Fetching Friday: Family

Today’s Fetching Friday introduces family to family.  After all, followers, friends, and family are one in the same here at Places In The Home.


Late one night this week in a part exhausted-part heat overload-part what in the heck did I just do haze I did something to cause my pictures/download files to jump from recent to long time ago status.

The result is a blast from the past pictorial scroll.

Family means the world to me; the memories perhaps even more.

Scrolling from one founding generation to the latest you will meet the family.


Why is it that in almost every photo of my maternal great grandparents, regardless of how young they actually are in the photo, they look old?

Hard times I suppose physically aged them far too soon, but those hard times is what made these two forever young at heart and the absolute anchors of our family.

Mama and Papa were native Texans with all that that implies. God fearing, hard working folk of life loving character, I was fortunate enough to learn by their extraordinary example and to have them present in my life until my late teens.

He was full of life, innocent mischief, and a walking encyclopedia of facts and anecdotes of old Texas.

Mama Two (what I called her) was a force of calming nature small in stature and large in heart.


Mamaw never met a lake, creek, river, pond or fishin’ hole she didn’t love. Dead of summer in the South and the woman was stylishly decked out in long pants and long sleeves with a color-coordinated umbrella in hand.

Sunshine she loved, but skin cancer rays were persona non grata.

Many a family member, friend, and neighbor reaped the benefits of her late summer afternoon fishing sessions- a delicious treat we could bank on.

buddy-dar-billy (1)

Tomboy in a dress- that was the description my mother bestowed upon herself, never shy to climb a tree, barrel race, or fight the good fight when and if her baby brother (the precious and precocious blond boy to her left) needed assistance.


Daddy came from humble beginnings, and remained just that, humble, all of his life.

He moved mountains (or so we thought) for all he knew and loved, never met a stranger, and put his love of family as priority number one.


Parents to two who always knew how fortunate we were and are to call them Mama and Daddy, our house was the one all the friends wanted to be at, holiday central for family and friends who were/are family, and a place proud to call home.


“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a
supportive family is what builds a home.”

—Anthony Liccione


Dave the Builder joined the family in the early 80s and it’s been a party ever since.

Boudreauxs (1) (1) (1)

Our heart and soul, Jackson is the light of our lives.

Ollie comes in a close second.


Three generations of cousins, three times the love.


“The love in our family flows strong and deep,
leaving us memories to treasure and keep.”


Happy Friday, family!



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