Holiday Shopping Season: Keep Calm And Be Very Merry!

The holiday express has left the Black Friday stop and is heading straight into Cyber Monday station.

Do all the deals, steals and doorbusters of the holiday shopping season have your head spinning?

Home Alone

Savvy planning and a determination to stretch a dollar like a rubber band gets the holiday shopping job done.

I keep things in check by making Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping an enjoyable activity to participate in online between the prep, serve, clean, relax and end of the Thanksgiving weekend.

I learned a long time ago to take the holiday focus off the retail and place it where I feel it rightfully belongs.

It’s the holiday priority formula that keeps the real reason for the season in check without me bouncing one!

holiday shopping season

Keep Calm and Be Very Merry is a lovely sentiment and sound solid advice.

If you find ye olde holiday gift giving budget or lack thereof is taking the jingle out of your bells immediately Keep Calm and Be Very Merry!

Everyday life isn’t in the habit of pausing for holiday budgets, and I swear it’s no coincidence that unexpected expenses pick this time of year to make their presence known.

When and if the aforementioned applies give yourself the gift of permission- permission to realize, accept and create festive fabulous with what you have.

IKEAApartment Therapy

There’s no better time to embrace the art of editing from within to repurpose and refresh existing Christmas decorations.

Decorating for the holidays is a beautiful and festive experience, but it is an expense that can get away from you quickly.

‘Tis the season to tap into imagination!

Don’t pack away those Pheasant feathers, pine cones and burlap anything and everything that adorned fall and Thanksgiving vignettes and tablescapes just yet.

pine cone decorationsMy Home Ideas

With inspiration and imagination you can take one holiday’s accents way beyond the rinse and repeat theme.

If you think you created decorative magic September through November with these gems, wait until you see the decorative impact they bring to the Christmas decorating scheme of things!

A pine cone takes to a can of spray paint, a glue gun and a dusting of glitter in holiday colors like a shot of bourbon takes to a glass of eggnog.

Bank of America San Fran


Time is a precious commodity.

For a gift that basically is cost free, it is one of the most expensive things you will ever give to someone because you are giving a part of you.

My Las Vegas is showing when I quote Wayne Newton, but his words resonate my point.

“You can take of a man’s money, but when it’s all said and done, you’ve only taken his money.  When you take of a man’s time, you’ve taken a part of his life.”

The time and love put into decking the halls of your home’s interior and exterior is a gift of color, wonder and talent.

It’s the ultimate to/from tag addressed to family, friends and neighbors.

to from tag

Please feel free and festive to email me pictures of your holiday creations in all their Christmas decorating splendor.

I would love to see what you all do with your do and share the beauty with fellow readers.

Let’s holiday show and tell!






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