Color Combination Decorating with Black and Yellow

I have heard it all now, and please allow me to elaborate.

Sitting at the keyboard this morning with a cup of strong Louisiana coffee in my hand and the music of John Legend in my ear, my initial thought as I gazed at the Places In The Home blog dashboard is I’ve got nothing.

Creativity can be a tricky little witch.

She can flow like the Red River at times, and then without notice dry up like Lake Mead.

Inspiration eventually does come, and I am patience personified waiting on it to show up.


Keeping the speakers turned to low proved an advantage this morning. Inspiration is everywhere, and this morning it was buzzing right outside the French door next to my desk.

What do we have here?

The buzz of a lone bumble bee unlocked the door to color combination decorating with black and yellow inspiration.

I was mesmerized at both the black and yellow distinct markings of the bumblebee.

A decorating with black and yellow buzz of elation accompanied my blog topic inspiration is here again jig.

Better Homes & Gardens

In a moment of gawk and study, I saw past the less than flattering features of the bumblebee; instead, being oddly inspired by its yellow and black markings.

Interior designers and fashion mavens glean some of their best ideas by taking a page from the book of natural beauty.

If you’ve read my blog before you know what I say about nature being the best arts and crafts store.

Add muse to nature’s resume.

DecoratingBack to the workings of how colors come together in both expected and unexpected harmony.

Black is the new black- a color so beautifully secure in its position on the color wheel that it makes it a without a doubt decorating essential.

In other words, the color black will never go out of style or vogue.

It is one of the premier foundation and/or accent colors in interior decorating.

Drama in decorating is more about the visual impact it adds to the quality of the space and less about the style.

Shabby chic, farmhouse and coastal cottage decor styles can be every bit the grande dame of decorating drama thanks to well paired and well executed color combinations.


Drama comes to call when black meets any shade of yellow.


Color combinations from the classic and timeless to the maybe you ought to rethink this guide the eye on a journey of decorative intrigue.

Sometimes what we imagine in our decorating mind’s eye as a set the bar color combination falls short on the other side of fruition.

Mistakes and missteps happen and become part of the trial and error process.

Aim for a coordinated contrast when pairing colors, and never shy from experimenting with color combinations.

Love your style!

In The Spirit Of Striking Color Combinations: Orange and Black

Is this your idea of Halloween decorating?

In the spirit of striking color combinations, does the striking color combination of orange and black in interior design, interior decorating and home decor accessories scare you?

Fear not, my little decoristas.

orange-and-black-deck-orange-outdoor-trellis-rug-black-lattice-railingMegan Winters 

Sara StoryPinterest

Gramercy & Co.

orange-and-black-hallway-hermes-box-black-stools-arched-windows Megan Winters


Orange and black is the new black.

With a stylish presence and stunning color combination execution, the decorative implementation of this traditional Halloween color palette translates into stunning interior design and decorating choices with nary a sign of ghosts, ghouls or witches on brooms.

orange-black-bathroom1 Lonny

Ryan KorbanLonny

orange and black kitchenAt Home in Arkansas  


The vibrant sass of Farrow & Ball Charlotte’s Locks.T

The warmth of California Paints Pumpkin.

The depth of Sherwin Williams Daredevil.

The stately elegance of Benjamin Moore Twilight Zone.

Orange and black conjures up a visual treat.

orange and black living roomDecorPad

orange and black interiorsLonny

orange and black living roomTaylor Howes 

The trick to practical palette magic lies in the balance of space and tone.

The quickest way to cast a new light on traditional colors is to influence the eye with complementing color through accents and accessories.

eddie-ross-black-deskEddie Ross

Don’t be afraid to bedeck your world in the colors orange and black.

Happy decorating!

Black and White Color Combination Extraordinaire

I like to listen to music.

All kinds, all genres, and all the workday long.

As I was listening to an oldies station I had an epiphany of sorts.

“Black and White” by Three Dog Night makes a profound statement in many ways, but today it struck a black and white color combination extraordinaire chord.


Architectural Digest

I am of the strong opinion that all color begins and ends with black and white.

Van Gogh

“Suffice it to say that black and white are also colors…
for their simultaneous contrast is as striking as that of
green and red, for instance.”

– Vincent van Gogh

black-white-benchTraditional Home

Put the two together and the black and white color combination extraordinaire takes command of design and space.


