Easter Dessert Presentation

The first holiday of the spring season is upon us, and I’m thinking Easter dessert presentation.

Even though we’re all in this together, Easter 2020 we will not be what most of us are used to, entertaining wise at least.


Have you seen this Hosting with Kelly Clarkson for Wayfair commercial?


“You’re welcome.”

Love it!

Taking a cake from grocery store shelf, bakery display or freezer section to dessert table impressive is easy.

The Pioneer Woman Glass Cake Stand, Teal

The Pioneer Woman Glass Cake Stand, Teal

Boom, you too can be a chef with a pretty cake plate and garnish for the host or hostess with the most or mostess win.

knockout rose bush

The usual made from scratch Easter coconut cake ain’t happening this Easter 2020, but the one from the bakery at Kroger’s (delicious) will be decorated with a spring bouquet topper of knockout roses.

It is said we eat with our eyes first which translates pure and simple to the proven fact I know to be true.

Presentation is key, folks.

Easter dessert presentation

It seems my camera has decided it does not want to import photos to my computer for some driver-hardware-update reason only known to Windows 10, Nikon, and the evil computer gods.

There goes the photos of the blue hobnail cake stand I inherited from my grandmother’s collection and fresh rose petals I meticulously staged for this Easter dessert presentation post.

Loire Glass Square Cake Stand BlueEggcellent substitute.

The Pioneer Woman Timeless Beauty 10-Inch Mint Green Cake Stand with Glass Cover

The Pioneer Woman Timeless Beauty Mint Green Cake Stand with Glass Cover

Another spring-Easter-Mother’s Day-summer entertaining (hope we can do lots of that this year) favorite is making rose petal ice cubes.


So easy to make, and it takes your beverage presentation to the next level.


Dave the Builder brought home a dozen yard eggs the other day in various colors much to my Easter egg decorating and baking delight.


fresh eggs

The idea here is to intermingle a half dozen farm to Easter table eggs with a half dozen decorative speckled multicolored eggs in the DIY Easter basket I made last Easter.

Easter dessert presentation

From fresh flowers to grandmothers cake stand, simple touches and visually impressive details come together to dress up your Easter dessert presentation.

love your style




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