St. Patrick’s Day Green Fetching Friday

Green is the color of the day on this St. Patrick’s Day Fetching Friday.


The Graphics Fairy


Interiors and exteriors bedecked in St. Patrick’s Day green color splendor bloom to life.


House & Garden – Photography by Michael Sinclair

Often described as the color of renewal, the color green evokes a sense of peaceful  tranquility.


House & Garden – Photography by Sarah Cuttle


An Extraordinary Day


Kilkenny Castle, Gardens, Kilkenny, Ireland


Bright green represents rebirth, renewal, and spring.

Olive green stands for tranquility, earthiness and elegance.

Dark green is associated to fertility, greed, money and drive.

Yellowish green denotes illness and envy.

Aqua typifies freshness and water.

Pale green exemplifies peace.

emerald-green cloth walls

Architectural Digest – Photography by Oberto Gili

St Dunstan in the East Church Garden

Natalie Parham

Emerald green dates back in popularity to the mid-1800s.


Inexpensive to manufacture and therefore cheap to purchase, emerald green was a popular choice of household paint, and was widely used for patterned wallpaper.


Later is was discovered one of the main components of the paint was arsenic, a chemical element when in an inorganic state proves severe.

Damp spaces promoted the mold living in the wallpaper paste together with the arsenic to turn into a gas, creating a toxic environment.

Some believed Napoleon’s death in exile on St. Helena possibly could have been accelerated by his exposure to the emerald green wallpaper decorating his favorite room.


House Beautiful

Copper was used by Ancient Romans in their quest to create green pigment.

Verdigris (green of Greece) was born out of soaking copper plates in wine where oxidation occurred forming a pigment of the beautiful blue-green  patina of weathered metal.

friary at Cashel

Verdigris was used in many different forms of art including painting and mosaics.


Green is the color closely associated with abundant life as it lends a sense of peace to its surroundings.

glossy-emerald-green-kitchen-pantry-cabinets (1)

 Creative Tonic

G Forever Green (Hardcover)

G: Forever Green – Carlos Mota

St. Patrick’s Day green vibrantly sets the table.

bordallo-pinheiro-cabbage-dinner-plates-set-of-4 (1)

Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Dinner Plates

Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dinner plates and framed Honest Carrot print appear in a nod to vegetables grown in gardens of Ireland and whimsical kitchen accents and accessories.

Honest Carrot framed kitchen art print

Honest Carrot

“Green is the prime color of the world,
and that from which its loveliness arises.”

— Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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