A Look Back At October

As October comes to a calendar close I thought I would end it with a retrospective of  fall and Halloween images old and new.

a look back at October

Fall is historically slow to arrive in Louisiana.

What nature doesn’t supply we invent or improvise however, the sentiment is still the same.


November keeps the harvest momentum going with festivals, cooler temps, and open houses.

front doors

This is the first year since 1998 that we are not hosting a holiday open house for the antique shop.

The owner of our mall retired and the shops within the mall collectively agreed to close, but Hopefully Classic continues on.

I do private consultations and keep choice pieces of inventory on consignment at a friend’s antique shop.

I will miss getting the shop holiday ready, baking and preparing food for days, and the holiday buzz around the mall.

dark candy apples

Don’t you love these red and black candy apples?

I found the stunning image and recipe for Adam’s Scary Apples on the delicious blog,  Matt Bites.


An autumn find I could not resist.



You caught me.  

My mad Halloween wreath decorating skills did not translate at all to the page.  

Enter the crafty Halloween brains at Pic Monkey.  

I’ll deal with  it in Scarlett O’Hara fashion- tomorrow.  

Believe me, the kids will love it when I trick it out!

Trick-or-treating is more of a quality event rather than quantity in our neighborhood.  

Dave the Builder and my parents join along in the festivities and candy distribution.  

I’m on wreath and pumpkin carving detail, Dave pulls yard and decoration duty, and my parents love playing co-master of ceremonies.  

Color, candy and costumes.  

Thanks October for the fall and the fun!  

Love your style!

November will kick off a series of posts featuring ideas, tips, suggestions, and inspiration for all things home for the holidays.

Please join me for the Places In The Home For The Holidays series.

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