A Notch Above: A Corbel DIY Home Project

A recent trending Twitter chat topic brought much attention to the subject of dining room trends for 2013.

On trend for 2013 is the double the light, double the look and the mix and mingle of dining room chairs, banquettes, and bench seating.

A recent article in Better Homes and Gardens brought much attention to the need for a corbel DIY home project. Inspiration is everywhere!

architectural pedimentHouzz

With the conversation still fresh on my mind, I thought I would search for images to further feature the trend.

All thoughts of dining room trends were dashed as my eyes zoned in on two architectural accents hanging and sitting pretty all in one space.

Pediments and corbels used as home decor accessories continue to make a decorative power point presentation.

architectural corbelHouzz

One of the occupational hazards of this thing I do and love is that I stay in DIY home project mode.

How could I not?

When I spot swoon worthy accessories in the many images I see in my style spotter daily rotation, especially ones I tend to gravitate toward as tried and true decorative accents of choice, I am inspired.

Karen FabianBetter Homes and Gardens

Inspiration hit big when I saw the corbel accent between the kitchen and dining room in the home of interior and landscape designer Karen Fabian in the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

architectural corbel on Etsy

My local source for all things antique and architectural didn’t have a corbel to be found, but Circa Time on Etsy did.

Well, she did until it sold before I could consult Dave the Builder about modifying it.

I contacted the shop owner to see if by chance she had another one.

It was my lucky corbel day!


When we did the kitchen/dining room remodel and wall removal we did not intentionally leave this in an unfinished state of Anjou Pear meets Fired Brick.

When we repainted the kitchen I told Dave the Builder not to worry with it until I decided exactly what trim, molding, or finishing touch I wanted to use.

Why get in a hurry and settle for something you really don’t love?

DIY home project

The corbel is blessed with the right amount of chippy goodness, patina, and size (27 3/4 inches tall  X  10 ½ inches wide).

Dave the Builder is going to notch out the crown molding so the corbel will mount flush with the ceiling and wall.

It will serve the dual purpose of breaking the eye between the spaces and finishing out the cabinet back.

Are you in DIY home project mode?

Love your style!

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