Seasonal Eye Spy: Fall Home Decor 2013

This sampling of fall home decor 2013 eye spy goodies is based solely on the retail offerings, shelter magazine features, and it’s everywhere sightings.

There’s been no consultations with industry insiders, editors, or buyers, no scientific polls or conducted surveys.

One may ask what qualifications do I have to be a self appointed fall home decor 2013 spotter?

Credit the countless and rewarding hours spent in home decor, home furnishings and home accessories land.

I see this stuff  in my sleep!

It’s what I do, what I love, and what I like to share.

A design show and tell- that’s Places In The Home.

The fall must have-o-meter is pegged toward new and renewed classics, warm tones, luxe metals, geometric shapes, color duos and timeless treasures aka antique furniture.

I’ve pulled trend defining resources to lend an “eyedea” of inspiration for fall 2013 seasonal decorating.


The big brass trend continues to play to a captive and stylish home decor audience.

This trend was hot for spring 2013 and rolls right on through for what’s hot fall home decor 2013.

brass home decor


The ebb and flow of popularity with the metals is coming in once again at high tide and high style.

metal home decor accessories


Antique Furniture

In with the old- a trend near and dear to my heart!

Matching design and decor elements is by no means the rule to follow.

In fact, designers and decorators are very on board and on trend with the mixing of furniture styles and periods.

Designer Michael Roberson states, “Balancing old things with new things gives a room great energy.”

Traditional Home

The sheer imperfections of  the patina and finish, affordability, provenance, repurposed brilliance and the walk away from conventional expectation creates a strong point for this trend.

I continue to encourage my clients to broaden the scope of their style through unexpected pairings and statement making focal points.

Antique pieces will do exactly that.

Give a space of pop of period personality and trend on!

antique furniture

Black and White

The color combination and design darling duo of black and white is a classic pairing that never stays too long at the design and decor party.

black and white color paletteGood Housekeeping

How’s this for fall decorating?



 Geo Shapes 

Shapes, texture and pattern are always on trend!

From neutrals to bold and bright color options, this trend is shaping up to be quite a classic way to geo.

Couldn’t resist.

geometric patterns


Warm Tones, Textures and Bright Colors

From hardwood floors to comfortable linens- warm tones, textures and seasonal colors have a proven history as the hallmark of  fall decor.

fall colors

textures and patterns

Traditional fall colors will share the 2013 season spotlight with a trendy palette of  bright colors.

bright colors in home decor

What catches your eye?

Show & Tell

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