Lemon Influenced Home Decor and Home Furnishings

Stand back, take in their simplistic beauty and enjoy the aromatic fragrance of spring to come.  The lemon is nature’s inspiration for shades of color, scents, desserts and home decor.  With spring in the air the beauty of lemon influenced home decor and home furnishings spring to mind and space.


Isn’t there some saying about making lemonade?

homemade lemonadeHave Cake Will Travel

Shades of lemon brighten the mood and the space.

Benjamin Moore LemonAccentuate the positive energy of fun through lemon accents and home decor accessories.

lemon influenced home decor and home furnishingsHouse Beautiful

Designers Guild

Style at Home

Period Living

Style at Home

Marie Claire Maison

The eye is undeniably drawn to the coffee table book.  Lemon provides the all important pop of color.

New England Home

Lemon based desserts are closely associated with cool, refreshing and light endings to a meal. The lemon is an ideal ingredient to complement and balance a rich meal. The same thought process can be applied to a rich decor balanced with complementing lemon accessories.

Clockwise, starting top left:

Meyer Lemon & Rosemary Granita

Preserved Meyer Lemons~  Whole Living

Lemon Basil Butter Cookies ~ Southern Living

Lemon Pudding Cake with Fresh Mixed Berries~  Food Network

“The regions of France” themed lemon festival in Menton, southern France is home to this Eiffel tower replica made from 145 metric tons of lemons and oranges.

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Pucker up and say ooh la la!

Love your style!

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