On This First Day Of Spring 2013

Today marks the long awaited first day of Spring 2013.

I am welcoming the season with a raised glass of sweet tea, a luscious new hanging fern for the front porch, and the A/C set to comfortable.

Spring doesn’t stay around very long in Louisiana, but while it is here it is made to feel right at home.

outdoor kitchen diningEl Mueble

Think happy thoughts.

Three  words that come together to plant the seed of a smile and a positive outlook.

think happy thoughtsEtsy

Color wakes up exteriors, interiors, landscapes, and home decor accessories.  I am really loving this living area.  It is comfortable, color rich, and has great lighting- both natural and recessed.

Diane Burgoyne InteriorsDiane Burgoyne Interiors

Fresh fruits and vegetables are coming from a farm to a market to a table in seasonal freshness and goodness.

What is on your list?

fresh berriesDelta Breezes

Neutral color palettes need not be color deficient, especially in one with natural light, open doors, and crisp white curtains.

Throw pillows easily infuse seasonal color, pattern, and texture into the space.

neutral color paletteEl Mueble

The Natural World dessert plates from Anthropologie seem to call out spring  is now being served with a side of whimsy in favorite spring colors and an English garden party vintage vibe.

dessert plates

There’s a whole lot of spring going on in this kitchen!

traditional kitchenHouzz

Never miss an opportunity to color your world every chance you get.

The Lovejoy ApproachAnnika Connor

A pop of spring bouquet-inspired color palettes from PopSugar suggest romance is in the air and soft colors should be on our walls, ceilings, furniture finds, etc…

spring paint palettes

The Places In The Home welcome mat is out on this first day of spring 2013 welcoming the beauty, color, freshness, and light of spring 2013.

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4 thoughts on “On This First Day Of Spring 2013”

  1. Great post, Darleen! Things started greening up around here a couple of weeks ago; and a few things have started to bloom. I’ve enjoyed opening all of the windows and just getting some fresh air in. This is one of my favorite seasons!

  2. The colors and blooms are waking up here as well. It rained last night and the streets are lined in “pollen gold” this morning- the calling card of the season. Into every spring a little rain and pollen must fall!

  3. Looking for the Natural World Plates. Can you advise where I can get them. Anthropology has only one plate.
    Thank you for your help.


  4. Charlotte,

    I did an extensive search and came up with the same Anthropology result, also checking the secondary markets with no luck. I wish I could have gotten in on the “Green Bugs” plate marked down to $1.95! If I come across sets in my sourcing I will let you know.

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