A Beautiful Distraction: Interior Design and Decorating Images

The interior design and decorating minded tend to look at objects, spaces and interior design and decorating images in a different light.

A discerning eye will wonder toward a beautiful distraction in seconds flat.

As Dave the Builder and I were watching a movie over the weekend, I realized my love of all things placement, pattern and palette was working overtime.

Dave asked me a question about the story line, and as I fumbled to conceal the fact I didn’t have a clue he asked, “are you even watching the movie?”

Technically, I’m watching, but more and more the focus of my attention is not with the story line.

These eyes are zeroed in on the real star of the show.


To say I am completely taken in by the the houses (set recreated or actual real estate), architecture, grounds and furnishings that frame the frame is an understatement.

As soon as the final credits roll off the screen the floodgates of post film commentary open.

We Siskel and Ebert the heck out of the exteriors and interiors of the houses seen throughout the film, what design features would be considered passé by today’s standards, and how classic design elements will stand the test of taste and time.

This beautiful distraction dilemma is taking on a life of its own.

The number of interior design and decorating images I view in a single week is in the territory of beautifully ridiculous.

 Pens and pads are strewn about my desk, a quick reach in close proximity of the keyboard for the numerous gotta have it, gotta share it, gotta remember the source jot it down moments of my blogging life.


Interior design and decorating images showcasing exceptional design and decorating work produce inspired results.

Take the image below from the Waco Symphony Showhouse 2013.

The interior design and decorating genius of CDA Interior Design is a showhouse showstopper.

Is this not a stunning example of coastal chic on steroids?

It is amazing how fast my eyes can style spot at least eight points of interior interest in this image.

Equally amazing is how fast the featured interior design, furnishings and accessories draw me in.

beach-style-home-officeWaco Symphony House 

I’m no code cracker, but I think that is exactly the point.

Love your style!
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