No Rhyme And Strictly For The Look Of It Reason: Mixing China Patterns

Mixing china patterns is a great way to showcase vintage and eclectic items while keeping the accent on unique style.


The Collector’s Guide to Antique Floral China Patterns

Tea or coffee time is usually an on the go event where the most stylish aspect is the blend or bean.

mixing china patterns

When time affords  the opportunity, I bring down from the cupboard the company worthy collection of antique and vintage sugar bowls, creamers, flatware, and demitasse sets.

vintage china patterns

It’s the perfect time to take decor liberties with “eclecticity.”

No rhyme and strictly for the look of it reason sets the table for what coffee and tea time are meant to be, a relaxing break from the routine.

Shabby chic boutiques, resale stores, grandmother’s china cabinet, online stores and antique shops are collection creating central.

vintage creamers

The  pairing of a formal sterling silver with a whimsical white porcelain cow creamer works.

I refer to it as the decor Donny & Marie effect-I’m a little bit this and I’m a little bit that.



Sunny Cottage Joy

The potential “this is so out of place”  impression will be overruled by the pop of color principal.

A little something to shake things up promotes the fun factor, and fun should be an integral part of  design and decor choices.

At this very moment as I create and type, Dave the Builder announces it is coffee time. 

The “eclecticity” of this moment will be unforgettable. 

It is a work day for him, which means he looks the part (in need of coffee).

It is also a work day for me, which means I’m decked out in frazzled chic (make mine strong!).  

I believe I’ll go with a crystal sugar bowl, flow blue creamer, and dollar store gold rimmed porcelain coffee cups. 

It’s the perfect service to set to help us celebrate the moments of our DIY life.







Show & Tell

2 thoughts on “No Rhyme And Strictly For The Look Of It Reason: Mixing China Patterns”

  1. Wonderful memory and thanks for sharing it with me! I have quite a few of the cow creamers in assorted patterns and positions. I fondly remember our summer travels to East Tennessee and the restaurants and cafes along the way we would visit based on an article or review my mother would have read. Cow creamer chic reigned supreme in most of the eateries and for a few dollars could become a souvenir. Good times and good memories!

  2. I love the set on top, how adorable! That little ow brought me back to my childhood- when I was young and my mom was sick we’d bring her breakfast in bed with the milk in that cow!

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