Interior design, Decorating and Home Decor Trends 2015

Fresh on the heels of ringing in the new year comes the new year’s trend buzz.

Design forecasters, decorating prognosticators and discerning decoristas are weighing in on what they believe will be the interior design, decorating and home decor trends 2015.

There is plenty to talk about in regards to the new colors of the year announcements, forecasted trends and carry over favorites from 2014.

Let’s take a look-see at what’s in store, shelf and source for trend 2015, shall we?

Interior Design, Decorating and Home Decor Trends 2015

Interior-design-Decorating-home-Decor Trends-2015

Colors of the Year 2015

Color is back.  Did the folks at Benjamin Moore, Pantone and Sherwin-Williams get it right?


Metallics and Mixing Metals

This is one forecasted trend I continue to lean towards and admit to having quite the decorating crush on.

Bring on the metallics and art of mixing metals in the name of all things home furnishings and home decor accents beauty.


Let there be lacquer

A strong look for a strong statement, lacquered walls and ceilings shine the statement spotlight on high gloss glamour.

Don’t buy into the notion that lacquered walls and ceilings are only meant to carry a small space.

Lacquered lies, I tell you!

Drama deserves to play the big room, and a lacquered finish will deliver on the promise of performing as the shining star of statement making style.

Three trends for the price of one gorgeous look.

Chinoiserie, a mix of style, and the color infusion rule of thumb follow-through and belief that every space needs that touch of black.

entry-hall-patternTraditional Entrance Hall by  Mario Buatta

Pattern on pattern at play

If one is good, and two is better, then three, four or five…

pattern-skona-hemSköna hem

pattern-mixJoss and Main 

Open Shelving

Open shelving doesn’t seem to be losing its wide range appeal, and, in fact, is moving away from strictly a form and function design and decor option for kitchen and breakfast areas.


Things are tuft(ed) all over in classic leopard-print for 2015

When a classic print such as leopard is paired with a timeless textile form process as classically chic as tufting is, the result is trend setting elegance worth decorative consideration.

tufted-chairBosana Tufted Armchair

The following statement appeared in my Decorating Trends for 2014 post:

I said this last year and why change it if the words hold true?

Good trends possess not only the quality, but the look and decorative chops to become even better the second, third or hundredth time around when done very well.

I do believe there’s another word for it.


The success of a trend is often measured by the acceptance of the designing and decorating public, ease of implementation into established decors, and the decorative ability to show staying power.

A blip on the trend radar, a pass or fail fad, or timeless classic must try- what say you about the these interior design, decorating and home decor trends 2015?

Love your style!

Sightings, Prognostications and Guesstimations: Decorating Trends For 2014

New, not so new, and so good it’s not going anywhere anytime soon items top the decorating trends for 2014.

Fresh beginnings and clean slates kick off a new year with sightings, prognostications and guesstimations of what will be on trend in the world of home furnishings and decor.


Good trends possess not only the quality, but the look and decorative chops to become even better the second, third, or hundredth time around when done very well.

I do believe there’s another word for it, and that word is classic.

black and white interiorAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

All that is old is new again.

Antiques, vintage or flea market– find a treasure and put a big twist of new on it.  Making something your own is nothing new.

Exercise creative vision and style by looking at a classic in a new light.

Alejandra Redo Elle Decor Elle Decor

Shine a light (or two) on a most stylish and well appointed kitchen situation!

giannetti home interiors

Giannetti Home

Make an illuminating statement with interior lighting or with a trend that has a proven preference record, design favor and culinary convenience, open shelving.

open shelvingCountry Living

white kitchen open shelvingElle Decor

The big brass beautifulooza home decor band plays on for 2014.


Barbara Cosgrove Tall Aged Brass Table Lamp

Rounding out the buzz-worthy list of predicted home furnishing and home decorating trends for 2014 is texture.

blue nile chest

caesarstone agate

Awesome agate.

You make me blush color play.


It’s all in the details with nailheads.



A renewed interest in classic favorites, radiant colors reminiscent of spring’s arrival, stone cold beauty, and if just for a season, a color diversion from spaces totally immersed in a neutral palette show beautiful promise in the decorating trends for 2014.