Think PINK For Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Prevention- Information- Numbers- Knowledge

Think PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.






Cancer screening, early detection, and prevention is vital in the fight to cure this disease.


Pink is the official color associated with Breast Cancer Awareness.

amy berry design

Amy Berry Design 

It’s a fabulous color choice, it’s a fabulous cause to support, and won’t it be fabulous when the cure is found!


For my mother, dear friends and old and new, the woman in the waiting room, the names and faces of cancer I will never know, the growing numbers of survivors and thrivers, and the walkers and runners uniting together in pink solidarity- this one’s for you.

brooke crew interiors

 Brooke Crew Interiors

Be proactive in the fight against breast cancer by scheduling a yearly mammogram.

It’s a “pressing” engagement to keep.