Holiday Home Decor This, That And The Other

Changes, they have come.  Holiday home decor editing is in full swing, and there have been quite a few “what was I thinking?” moments in the process.  As you may recall, I was thrilled with Lowe’s Black Friday specials and the lovely bonus of free shipping on Thanksgiving Day.  I was, and still am, one happy Lowe’s consumer.  Let me again stress that in-store pick up is genius!  Fresh cut wreaths for $5.00 and vibrant traditional Christmas red poinsettias for .97 got my Black Friday party off to a holiday good start!  The wreaths are hung and the poinsettias are in their holiday rightful place.

The poinsettias are the most gorgeous shade of red.  We decided this particular shade of red should be referred to as vibrant classic Christmas red.

holiday home decor

I am a complete sucker for vintage-style Santa Claus glass ornaments.  I bought six of these last year on clearance at Dillard’s.


Papa Noel and a golden Fleur de Lis for the New Orleans in all of us.

Let the holiday home decor decorating continue!  Do you have a favorite holiday theme or decoration that you use in your holiday decor?

Love your style!

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