Halloween Decorating Suggestions

Spooktacular Halloween decorating suggestions come in Halloween handy for the decorista who dares to bedazzle house and home in haunted fashion destined to thrill and delight the eye.


Halloween is a prime time for showcasing your decorating creativity.

From fraught with frightful or a lavish display in spine-chilling style, doors, windows, fireplace mantels, staircases, porches, lawns, gardens, and sidewalks become prime players in a game of Halloween decorating dress-up.


Affordable is the trick.

Eyeball Orbs

Eye-catching is the treat.



Clear Skull Beverage Dispenser

I like a little fright mixed with a tad of harmless haunt so the theme appeals to kids of all ages.


Decorative Crow

Stoneware Appetizer Plate - Threshold

6″ Stoneware Appetizer Plate – Threshold™

Crow Classic Litho Poster Size

“Crow” Classic Litho Poster Size

Doorstops and garden statues easily and eerily stand fabulous as centerpieces for the Halloween feast table or bar cart.

Design Imports Cast Iron Rat Doorstop

Design Imports Cast Iron Rat Doorstop

Sit this rat doorstop next to a cheese board and let the oohs and eeks ensue.


Resin Owl


Halloween Small Bat

The Cathedral Gargoyle Statue

Cathedral Gargoyle Statue


Resin Skull Frog


Black Stretching Cat

Be sure to add by Black Cat by Janet Jackson to your Halloween playlist.


Seasonal, special event, and holiday decorating can wreak double, double toil and trouble on one’s wallet; top reason why I like to source and suggest items that pull double decorating duty.


Magnolia Dried Wreath Brown – Threshold™
81 oz Stoneware Pumpkin Jar – Threshold™
10 oz Stoneware Pumpkin Jar White – Threshold™
9.5 in Crackle Glass Pumpkin Decor
Large Ceramic Pumpkin Rust – Threshold™

Pumpkin decor far exceeds the plastic orange jack-o-lantern decor of yesteryear.

the-pumpkin's wish

Although I still love the vintage and throwback to childhood days pieces, I am over the harvest moon for many of the new traditional offerings found on sites and retail shelves.


Spiced Pumpkin 9.5 Ounce Candle

Take a spiced pumpkin candle in deep amber orange and pair it with a faux maple leaf wreath in candle ring fashion and voilà-  a fall themed pumpkin palace centerpiece.

Bring the spooky-the creepy-the painful memories of stepping on these as a kid with a scattering of sweet gum tree balls in close proximity to the wreath.

sweetgum tree balls

Sweet Gum Tree Balls


When the clock strikes midnight on November 1st these accents find new life added to your home for the Thanksgiving holiday decorative accessories list.


Halloween Classics


crooked witch hat

Pier Place Witch Shoes Candy Bowl

Pier Place Witch Shoes Candy Bowl



Cookie jar?

Candy bowl?

Pick your poison.


Halloween Medallion Wall Decor with Snake

Halloween Medallion Wall Decor with Snake


About ten days from Halloween (or party date) pick up a dozen or two of roses.  I stick them in a vase with very little warm water, and allow them to wither and dry out.


Come the day of the dead roses place the stems in a freakishly gorgeous vase.


Tulle by the yard is my go-to inexpensive solution to table wraps and centerpiece accessory.



Vintage style eyeglasses, a novelty pipe, magnifying glass, and a Victorian style top hat(Halloween decoration now, Christmas tree topper for the holidays) and you’ve got yet another themed Halloween decorating suggestions centerpiece.


Ambiance is an essential component in the entertaining equation.

candles in fireplace

Good Housekeeping

Halloween 3in x 6in LED Melting Candle

Halloween 3in x 6in LED Melting Candle

Flameless LED candles cast a (safe) spell and shadow of mystique.

Ghost Candleholder

Ghost Candleholder

Dim all the lights is not only a Donna Summer disco hit, but my lighting rule for an enchanting evening.


String lights in your favorite color offer a soft glow to light the party night.


Recycled Glass Pumpkin Cloche

Place lights inside a clear glass pumpkin jar with lid or under a collection of clear glass cloches to create a simple yet elegant lighting option.


Delighted with the look this in the style of designer pillow cover and a flecked spider from the dollar store nesting atop offers.


Uninvited guests visiting front porch haunts provide creepy-crawly effects.



