One Dining Room and Four Re-dos: Let’s Dining Room Remodel

Look familiar?  Yes, it is the second draft of parts 1 and 2 of the Olioboard moodboard I worked up  for our dining room remodel.  Change is a constant thing around Places In The Home, and anticipation is keeping me waiting for the right time to proceed with yet another dining room remodel.  This will be the fourth remodel do-over of the dining room, but who’s counting?



I use the term do-over because that is exactly what it is- the chance to redo the previous idea of what floated my decorative boat at the time. This is strictly a preliminary guide in the general decorative direction I’m going in for the space. Olioboard is my virtual controlled source for design and decor storage.  Come up with an idea, create a board, save it, and conveniently store it away for future use.




This dining room has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1965. See more of the reveal here.  The wall color has seen two choices thus far. Fired Brick from Sherwin-Williams had a five year run being replaced by Crème Fraîche from Valspar.


I want to mix and switch the furniture from other rooms to create a flow with the my decor ideas du jour.  The marble top sideboard pictured below will replace the existing one currently in place and be graced with…

marble-top-sideboard (2)



a two door primitive cabinet with chicken wire doors similar to the top of this one from Matthews House and Garden sitting atop it.  I think it will be a great choice for displaying my china, and the juxtaposition will work for the space.

chicken wire doorsMy Notting Hill

Dave the Builder is a farm table builder extraordinaire, and I have put my order in.  I will more than likely use Louisiana Cypress with antique table legs. Stay tuned for more on this project. The Chippendale dining chairs are keepers and will be updated with new upholstery.  Although, a set of six dining chairs recently added to inventory might find their way to the house.  Another advantage to this thing I love called antiques.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Are you contemplating a do-over, redo, or complete remodel in the decorative future?

Love your style!







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