Remodels, Redos, And Renovations In Pictorial Preview

Remodels, redos, and renovations are the three R’s ruling the past two weeks at Casa de Places In The Home.  I’ve had a few things on the creative part of my brain, and there’s no time like the present so here we go.

Let me share a in progress preview pictures with you.


You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen.


Gone is the Anjou Pear paint color.


Are we having fun yet?

You bet we are!

More details and pictures to come.  I have added the Our Home page with pictures of the spaces recently completed.

Love your style!


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2 thoughts on “Remodels, Redos, And Renovations In Pictorial Preview”

  1. Thank you, Faith. The color is Sherwin Williams Fired Brick- SW6335. I can’t seem to get away from that color and stopped questioning my color choice two houses ago! If you love a color choice and it works well with your space, accessories, and feel of the home it’s a keeper in my book.

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