Skeleton Swizzle Sticks


Pumpkin Punch Bowl


Skull Beverage Dispenser

Whiskey Wine Skull Cup

Whiskey Wine Skull Cup

Bat Cork Wine Bottle Stopper


Serving Halloween decorating suggestions for decades, the ever appropriate orange and black plastic jack-o-lantern pail makes for the perfect pumpkin ice bucket.

Acrylic Skull Bucket, Clear Iridescent

Way to Celebrate 4.5-Quart Acrylic Skull Bucket, Clear Iridescent


Kitchen Ghosts

Halloween Harvest Punch


4  cups apple cider

4 cups cranberry juice

3  cups ginger ale

1  cup orange juice

½ cup fresh lemon juice

3 cinnamon sticks


apple slices, raspberries, and melon balls for garnish


In a large punch bowl, add ice, apple cider, cranberry juice, ginger ale, orange juice, lemon juice, and cinnamon sticks. Stir to mix.

Serve in rocks glasses over ice.

Garnish with apple slice, raspberry, and melon ball.

Skeletal Hand Plastic Cups

Skeletal Hand Plastic Cups


Stackable Plastic Tumbler Cups, BPA Free, 8 Ounce, Red (Set of 4)

Godinger Owl Stemmed Glasses Goblets, Drinking Glass - Set of 4

Godinger Owl Stemmed Glasses Goblets, Drinking Glass – Set of 4

Moth Rocks Glass

Moth Rocks Glass

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.

Your next stop, the Twilight Zone and the buffet table.


Royal Norfolk Black and White Dashed-Pattern Stoneware Dinner Plate

Halloween 52in x 90in PEVA Tablecloth - Critters & Insects

Halloween 52in x 90in PEVA Tablecloth – Critters & Insects

LED frog on skull tabletop decor

LED Frog on Skull Tabletop Decor


Halloween Skeleton Tabletop Decor with Moths

Halloween Skeleton Tabletop Decor with Moths


Mystic Eye Ouija Cutting Board

Halloween Cute Snack Bowl Stand,3-Tier

Halloween Broom Stand,3-Tier


Pumpkin Wooden Appetizers Board
Halloween Stoneware Tombstone Serving Platter
3pc Stainless Steel Cheese Tool Halloween Set

Fun, frightful, and fabulous Halloween decorating suggestions offer affordable ideas and easy tips ready to help transform your home into the spooktacular showcase it’s sure to be.

Love your style!

Fetching Friday: Boo-tiful Scenery

This week’s Fetching Friday features boo-tiful scenery festively depicting hauntingly beautiful images in the spirit of Halloween.


Boo-tiful scenery, gorgeous spaces, presentations, accents, displays, delights, and accessories do not rely on tricks to conjure up decorative and stylish treats for the eye.


Fairy House Pumpkin

dark-interiors-Elle-Decor (2)

Elle Decor


Martha Stewart – Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo


Bayou Cocktail \ Bourbon Street⠀


1 ½ ounces bourbon⠀

1 ounce fresh lemon juice

¼ cup apple cider⠀

2 teaspoons real maple syrup⠀

1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger (or ¼ teaspoon ground ginger)⠀

1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon⠀

5 ounces sparkling hard Honeycrisp apple cider⠀⠀

cinnamon sticks, rosemary and apple slices for garnish

cinnamon sugar for rim⠀

Rim an Old Fashioned glass with cinnamon sugar and fill with ice.  In a shaker, combine bourbon, apple cider, lemon juice, maple syrup, ginger and cinnamon.  Shake to combine.

Strain into glass and top with hard Honeycrisp apple cider.  Garnish with cinnamon sticks, rosemary and apple slices.⠀

Bayou Life Magazine
Styling by @taylor.a.bennett
Photo by @kellymooreclark

boo-tiful scenery

Alexander McQueen

House of Hackney Troop Wallpaper

House of Hackney Troop Wallpaper




Country Living – Photo by Matthew Benson

dark-interiors-Elle-Decor (1)

Elle Decor

I hope you have a spooktacular Friday, and enjoy boo-tiful scenery on this Halloween weekend.

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Festive Halloween Decorating Ideas

Guests and ghouls alike will gasp with delight at these festive Halloween decorating ideas not too tame, not too terrifying.

It’s not too early to begin gathering festive Halloween decorating ideas and devilishly delightful goodies for your Halloween decorating extravaganza.

Bewitching decorative treasures festively bedeck your Halloween haunt for a day into night soiree of visual tricks and tasty treats.

