DIY Dining Room Chair Redo Considerations

DIY dining room chair redo time is coming around again at Places In The Home.

DIY time is born out of I know exactly what piece, accessory or accent I want, but can’t find it necessity.

The following custom detail must have requirements apply as well to the DIY dining room chair redo considerations checklist:

A supreme case of sticker shock aka having a there is no way  I’m paying   that moment.

The piece would be perfect if only the finish was________  and the   upholstery was________.

Not one nailhead in sight.

Dave the Builder’s mad building, refinishing and reupholstering skills.

Patience is the virtue of a determined interior designer and or do-it-yourself aficionado.

I try not to allow decorative compromise into my vocabulary.

Here at Chez Places In The Home the mantra remains have ideas, will repurpose redo-renovate-reupholster or re anything.

We like to “re” things.


This picture is about three years old, and the only one I can quickly locate showing the first of two sets of six dining chairs I have in my DIY sights.

The upholstered chairs around the oak dining table are one of Dave the Builder’s “you need to get these” fueled purchases.

On a antiques buying trip and between antiques shop and antiques auction shopping.


Let me explain.

Between antiques shop and antiques auction shopping is the time in our treasure hunting day before the antiques auction begins when we scope out antiques shops for shop ready to go pieces.

Time is money, and in many cases it’s a better deal for us to purchase shop ready to go pieces from fellow dealers.

Repair , refinishing and reupholstering costs can negate the deal you think you’ve gotten on a piece purchased at auction.

The Walnut set is Circa early 1900’s.

Each chair has decorative marquetry inlay with  mother of pearl below the arch.

I’ve lost count of how many times I have pulled them from inventory to use at home and added them back to the shop inventory.

Currently they are pulled and first in line for “re” consideration.


The second set of dining chairs under consideration presently reside in Dave’s man cave.

As you can see in the above image, this particular chair will require a fair amount of diy tender loving care.

Our dear friend and fellow antique dealer purchased a container of English antiques over ten years ago.

She hit the dining room chair mother load with this container- hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of dining chairs in the container.

Dave the Builder swung by the shop to pick up a delivery and our friend asked him if he wanted a set of the chairs.


Dave brought the chairs home and asked me the famous question, “do you think we can do anything with them?”

We can sure try!

Under consideration is a combination of colors from the Annie Sloan line.

French Linen, Country Grey, Louis Blue or Paris Grey will be the most effective in achieving a country French result.

A half and half “recipe” may produce the desired color I have in mind for the chairs.

The colors mix well together to fine tune and produce the color which is best for your project.


This is what I have planned for the chairs.

First and foremost, we will be de-Englishing (my term) the heck of these babies.

It will require removal of the ornamental fan wood pieces below the seat.

Some of the stretchers are missing, and in order to keep the integrity of the look we will have to replace all the stretchers.

On second thought, I may not even use stretchers on the redo.

Dave can remove the stretchers, and if need smooth over the area with filler.

Did you notice the water damage on the front legs?

Fine sand paper and a KILZ stain blocker will fix that right up.

Although not always a necessary step, it makes me feel more secure to go ahead and do it in order to eliminate any bleed through.

Nailheads no more will be the next step.

French Antique Hemp, Upholstery, Craft Panel

French Antique Hemp, Upholstery, Craft Panel

Farmhouse fabulous with a touch of French flair.


Although the style of these chairs by no means lives up to this gorgeous source of inspiration seen below, modifications and applications can be made to introduce style options.

antique accent chair zebra upholstery



I’ll soon share images to help show the general idea of where I’m going with this project.

Love your style!



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  1. Well Barry, that makes two of us! Knowing what I want & finding it- the problem and story of my DIY life! Thanks so much for the comment and stay tuned. The finished product will eventually make an appearance on the blog.

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