The Hunt & The Shop: Antiques Buying Trips

One of the most rewarding benefits of my antiques business is the antiques buying trips.

Retail, auction and antiques therapy satisfies my shopping needs, replenishes inventory and puts us on the road again.

The beautiful lyrics of John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” apply in many situations.

John Lennon’s famous quote nails the truth to the wall of life when he sings “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Life, and the graceful maneuvering trick that resulted in pop goes my kneecap, happened to me while I was busy making buying trip plans.

The suitcases were packed, reservations made and Dave the Builder’s truck and trailer were emptied and ready to go.

Unpacked, canceled, and dejected all due to my ungraceful ballerina act.

Dave’s truck looks mighty fine loaded with a delivery, but empty means shopping time!

Shopping for antique and home decor accessories in North Louisiana and East Texas is not our usual antiques stomping grounds, but nicely fills in the inventory blanks.

With our son flying in last weekend, a shopping trip to Canton, Texas for Canton First Monday Trade Days market was not in our plans.

My Canton First Monday Trade Days days date back to the early 1970’s and the heydays of my grandmother’s antiques shop, Lucille’s Treasures, Trinkets & Trash.

I can almost taste one of the homemade lemonades made with crushed ice and fresh lemons the size of grapefruits.

The love of antiques and trade days run deep in this family!

Knowing first hand how exciting antique shows, markets and trade days can be, I am enjoying the news from Brimfield Antiques Show.

Since I can’t be there live and shopping in person, live tweets (#Brimfield) and Brimfield Pinterest boards showing beautiful antique and vintage treasures from the largest outdoor antiques show in New England help to keep me in the antiques know.

Brimfield hosts approximately 6,000 antique, vintage and collectible dealers selling everything from linens, Americana, costume jewelry, rice and grain baskets and furniture.

Country Living  counts Brimfield as one of the best antiques shows in the United States.

Traditional Home

When we are able to head North on our buying trip, Red Door Interiors is on the list.

Discovering this gem two years ago provided me with one of the best buying afternoons ever.

Large gold garden crowns, garden baskets for shop displays, French demijohns, resin fleur de lis wall plaques, decorative candelabras and one of the best foo dog sets I have come across filled the back of the SUV.

It’s all about the home decor accents and accessories!

Louisiana Cypress anything is always on my radar, and Dave the Builder is trying to find time in his schedule to build another farm table.

I am looking for a two tier small hutch, a client has put her order in for a marble top sideboard, and unique chairs tempt me at every turn.

Fabulous Fabrics will hopefully put an end to the search for the perfect fabric for the English dining chairs project.

Antiques inventory buying trips are  fun, and make me love what I do!

When my knee mends we will once again pack the suitcases, make the reservations, empty the truck and trailer, and be on the road again.

I wish happy antiques and vintage shopping trails to you!









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At The Antiques Shop

Sometimes the antiques shop owner, sometimes the customer, always the appreciator.  Great.  Now I’ve got Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “The Bug” in my head.  Sometimes you’re  the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. Catchy, isn’t it?   Coming back around to the topic- I strolled the antiques shop this past weekend and my image files as customer, blogger, and appreciator. The digital camera was in hand, but the fluorescent lighting does not cooperate in the scheme of good photos. Regardless, it’s at the antiques shop show time.

antiques shop

I hope I included something for everyone.  The furniture and accessories at Hopefully Classic Antiques is not locked solely into one particular period or style which broadens the field of selection for all tastes.

Love your style!



What’s An Architectural Pediment Like You Hanging In A Place Like This?

Conformity is unavoidable in some circumstances, but individuality reigns supreme in most of them. I like to use elements of surprise, or at the very least, ones that invariably make someone ask, “How did you come up with that idea?”

architectural pedimentBrooke Giannetti 

I’m an “eyedea” kind of girl.  Using an architectural pediment as a home decor piece is a unique way to top off the look.

Sherry Hart ~ Houzz

My eyes are constantly looking at the decor world  through idea colored glasses.  Dave the builder is my 20/20 equal and when we are in the zone we can be quite productive.

repurposed pedimentBetter Homes & Gardens

I distinctly remember my first I could’ve had a V8 moment in regards to this practice. It was 1986, and we had closed on the first of many of our dream homes.  Flipping afforded us the opportunity to have many dream homes.  The reason we had many was simple- as soon as we would complete one Dave the builder would sell it and we’d start all over again. Our first dream home is still occupied by the same couple we sold it to. They love it even more today, and have never changed one thing about the interior or exterior of the house.  Either I’m very good at making timeless decor and design selections or they are incredibly lazy.  I tell myself it is the first one.

headboard made from pedimentBetter Homes & Gardens

The den fireplace was in the center of a brick wall that was the focal point of the room.  The original fireplace mantel in the house found a better home by the curb, and the choices for its replacement were less than impressive.  Today’s choices in the arena of home furnishings are infinitely better, and I for one am eternally grateful for the strides that have been made.  Anywho, back to the late 80’s.

antique pedimentsDave the builder went to a neighboring town to look at a property.  He came home that evening the proud owner of another depressed property in need of flipping, but even better than that he brought home a stroke of genius in terms of interior eye candy.  In his rounds that afternoon he stopped by an antique shop and purchased a salvage piece.  Well, it might not be truly defined as a salvage piece, but what it was defined as was our new fireplace mantel.  In its previous life the piece had served as the pediment of an antique Mahogany armoire.

armoire pediment

Surprisingly, the pediment was in pristine condition as a stand-alone item.  We turned that baby upside down and the “ledge” was deep enough to allow my favorite lamp and Staffordshire dogs adequate display room.  The centrally located broken arch looked great upright, but inverted it went to the next  level of wow!   Our “eyedea” and ideal mantel graced four fireplaces out of six of our homes.  When we sold our second to last home the new homeowner begged me to leave the mantel.  For a split second I considered doing so, but couldn’t find it in my heart to part with it.

bed crown

I like incorporating a pediment into home decor.  The one in the picture below is one I purchased for a client.  Her plan was to use it as a bed crown in her daughter’s bedroom, but we went in another direction. I grew fond of it and the finish by default while handling it five hundred times during her creative process.


When she said no I said so and brought it straight home.  I went antique on antique and placed it above the vintage balustrade lamp in my kitchen.


The one below is really nothing special, definitely a salvage piece off a piece of funky furniture.  It has a bad spot on it we filled in.  The gold spray paint put up a fight not wanting to adhere or cover.  It won, I settled, and it found a home over the picture hanging in my bathroom.

guest bathroom

I ran across a really neat idea in my treasure hunting two years ago.  Don’t throw those old dining chairs away- recycle the top rails and use them as smaller scale pediments.  I purchased two sets and placed them above medium sized frames as a finishing complement.


Keep your eyes open and the creative juices flowing.   I hope this idea helps you with your own “eyedeas”.   One man’s trash is always another man’s treasure.