Festive Halloween Decorating Ideas

Light the night and set a mood of stylish intrigue by illuminating your fright night soiree with distinctive lighting options.  


Many moons ago I tricked out our kitchen and breakfast room in grand Halloween splendor.


Black tulle, white taper candles, Spanish moss, a vintage candelabra, glass cloche, a decorative black crow, and magnolia leaves spray painted black dressed the night in fright and fun.

Cat in Window laser cut wood tea light holder

Cat in Window Laser Cut Wood Tea Light Holder

Party possibilities range from pumpkin luminaries using clear glass cylinder vases to clear cylinder vases filled with moss, mini pumpkins and creepy plastic creatures thrown in for decoratively dreadful measure.

Halloween-pumpkin-luminariesSouthern Living



You local dollar store is an excellent starting point for party needs or party decoration fillers.

Did you hear the recent news of a popular dollar store raising their prices from $1.00 per item to $1.25 – $1.50 to offset rising production/shipping costs?

Now I guess we’ll call these party decor go-to stores dollarish stores.

Regardless, if you’re anything like me you favor festive Halloween decorating ideas like the following that remain big on festive Halloween decorating ideas fun, not big on festive Halloween decorating ideas prices.



Natural Moss Mix

Natural moss mix.

glass cylinder vases

Glass cylinder vases.


Faux flowers in dark and boo-tiful colors.

All of the above make delightful and frightful additions to captivating centerpieces.

Koyal Wholesale Compote Bowl Centerpiece Mercury Glass Antique Pedestal Vase

Koyal Wholesale Compote Bowl Mercury Glass Antique Pedestal Vase

Creepy chic.


Heart Shape Form Bud Vase


11″ Grapevine Witch Hat by Ashland®

Centerpiece ideas include classic orange and black Halloween decorating accouterments, fresh or faux festive flowers, and creepy and crawly spiders and snakes in hauntingly beautiful form with a hint of chilling chic compliments of a can or two of spray paint in your favorite color(s).

Halloween Decorative Sculpture - Hyde & EEK! Boutique™

Halloween Decorative Sculpture – Hyde & EEK! Boutique™


Iron Boot Jack Cricket

Halloween tabletop decoration today, iron boot jack cricket hearth  decorative figurine tomorrow.

Assorted Eyeball Tabletop Accent by Ashland

Assorted 3.5″ Eyeball Tabletop Accent by Ashland®


The top hat tips its hat to decoration triple duty.


Primp it out for Halloween, tidy it up with a gold band and pheasant feathers for the perfect Pilgrim piece at Thanksgiving, and top it off with glitter stems at Christmas as a tree topper.


Fun idea found on Pinterest.


It reminds me of my dress painting adorning the dining room sideboard that I’ll drape sheer white lace over and backlight for a white wedding theme.

eye throw pillow

Oh, and the eyes on you throw pillows will work into the night perfectly.

The call to edit and decorate with items you already have is coming from inside the house.


Create a little tone on tone visual magic with a can or two of spray paint in your Halloween color of choice.

Begin with a grapevine or straw wreath.

Hunt and gather a harvest of dry leaves, stems, twigs, vines, and branches from nature’s arts-and-crafts-store (your yard).

Spray paint both sides of the crop and allow to completely dry.

Snake and intertwine your painted gathering work of decorating art down the center of the table in table runner fashion.

Painted wreaths become everything from a cake stand base to a candle ring.


Scary chic, super affordable befitting centerpiece and table runner problem solved.


Pumpkin Man Tabletop Accent by Ashland®

Dark and eerie rules the night for adults, but may prove to be frightening for younger attendees.

Halloween Black Crescent Witch sign (1)

Halloween Black Crescent Witch Sign

Vintage style decorations make an excellent choice of theme for a family-friendly soiree.

Tabby Cat Vase

Tabby Cat Vase

Halloween Candy Bowl Options


Vintage Copper Pot – EBTH

Hammered Copper Party Tub

Hammered Copper Party Tub

I lost my head.

Grecian Bust Pot

A&B Home Visage Medium Cement Vase

Stoneware Pumpkin Serving Dish - Threshold™

Stoneware Pumpkin Serving Dish – Threshold™

grapevine-bird-nest (1)

Pair a grapevine bird nest from the craft department with a black feathered crow found in the Halloween section for a spook-takular candy dish alternative.


