Elegant Interior Design Anchors Of A Space

From one generation to another, classic good looks are timeless.

In design and decor, classic styles, color palettes, lines, and textures never go out of style- they simply become the elegant anchors of a space.


That doesn’t mean your decor should stand still in time.

This is where updating through accessories, upholstery, and curtains takes the lead.

A case in point is the 1800’s Victorian-style home of Josephine Aiken.

Inviting and cozy with a fun flavor was the idea, and the result packs a purple and red stunning punch.

Beautifully detailed in Southern Living, the homeowner selected the colors for two reasons- they are her favorites and are in two paintings she owns.

Favorite(s) items, mementos, and treasures make a perfect foundation to build upon.

The mix of traditional design elements along with vibrant, rich colors and textures effortlessly update a space.


Velvet and silk accessories in red and purple invitingly warm the room.

The result is visually unique, a true characteristic of the Victorian style.

Bold choices take the room by quiet storm, creating a fresh and unexpected statement.

painting over mantel

Going home again is not quite that literal for Ashley Stark.

As detailed in Elle Decor, her two-year search for the right apartment did indeed end at the beginning.

The landmark Rosario Candela building is the same building where she grew up.

Once again, the perfect foundation to build upon is in play.

All the beauty of the original doors, fireplaces, and floors remained intact.

Designers James Aman and John Meeks consulted and the result produced an interior space where inherited pieces and contemporary art blend in decor harmony.

ashley-starkAshley Stark

High drama with a modern aesthetic captures the rustic glamour of an old barn moved from Canada to Connecticut. New York-based architect Russell Groves updated all mechanical, electrical and data systems.

Featured in Style at Home, the structure was sound and left untouched. Bringing the inside to the modern standards to reflect the tastes of the homeowner’s lifestyle is a natural fit of like minds.

design anchors of a space

Contemporary seating , accessories, and art accentuates the wood ceiling and beams without distracting the focus of the decor.

A Shaker bed was ebonized in order to give more of  a modern edge to the space.

The lines of the storage cabinetry are sleek and open shelving done in ebony offers a modern functionality.

The Victorian home of India Knight inspires the lived in, loved in look. Souvenirs from world travels, modern fixtures, and eclectic color palettes reflect the personality of the home.


The living room is family central and the true Victorian features, gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and heavy crown molding, are not lost.

India makes a bold and beautiful statement with her bathroom decor.

The larger than life blind is printed with an image of Marilyn Monroe.

Ideal Home

These examples show the fun, function, and funky side of unexpected decors in relation to the design bones of the home.

Interior decors, like wonders, never cease to amaze, and aren’t we glad they do!

Love your style!

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