Set The Tone and The Table: Easter Tablescape Ideas Part 2

I dig a good word within a word moment.

Take the word tablescape for example.

The word escape is within the word tablescape, and that discovery became the subject of the blog post, Seasonal Update: Turn Your Tablescape Into A Table Escape.

When we tablescape we escape through creativity, and right in the middle of the word creativity is the word that is the reason for tablescaping in the first place- eat.

Now that I think about it, when we tablescape we decorate, and the last three letters in decorate spell ate.

I’m on a roll.

Coming back around to the subject of wrapping up the Set The Tone and The Table: Easter Tablescape Ideas Part 2 series, here are several ideas to get you started.


You can’t go wrong with these cut-glass coolers from Dollar Tree.

The look is vintage, the material is quality, and the price is right.

Pastel dinner plates perfectly pair with Easter, spring and summer tablescapes.


One dozen decorative speckled eggs can be used in many ways past an Easter tablescape.




Creamy white.

Enough said.

dish towels

White herringbone dish towels with a singular green stripe put a spin of pastel on the dinner napkin situation.

Not too thick, not too thin, completely washable and reusable.


Grosgrain knots and bows adds the finishing touch.

French rabbit printables from The Graphics Fairy used as place cards will deliver the ooh la la factor in vintage elegance.

Natural-History-Rabbit-GraphicsFairy21Vintage rabbit printable

A natural angel vine bird nest placed in the center of each dinner plate will lend a lovely look for spring renewal.


willow baskets set

Willow baskets lined with decorative plastic grass and finished with a fresh herb plant make an aromatic addition to an Easter tablescape and an even nicer parting gift for guests.


Sideboards need porcelain rabbit statue love too.

In varied heights and finishes, rabbit statues draw the eye and carries out the theme.

White Ceramic Rabbit Figurine by Alcott Hill

I prefer fresh flowers, but when Mother Nature or the local grocery store floral department and I are not in fresh flower sync with each other I’ve been known to go this route.

I keep a few artificial flowers on hand for decorating wrapped gifts and cupcakes.

A pastry piping Picasso I am not, and I’m not too proud to accept a helping hand in the decorating and adorning department from nature or the faux flower display at the dollar store.


Simply give the flowers a gentle wash and dry, cut down the stems to desired length and place them atop your favorite cake.

You will be surprised at how nice a spring flower cake actually looks.

Love your style!

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