A cast iron cauldron pot fits right in with the trick and treat taste of Halloween.


Large Black Cauldron
Alchemade Pure Copper Ladle

Serving ideas for party potions of the leaded and unleaded varieties include a bewitching large black cauldron, copper ladle, DIY beverage dispenser,  punch bowl made from a pumpkin, and of course, dry ice to create a special effect foggy look.

Kitchen Ghosts

Special effects cast a spell of delight for the eye at a Halloween happening.

Dry ice punch bowl recipe

The dry ice punch bowl recipe from SheKnows spells how simple and safe instructions on how to boil over the Halloween punch bowl or cauldron.

skull-beverage-dispenser (1)

Skull Beverage Dispenser

Dispensers and decanters in the Halloween spirit.

Glass Decanter Skull Patterned

Glass Decanter Skull Patterned

Shade Skull Decanter

Shade Skull Decanter

Foster & Rye Skull Liquor Decanter, Clear Glass Skull Shaped Whiskey Decanter with Stopper

Clear Glass Skull Shaped Whiskey Decanter with Stopper

Take a pumpkin, stick a spigot in it, and you’ve got a party pumpkin keg.



DIY Pumpkin Keg

What You’ll Need:

large pumpkin

serrated knife

long handle spoon

marker pen



Begin by cutting the top off the pumpkin.  Set aside.

Using a long handle spoon, remove the pumpkin seeds and pulp.

Select where you want the spigot to be on the pumpkin.  Using the marker pen, trace a circle around the spot.

Being very careful, take the knife and cut the hole out for the spigot.  Make the hole the same size as tap to eliminate leaking from the opening.

Insert spigot into the hole and tighten.

Pour the fall seasonal beer or hard cider of your choice into the pumpkin and place the pumpkin top on.

Your beverage will pick up a slight to complementing pumpkin flavor, so select with that in mind.

smoking blackberry sage margarita

Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

Devilishly delicious drinks, anyone?

creepy-eyeball-MartiniCreepy Eyeball Martini


Non-alcoholic Pumpkin Punch


8 cups apple cider

2 cups orange juice

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground cloves

2  15 oz cans pumpkin puree

For Garnish:

1 cup maple syrup

1 cup cinnamon sugar

cinnamon sticks

apple slices

star anise


In a medium sized saucepan, simmer cider, orange juice, cinnamon and cloves for 5 minutes.  Whisk in pumpkin puree until combined with other flavor and a smooth consistency is reached.

eat, drink, and be scary tumbler

Eat, Drink, & Be Scary Tumbler

For an extra blast of tasty fall flavor, rim glasses by dipping the rim into maple syrup first and then dip into cinnamon sugar mixture.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick, apple slices, and star anise.


Cinnamon water is a delicious beverage option that’s as tasty as it is easy to make.

This stove top method brings out the flavor and color of the cinnamon.

Begin by adding 2 cinnamon sticks to 2 cups of water to a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes.

Allow concentrate to cool before adding to cold water and ice.




TableTop King 10 oz Wine Glasses, Stemmed Style in Red, Set of 6

Skull Ice Cube Mold Tray

Skull Ice Cube Mold Tray

Tablewares and Serving Pieces


Tarot cards make whimsical place cards.


Select a Sharpie in a commanding color and personalize with guests name.

Tattoo Tarot Board Game Cards

Tattoo Tarot Board Game Cards

Eat, Drink and Be Scary Serving Platter - Threshold™

Eat, Drink and Be Scary Serving Platter – Threshold™



6″ Stoneware Cat Face Appetizer Plate – Threshold™

Treasures found, ordered, and delivered today make me Halloween happy.

stoneware-pumpkin-appetizer-plate (1)

When Halloween party hosting for twenty or less guests, and with Dave the Builder sharing KP duties, I go with “real” plates, utensils, glassware, etc…


Royal Norfolk Orange Stoneware Plate

Dollarish store stoneware plates and plastic chargers in traditional Halloween colors stack up a wicked good look.


Royal Norfolk Black Stoneware Plate

Super scary-cute-sweet Halloween theme plastic and paper tableware options are everywhere this time of year, and make an impressive showing and an easy clean-up undertaking.

Royal Norfolk Red Swirl Side Plate

Royal Norfolk Red Swirl Side Plate

Metallic Silver Scroll Charger Plate

Metallic Silver Scroll Charger Plate


Leopard love!


