Early Spring Into Easter

Early spring into Easter color awakenings through spring color palette choices are upon us.


Colors of the season shake off the last of winter’s remnants with the help of warm mid-afternoon breezes, hints of pastel petals, the yellow dusting of pollen (you want pretty flowers, don’t you?), the hum of lawnmowers, and seasonal treats featuring fresh strawberries.


Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist on Unsplash

Color wakes up a space in the same manner that spring wakes up color from its winter hibernation.

Farmers' Market Herb Live Wreath & Garland

Farmers’ Market Herb Live Wreath & Garland

Spring moves the clock forward, presents the perfect time to organize and clean, and wakes up the color all around us.


Amal Kapen Interiors

Easy and affordable ways to incorporate the best of the season into your home and garden is to update and refresh through accents and accessories.

Accents and accessories in fresh, lively, and warm colors of spring renews our interiors and exteriors, elevates our moods, and brushes away the heaviness of winter.


Machine Washable Indoor/ Outdoor Chantille Floral Rug

Charlotte Moss Flowers Book

3d Floral Ceramic Table Lamp

Seria Hand Embroidered Pillow

Botanic Garden Sweetpea Boxed Ceramic Candle

Embroidered Daisy Pillow

More Monet Framed Wall Art

Modern Ceramic Temple Jar With Lid

Fairy Statue Collection Leaf Angel Girls Resin Home Decor

putting flowers in vase








de Gournay Bayville Chinoiserie

Wallpaper or paint?

In certain situations, coupled with certain tastes, here’s where I stand on the matter.

Why not both?


Photo by Clay Banks

Touches of color, texture, and pattern can automatically pack a space with immediate focal point potential.


Cameron Ruppert Interiors

“Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty
and immanent presence. It affords utility to all,
but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.”

— Johannes Itten


Flower Magazine – Photography by Paul Costello

Subtle in nature and brilliant in execution, the color white does indeed make a strong and complementing canvas for the space to show its true colors.


Nordic Ware Honey Hive Loaf Pan

Uncomplicated updates translate into simply elevated elegant selections ready for the spring into summer season.

Easter Basket Flower Cake

Easter Basket Flower Cake

Jadeite Footed Loop Design Cake Stand

Jadeite Footed Loop Design Cake Stand


7″ Spring Yellow Glass Urn Vase by Place & Time

Nature’s timing doesn’t always cooperate with early spring into Easter plans for fresh stems and bouquets, so to that I say pick a few faux fabulous stand-ins and let the spring preview begin!



Running Rabbit Garden Statue

Running Rabbit Garden Statue

You say planter, I say perfect serving piece for the Easter dinner table.


Color breathes life into the space to freshen and renew the look.


Photo by James Wheeler

“The day the Lord created hope was
probably the same day he created Spring.”

– Bernard Williams


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