In The Meantime Kitchen Updates

Kitchen design and decor inspiration combined with innovative technology is a kitchen design equation force to reckon with.

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home-it is one happening space!

We’ve moved away from the small, strictly get the job done space placed in the back of the house.

Today’s kitchen is a culinary, family and multi-functional all things house that make a home epicenter of design and decor attention.

Here are the two kitchen design and decor statements of fact I hear the most:

1. My kitchen design, decor, features, appliances, fixtures, lighting, color, countertops and flooring is exactly what I want.

2. My kitchen design, decor,  features, appliances, fixtures, lighting, color, countertops and flooring is exactly what I don’t want.

If your dream kitchen is already a reality, tuck this information away in your future remodeling tips file.

If your dream kitchen is in your renovation future, you may want to move the cursor over to the bookmark icon.

Waiting for all the working parts to perfectly come together for any renovation or remodel can find you in a holding pattern.

Spot updates deliver real time results.

You can make small tweaks and affordable in the meantime kitchen updates right now.

Here’s the takeaway:

Take away the brain teasers and budget busters from renovating, remodeling or updating with these in the meantime kitchen updates.


1.  New Cabinet Hardware

Installing new cabinet hardware provides an instant update that is affordable, easy and just what the kitchen eye candy doctor ordered.

Teri Turan traditional kitchen

2.  Embellish 

Appliques, corbels and decorative molding or trim dress up existing cabinet boxes, range hoods, refrigerator panels and window casings.
Grab a measuring tape, wood glue, a hammer and nails and let’s embellish! 

3. New Switches and Switch Plate Covers

Install new switches and switch plate covers.

Turn on the style and turn off the outdated for minimal money.



4.  Replace Existing Lighting Options

Under the counter lighting is not only a good choice of task lighting and an effective work space tool, but it’s an affordable and easy to install choice for accent lighting.

Table lamps and kitchen countertops equal juxtaposition genius, and wallet friendly pendant lighting adds an instant source of light and style.

Ikea kitchenIKEA

5.  Painting cabinets 

Give your kitchen cabinets a weekend of drop clothes, brushes and paint and they’ll give you a refreshed and updated pop of color.


Better Homes and Gardens

Illuminating, popping the color, taking a ride with heavy or light hardware metals and rethinking traditional aspects of the space deliver big results with a big visual return.

These in the meantime kitchen updates can eliminate the holding pattern effect and give a preview of bigger things to come.

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