One Pan And Two Bowls

I’ve been cheating this week.

Not at games, on my taxes, or on Dave the Builder.  I’ve “cheated” in a culinary sense for twp excellent reasons, imo.

It’s just too hot to cook, let alone eat heavy meals.

I’m a one pan, two bowls kind of girl.

We have been busy worker bees this past week in and out of the house.

I get in the groove of my routine and before I realize it ten o’clock is staring back at me from my computer monitor.

Eight o’clock is about the latest I’ll push serving dinner,  and it’s a struggle to meet that deadline most nights.

Today was my pseudo secretary day for my brother (the family that works together…), and I was still typing contracts at eight o’clock.

The sounds of the seventies were cranked up in the background, and as some Southern rock anthem played, it served as the catalyst in helping  me decide tonight’s menu.

It’s amazing where your dinner ideas will come from.


Dave the Builder stirs the pot!

Grits are comfort food central for us.

I bring about two cups water and one cup milk to a boil.

I don’t measure the grits but stop pouring them out of the box and into the pan when the whisk hits resistance.

I give them a constant whisk until desired thickness is reached.

The bowls, butter and pepper are standing ready.

You’ve got to move relatively quick with grits to avoid over thickening.

Tonight we dined on grits in their natural state (butter is a natural state, isn’t it?), but the add on options are many.

A few of our favorites are shrimp, green onions, bacon, cheese, fried or scrambled eggs.

I also substitute chicken broth for water on occasion.

With our Paula Deen proud pats of butter and a respectable Louisiana pepper content, we dined on quick, inexpensive and delicious hominy goodness.


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