Louisiana Snow Day

It doesn’t happen often, but look what happened overnight in the deep South!  Here’s pictorial proof that it does snow in.  To quote our local weatherman, “In other parts of the country this would be a nothing story, but here it is a significant event.”  We don’t see it much, but when we do excitement takes over.  You say snow day, and I say Sneaux Day!  I snapped these Louisiana Snow Day pics this morning looking out the kitchen window and standing in the foyer looking out across the street. Too cold and not enough coffee yet to venture outside.

Louisiana Snow Day

The city has come to a halt, schools and businesses are closed, and the interstate and elevated bridges are shut down. Dave the Builder and crew made it to the renovation job this morning to the elation of the client.  Our son, who lived in Canada for two years,  just got back from a quick trip back up to the Great White North.  He quickly reminds me of his winter weather knowledge when I ask him if his jacket is warm enough.

nuts for the winter

Nuts for the winter (and the snow).

snow covered statue

The backyard is not exactly in a state of beauty during the winter months, but the snow crosses out the ugly.

snow angel

A snow angel and a snow covered duck keep watch over winter’s gift to Louisiana.

snow covered fountain

Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

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