Kitchen Styles Now Being Served

The kitchen has become the place to be in most homes.

I can’t tell you how many cocktail parties I have hosted for business, birthdays, holidays, and just for the pure fun of it over the years.

Some are more memorable than others, but they all have one thing in common.

No matter how fantastic the rest of the house or outdoor space is, everyone gathers and remains in the kitchen.

The same is true for everyday life lived in our homes.

The kitchen is so much more than the space for cooking, dining, and cleaning.

Better Homes and Gardens

I’ve been participating in design chats on twitter lately, and the dream kitchen and what defines that term was the topic of an informative chat hosted by #kbtribechat.

Appliances, flooring, color scheme, cabinetry, and countertops are just a few of the design elements that factor in to complete the dream.

The industry has so many unique ideas and user friendly ways to implement them into real kitchens.

Country Living

Gone are the days of a small space with simply a stove, refrigerator, sink, and an exhausted cook going through the motions of getting the food to the table.

Whatever your personal style may be, I say express it through food and the kitchen it is prepared in.

photo cabinets

I’m am so impressed with this expression of individuality in a kitchen. The Georgia lake house of Leo and Kay Berard featured in the August issue of Southern Living  is my idea of how to camp.

Framed family photos serve as the cabinet doors in their sophisticated camp kitchen.

The photos are backed with thin plywood and hinged. Genius!  And is that copper I see?

Speaking of copper


House Beautiful’s 2011 Kitchen of the Year is a good one!

Tyler Florence delivered on many levels and the industry is buzzing.

Can you guess what caught my attention and held it?

The copper accessories compliment the ebony fixtures and countertops beautifully.

I love the copper “vase” on the island.


Hands down, the most popular kitchen design element is function.

It’s nothing out of the norm for fifteen different tasks, jobs, and conversations to be going on at one time in our kitchen.

Our kitchen is comfortable, multi-functional, and the space where everyone wants to be.

Today’s kitchens serve a stylish purpose.


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