My Domaine ~ DISC Interiors

If you are contemplating going with a black and white décor but wonder about the absence of a pop of color, take a look at the following examples of black and white done right.

black-white-wallpaper-bedroom  Maura McEvoy for House Beautiful


Williams Sonoma Home ~ PaperCity Magazine ~ Shabby Slips


House Beautiful

Don’t confuse choosing the design darling color combination of black and white with boring, calculated, unimaginative or stale.


Elle Decor

A black and white color palette clears the cobwebs of color confusion.


Let me explain.

Have you ever been totally overwhelmed in the selection process or execution of color?

I’ve selected colors with the best of them, and I can testify to the fact too much of a good and colorful thing can confuse the living color out of me.


Decor Pad

The spaces in our homes speak to us in either a whisper or a roar to the intent and result of our choices.


Shawn Broaddus and Mike Hammersmith

I read an article the other day pertaining to how in business and everyday life we should always strive to be inspired, continually educated and never lose sight of the fire in the belly.


Staffordshire Reproduction Dog 2-Piece Set

Zebras Wallpaper, Black & SilverZebras Wallpaper

Jonathan Adler Secrets Canister

Jonathan Adler Secrets Canister

Bolder Color Palette Framed Canvas Art PrintBolder Color Palette Framed Canvas Art Print

Mina Victory Luminecence Metallic Leopard Throw PillowMina Victory Luminecence Metallic Leopard Throw Pillow

nuLOOM Causal Natural Fiber Jute And Cotton Token Area RugnuLOOM Causal Natural Fiber Jute And Cotton Token Area Rug

As odd as it may seem, the color combination of black and white accomplishes these points.

black-white-CaracoleSimply Put – Caracole

I never tire of its visual impact and continue educating myself on new and inspiring design applications.

Inspiration is everywhere.


Casa Vogue


black-white-kitchenAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Building upon a standard of design is what keeps it relevant as well as timeless.

As decades go by fads and trends fade from favor.


Duncan 1-Light Black Pendant and Rod with White ShadeDuncan 1-Light Black Pendant and Rod with White Shade

Does a certain period, style or color continue to strike your fancy, but you hesitate with the choice asking yourself the question, “Is this still used today?”

I think we all have.

Fear not.

The use and beauty of black and white in interior design and interior decorating is as stunning today as it was sixty years ago.



The proven decorative ability of black and white is ever present in design and decor.

This color power duo is a traditional decor favorite regarded as a contemporary darling and a modern marvel.

Black and white is a timeless color combination able to stand strong as the sole choice of color for a space.

This classic color combination choice removes palette doubt and eliminates any chance of the black and white color combination extraordinaire design darling burning out or fading away into decorating obscurity.

Color Combination Pink and Brown

Shades, tones, hues and variants come beautifully to the page and palette by means of perhaps one of the most striking and elegant color combinations, pink and brown.

Little Greene Paint - China Clay Deep

Little Greene Paint & Paper


Milieu Magazine cover

Milieu Magazine

Mahogany and walnut antique pieces tend to catch my eye first over other woods due to their ability to take color.



Embellishments Design Studio

The ribbon and grain of these woods highlight the rich browns, hints of ebony and crimson reds characteristically based in both the pink and brown color families.



House Beautiful

There is no wrong direction to go in with the color combination of pink and brown, and that’s exactly the point.








Domino-Photography by Amy Neunsinger




 Amanda Nisbet Design




70s Pink and Brown Scarf

Perhaps quite the walk away from a traditional palette, however still in the color combination neighborhood of pink and brown.


custom-cabinetry-A Layered Life

A Layered Life

That’s the beauty of and attraction to visually engaging color combinations that complement, contrast, and/or coordinate well with home decor options.


Eye-catching color combinations neither restrict or confine, but grant decorative leeway in the rich, deep, bright, bold, understated, whimsical, classic or new traditional scheme of things.

 wright building company

 Wright Building Company

The broad range of pinks and browns opens the world of color up to hues, tones, and schemes prime for personal decorating style interpretation.


Demonstrated below is four gorgeous examples of this school of thought from Benjamin Moore.


Pop of glorious Glamour Pink.

Anything but middle of the road Middlebury Brown.

Classic Coral Pink.

Timeless Tudor Brown.

anne hepfer designs

Anne Hepfer Designs – DecorPad

Pink and brown in soft shades and hues perfect a nursery or tween girls bedroom with an air of age appropriate sophistication.


El Mueble


Architectural Digest

From a soft hint or faint whisper of, a berry bold statement, or a redefined interpretation of the classics, the color combination of pink and brown plays well to the room.