I Spy A Brown Truck Delivering Holiday Home Decor Goodness

I officially received the first package of holiday home decor goodness Tuesday afternoon.  Why not add one more exciting thing to this particular afternoon?  One of our 30+ year old Oak trees in the front yard fell victim during a recent summer lightening storm.

The tree service showed up bright & early to remove the tree, grind the stump, put things back to normal and to beat the bad weather forecasted for later this afternoon.

Between being on the tree removal scene live and in person and peeping out the window when the falling debris chased me inside, I spotted the brown truck before I heard it.  It’s usually the other way around but not today. UPS must be braced & ready for the holiday rush.  It took 2 UPS guys to bring two highly anticipated packages to the door, and one happy girl to greet them at said door!


Our small town is retail deficient- no Pottery Barn, HomeGoods, or Ballard Designs in sight.  Internet shopping exists for people like me, and ’tis the season for it.  I swooned over this gravy ladle from Pottery Barn.  Hotel silver anything is an accessory I have loved for years. The finish and vintage look is a tad more impressive than pewter, and not as demanding to maintain as sterling.

This is what is on back order and expected to arrive next week.  My Thanksgiving tablescape is waiting with open arms.


Speaking of the Thanksgiving tablescape, I find myself in a creative state of mind.  Again, ’tis the season.  Stay tuned.

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