Footstool Redo Status: Completed!

The soon to be footstool redo referenced in the post Decor Mistake Or Furniture Placement Brilliance? In An Unexpected Place is painted, upholstered, hot glued, messed up, re- hot glued, embellished, and sitting pretty in an unexpected place.

Quick backstory-

This footstool belonged to my maternal grandmother and I always had an affinity for it.

Sentimental value put the brakes on it becoming antique shop inventory, so keeping it in the family it is.

The pseudo early American look simply does not do justice to the little footstool that can and its decorative potential.

In a crystal clear moment of creative clarity I remembered the boatload of Sherwin-Williams Illusions Translucent Metallic Finish left over from a remodel.

The Illusion line is no longer in production. The new line is Faux Impressions Metallic, and comes in gold or pearl.

Sherwin-Williams Illusions Translucent Metallic Finish has a manufacturing formula that allows it to coat easier and capture the pigment of the pigment of metal.

I used two coats on each leg to achieve the depth of coverage I wanted. I tested a glaze application on one of the legs.

The glaze  muted the sheen too much for the intended effect.

After the legs dried overnight I removed them with a screwdriver, set them to the side, and prepared to get my upholstering on.

On our most recent antiques buying trip I made a quick dash into Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon in hand.

The fabric below caught my eye only out of the “I’m here and I’m getting something” principal.

Standing and studying the fabric, two words rose to the top of my thoughts.

Bargain bin.

There in the back of the bargain bin was a bolt of fabric with the texture, color, and price point perfect for this project.

My upholstering formula is not rocket science.  Square up the fabric cut and center the footstool top.

Gently pull the fabric up over sides to desired tightness.

Staple fabric in place.

I staple all the way around continuing to pull up sections of fabric as I go.

Working in small sections makes the fabric easier to work with.

I do a neat fold every few staple applications to make a neater tuck.

Trim off  the excess fabric with scissors.

Screw the footstool legs back into place while the glue gun is heating up.

Sharp scissors are a must when working with trim.

Raveling is expected, but sharp scissors will guarantee a sharper, cleaner cut.

Use caution with all these tools of the upholstering and DIY trade.

upholstered-footstool (1)

Coming to a footstool near you soon…


Wrights Buillion Fringe black


This home decor DIY project saved an outdated keepsake from becoming just another tucked away item.

It perfectly suits the intended purpose, price point, and finished look.

Love your style!




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