New Year’s Eve Soiree Suggestions

These New Year’s Eve soiree suggestions center around hosting a great get together that is as simple in prep and serve as it is in style and taste.

I think host and hostesses shy from the concept of simple thinking simple translates to open bags of chips tossed about with a if you want it get up and get it yourself party vibe, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Simple entertaining is the first cousin to comfortable times spent at home with friends over good eats and drinks mixed with great conversation, music and merriment.  Simple takes the lead of the evening setting the tone, the feel and the mood.

It’s a perfected manner of entertaining that should appear to be exactly what it is intended to be- a casual and comfortable gathering of friends with the emphasis on let’s have fun.

PERFECT_CHEESE_BOARD_PIC_02How to build the Perfect Cheese Board

I love the casual glam look created by pairing a denim shirt with the sparkle, glitz and glamour of holiday appropriate jewelry and accessories.

Apply that same philosophy by pairing up otherwise ordinary goodies with serveware befitting an all that glitters New Year’s Eve celebration.

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For example, these porcelain dip bowls in gold and silver from Target retail for $2.99 each. I also noticed a Nate Berkus serving tray on clearance for under $10.

Make new and affordable entertaining friends while ringing out the old, a few in silver and a few in gold.

New Year's Eve Soiree Suggestions

Who doesn’t love to sip a cocktail or mocktail from a salt or sugar-rimmed glass?

Pop a good time for New Year’s Eve with casual fair and flair.


Cheers to my very favorite unleaded drink of choice, the Shirley Temple.

A good Shirley Temple takes me back to summers at the Broadwater Beach Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Homemade-Fortune-Cookie-RecipeHomemade Fortune Cookies

Festive fortune cookie favors carry out the theme of good luck and fortune for the New Year and New Year’s Eve party goer.

Della Gossett, executive pastry chef at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Beverly Hills, shares her recipe for homemade fortune cookies with the readers of POPSUGAR.

Talk about luck!

black-eyed-peas1New Orleans Style Blackeye Peas

A midnight black-eyed pea buffet is always a part of our New Year’s Eve party plans.

Starting the New Year off in a simple and casual setting with a bang of tradition, a dash of festive ritual and a dish of good luck is resolution number one.

Love your style!

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