Holiday DIY Projects Shopping Runs

Holiday DIY projects are often only as good as the materials used.

Sadly, we are retail deficient in my area of the world.

Making the most out of what we do have continues to be a difficult kind of retail Sudoku.

Like Sudoku, once you master it you breeze right through it.

Thank the home improvement and arts and crafts powers that be for locating in my neck of the piney woods!

Where there’s a Hobby Lobby and a Lowe’s…

Now that the temps are tolerable, an afternoon out and about in the big city is a pleasure.

Weekly circulars?  Check.

DIY projects in mind?  Check.

Dave the Builder?  Check.

And they’re off!

The calendar might say it is still summer, but Hobby Lobby says it’s the holidays!

It is so convenient to have Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s located next to each other.

I must remember to send thank you notes!

My shopping cart runneth over and the ideas are flowing.

Can you guess what the project is?

Let’s just say I’m getting twiggy with it, baby!

Love your style!

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