Home Decor Finds Currently Catching The Eye

Spring packs a powerful and stylish punch with its April showers, May flowers and a stylish storm of home decor finds currently catching the eye.

I can’t say it enough—inspiration is everywhere!

I can be as inspired by a discarded piece of treasure on the side of the road as I can be by a distinct shade of green running through the rind of a watermelon.

Funny thing about inspiration, you never know where and when it will come a-calling.


Turning the pages of Better Homes and Gardens will almost guarantee the reader an inspired idea or two.

Take the above swoon worthy image.

Inspiration from this one image can go in many different directions-culinary, color, lighting, flooring, antiques, repurposing, tablescape and last but certainly not least, home decor.

See what I mean?

The china pattern and the vibrant shade of green grabbed my attention and set the wheels of seasonal home decor additions in motion.

Before I knew it I was sourcing kitchen tables and contemplating purchasing the table in the image below for a client and another for the Places In The Home kitchen.

Remember me telling you all about the current state of our kitchen dining table?

Perhaps the mention of a new dining room table may inspire Dave the Builder to relocate his plans, specs, and general stuff to a different and more appropriate location.



Wicker and rattan dining chairs continue to catch my eye.

Past being a trend and more of a taken the buying public by year round storm, the unpretentious allure of these chairs is based in the affordable price tag and ability to fit in with basically any interior design and decor style.

Safavieh Rural Woven Dining Katell White Rattan Side Chairs (Set of 2)

A new this or that update each season keeps the look fresh, new and “seasoned” to decor perfection.


There’s a trick to the host and hostess actually being able to be a part of the party and not being on constant party KP duty.

The rule of kiss must apply- keep it summer simple.


Melamine plates rank high on the go-to, go well with list for summertime entertaining for that exact reason.

Mark these soft pastels with a pop of bright color, affordable and break and chip-resistant Melamine plates sold!

Besides, the only chips I want to contend with are the ones sitting next to the dip.

Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, and mothers tend to love pretty.

Wallace Ceramic LED Table Lamp, Blue White by JONATHAN Y

Wallace Ceramic LED Table Lamp, Blue White by JONATHAN Y

The soft and pleasing color combination of blue and white is synonymous with fresh, and fresh is what we strive to accomplish when updating a look.

Here’s to happy, fun and pretty home decor finds.

Love your style!

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