Happy Valentine’s Day FYI and Pretty Pictures Post

History notes varied versions of how the first Valentine’s Day card came into existence.

The beautiful thing about choices is the opportunity to select one that speaks to the of matter.

This Happy Valentine’s Day FYI and pretty pictures post is my Valentine’s Day card to you.


The oldest known valentine is a poem written in French by Charles Duke of Orleans in 1415.

The Duke of Orleans penned words of love to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London.

I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine,
Since for me you were born too soon,
And I for you was born too late.
God forgives him who has estranged
Me from you for the whole year.

I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine,
Well might I have suspected
That such a destiny,
Thus would have happened this day,
How much that Love would have commanded.

I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day FYI

The oldest English language valentine dates back to 1477.

Margery Brews authored the note to her fiancé John Paston beginning with the words “Unto my right wellbeloved Valentine John Paston.”

Esther_Howland_Valentine_card,_-Affection-_ca._1870s“Affection” ca. 1870s

Valentine’s Day cards were introduced to the United States in 1849 by Esther Allen Howland, a native of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Miss Howland was taken with an ornate English Valentine she received at 19.

The intricate paper lace and floral decoration details proved both inspiring and visually intriguing to the heart of this artist.


Domaine delivers a witty play on words by pairing the Pantone Color of the Year 2016 with this modern Valentine’s Day card aimed at the decoristas heart.


Petite Heart Cocotte 

w620_h800Corner Booth in Red Leather.  Rawr!

54ea59a4c4f02_-_clx0607ant02dg-deAntique Heart Shaped Ring Boxes

739_Heart_rolls_424x424Boudin Bakery

102703541.jpg.rendition.largest.550 BHG


To: You

From: Me

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love your style!

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