress kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts and casings with the look of custom millwork.


Repurpose with a kitchen pantry door purpose- antique doors pair function with unique style for interior spaces.



Staying in the vintage-repurpose theme, hit up your local antiques stores, flea markets, and curiosity shops for items such as a vintage wine cabinet for housing all things kitchen.

More times than not the price is right, the look anything but cookie-cutter, and the end result a stylish storage option showstopper.

vintage-wine-cabinetBetter Homes & Gardens

A keen eye sees a vintage window and how to brilliantly convert it into a spice cupboard.

Talk about a conversation piece.

vintage window spice cupboardAlison Anderson Interiors- Photo by Paul Craig

spice drawer organizer

spice drawer organizer 1

Lynk Professional® Spice Rack Tray Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Cabinets


Plain English Design

Crates easily become unique pantry drawers.


House Beautiful – Rory Gardiner


Plate racks decoratively display dinnerware while standing out in the world of kitchen custom space saving features.

Alison Anderson Interiors

Alison Anderson Interiors

Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Wall Rack

Louis XV Style Carved Walnut Wall Rack

Apothecary and vintage jars, tiered stands, canisters with clamp top lids, collectible canisters, dollar store glass containers, and a plethora of storage basket options continue to be a favorite way to display dry ingredients, sweet treats, beans, farmers market finds and dry pastas in many kitchens.


foyer-entry-mirrorElle Decor

Keeping order and organization in an entryway can prove to be quite a feat, especially when it is a designated high traffic area.



Decorative hooks of the most unique and imaginative kind, umbrella stands, rattan baskets in assorted sizes and shapes, coat racks, and benches are the storage options that can help to tame the savage clutter beast.

joe-schmelzer-design Joe Schmelzer

Cookware storage within view and reach “rights” a practical and purposeful recipe for kitchen organization.

Pot Rack with Studio Lights

Urban Archaeology


St. Charles of New York

Oh my gorgeous!


Andrew Flesher

French Style Brass, Glass, and White Marble Pastry Stand, 20th Century


Towel bar and hooks = pot and pan holder

kitchen-organization-towel-rackHouse Beautiful

Stairs doing double duty as a storage feature is space utilization 101.

The genius of design meets decorative storage ideas meets resale appeal.

Haven’t you heard?

Plenty of space and storage tops the list of what to look for when buying a house.

under-the-stairs-pull-out-cabinets-yellow-striped-runnerTerraCotta Properties – DecorPad

Kitchen banquettes create a cozy feel, offer a unique seating option and storage outlet, and remain a versatile decor choice.


Anne Hepfer Designs

corner banquetteMidwest Living

Drawer organizers bring order to the chaos.

Clear Acrylic Stackable Drawer Organizers Gold Trim Set of 6Clear Acrylic Stackable Drawer Organizers Gold Trim Set of 6

Am I the only person in the world who methodically cleans and organizes the junque (takes the sting out of the mess when you get all ooh la la with the word) drawer and then can’t seem to make heads or tails of the order?

Think outside the storage box when it comes to jewelry and beauty products storage options.


Stylish options for housing jewelry and our favorite beauty products and brushes are simply an antiques, vintage or thrift shop shopping excursion away.

cosmetic brushes holders

Tea cups, trays, platters, small plates, creamers, pitchers- put your imagination and your personal style on display.

tea-cups-storageBrit + Co

Vintage creamers easily make the transition from collectible to workable storage solution for beauty products.

bone-dish-jewelry-holder (1)

Simply give new life to jar candles when the intended is all burned up as makeup brush and tool holders.

beauty-trayThe Zoe Report

Clever use of a clear candle holder paired with clear accent gems.

DI why didn’t I think of that?


Traditional Home

Rolling wire laundry baskets and French hampers complement and stylishly achieve the purpose of decluttering a space.

Gold Rolling Laundry Hamper

Gold Rolling Laundry Hamper

Copper Metal Vintage Rolling Laundry Basket with Wheels

Copper Metal Vintage Rolling Laundry Basket with Wheels

custom laundry roomStefani Stein Inc.

storage closet photo lincoln barbourBetter Homes & Gardens- Photo by Lincoln Barbour


laundry room essentials

50 Pack Traditional Wooden Clothespins

50 Pack Traditional Wooden Clothespins

Set Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Heritage Hill Jars

Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Heritage Hill Jar, 1 Gal

Mainstays Medium Round Wire Copper Basket - 4 Pack

wire storage basket set of 4

Mainstays Medium Round Wire Copper Basket – 4 Pack

Vintage inspired pharmacy and industrial metal cabinets make great options for linen storage.

black-metal-pharmacy-cabinet-in-bathroom (1)

 Chango & Co.

Metal Locking Caster Wheels & Glass Doors Cabinets and Shelf Units, Gold

Metal Locking Caster Wheels & Glass Doors Cabinets and Shelf Units, Gold

Trunks work a room well as a storage option.


Country Living Magazine- Photography by Lisa Flood


Architectural Digest

Vintage trunks and suitcases have found a second life as coffee tables and bedside tables, while often becoming the focal point of the space.

louis-vuitton-end-table-lonny My Domaine

trunk-at-end-of-bedMy Domaine

It’s amazing how quick we accumulate stuff, things, mementos, collectibles- and it all has to go somewhere.

These are just a few decorative storage ideas, options, suggestions and solutions for resolving storage and organization dilemmas in your home.

Love your style!


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