It’s Time For A New Dining Room Paint Color

A tedious decor project I’ve been working on collided head on with my consulting duties last week.

My schedule got crazy busy and caused a delay in my posting.

Taking a break from the monotony of term sheets and contracts, I shifted my attention to an at home project long overdue.

It’s time to choose a new dining room paint color.

It’s no secret how much I love Sherwin-Williams Fired Brick, but with the lack of natural light in the dining room it is proving to be on the dark side.

The lighting of a space (or lack thereof) is a crucial factor to consider in the selection of paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Fired Brick

I’m heading in the direction of a barely there classic color palette that will:

  •  frame the flow of  bookend color from foyer to butler pantry
  • bring the French inspired ooh la la factor to the space
  •  allow a better showcase for the existing light fixtures

Valspar Mesa Sand

The color choice needs to complement the new kitchen paint color, Curio Gray.

Considering the foyer wallpaper, drapes, and dark finish of the living room suite (not my fav, but it keeps the peace), I’m leaning towards the pink/red family of colors- one with a whisper, a scant hint of pink with a café au lait base.

When done right, pink defies the connotation of  frill and femininity so closely associated with the color.

Achieving light, tone, and shade synergy is the trick.

First up is Valspar Mesa Sand.

dining room paint color

Paint color samples can fool the eye.

I highly suggest purchasing a sample container of the color(s) you are considering and trying it out on the wall.

Paint a large enough area of the wall and let the paint completely dry in order to get a good and proper color read.

Mesa Sand sample

Well that’s a big no go on the Mesa Sand!

What a paint color sample looks like on a chart or in a can is very different from what it will actually look like on the wall.

Mesa Sand looks to be the perfect shade of  brownish pink in the first image, a peachy salmon with a brown base in the paint sample image, and a flat beige on the wall.

On to the next choice.

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster

Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster is working for me.

The sample is en route and my fingers are crossed.

crystal chandelier

What project Dave the Builder will be tackling on his summer vacation is no longer a mystery.

I’ll show you what else I have in mind later in the week.

Think light fixture.



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