Leopard Print Charger Plate

This Mystic Eye Ouija Cutting Board is so unique.


Mystic Eye Ouija Cutting Board


Skeleton Tongs

Rats and cheese go together like a Halloween themed cheese board.



Black Wood Rectangular Cheese Boards

Rubber rats straight out of the Halloween decorations aisle placed on a black cheese board create a deliciously eerie display most Halloween appropriate.


Natural beauty pumpkins are simple to make and simply elegant when completed.

Simply heat up the old glue gun (caution, it’s hot!) and hot glue lush leaves to the pumpkin.


I hope one or more of these tasty and festive Halloween decorating ideas tricks and treats your Halloween soiree spook-takular.

Sweet Treats No Tricks Halloween Goodies

Coming soon to a serving tray or cake plate near you is the sweet treats-no tricks Halloween goodies sure to tempt and delight.



I’ve selected several recipes, ideas, and suggestions for making the Halloween goodies baking process a delicious, easy, and wickedly fun endeavor.

Halloween goodies

Country Living Magazine

Presentation is key, and the vintage cutouts, bendables, honeycomb decorations, candies, and tin tray spell trick or treat.

Vintage Halloween Tissue Dancer Witch Hanging Decor

Vintage Halloween Tissue Dancers Hanging Decor

I loved our annual Halloween shopping trips to Kmart, TG&Y, and Gibsons for decorations.

Selections were limited compared to today’s offerings, but did the trick.

black melamine serving tray

A honeycomb decoration served as a centerpiece, a bendable scarecrow or warty witch a front door decoration, and two plastic jack-o’-lanterns lights to light the Halloween night and living room windows completed the look.

Vintage Halloween honeycomb cat

My mother showed a cake mix who was boss in the original Places In The Home test kitchen.


Rae Dunn Large Mix Mixing BowlRae Dunn Large Mix Mixing Bowl

Her bag of tasty tricks included adding candy bar pieces, flavoring extracts, calorie rich whole milk, and food coloring combinations transformed a store bought cake mix into the taste of homemade.

There’s Halloween goodies magic in a bag of Milano cookies and white chocolate chips.

Milano milk chocolate cookies

Milano mummy cookies

M’mm M’mm mummy cookies are easy to make with a bag or two of Milano cookies, white chocolate chips, sprinkles, or candy eyes.

Milano cookie ghosts

Start by placing 2 cups of white chocolate chips and ½ teaspoon shortening  in a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave for 90 seconds.  Stir to incorporate. Microwave in 30 second intervals until chocolate is fully melted.

For extra smooth chocolate, add another ½ teaspoon of shortening to the melted chocolate; stirring well to mix.

Test kitchen experiment with mint chocolate chips (not a favorite in the Places In The Home test kitchen) proves the times and ingredients accurate.



Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Place Milano cookies on cookie sheet.

Spoon melted chocolate over the top half of each Milano cookie and allow to set.

Reheat the remaining chocolate for 10 seconds to melt.  Carefully spoon melted chocolate into a resealable plastic bag.   Zip or seal the bag and snip off the bottom corner off the bag.

Drizzle chocolate over each cookie to create the bandage look.  Finish by adding candy eyes or sprinkles for the eyes to each cookie while chocolate is soft.

Refrigerate cookies to allow chocolate to set.

Halloween graveyard cake

Halloween Graveyard Cake from Country Living Magazine

Milano cookies make excellent tombstones.


Spoon canned frosting in your choice of color into a resealable plastic bag.

Seal or zip the bag and snip off the bottom corner off the bag.

Pipe RIP on top half of a Milano cookie, and that’s it.


These Black Cat Cookies from Good Housekeeping immediately caught my eye.

Granted, there’s several steps included in this recipe, but the finished product makes it worthwhile.

Black Cat Cookies


Basic Sugar Cookies – recipe here

Black Cocoa Cookies – recipe here

Royal Icing – recipe here

Vodka or other clear alcohol (you might need to add a dram or two for the baker!)

Black and silver luster dust


Prepare cookie doughs as directed.  Use flour-coated circle cutters to cut out circles from sugar cookie dough, and use cocoa-coated cat cutters to cut out cats from black cocoa cookie dough.  Bake as directed and let cool completely.

Use royal icing to decorate sugar cookies and attach cat cookies on top.

Mix a small amount of clear alcohol with silver luster dust and use a paint brush to paint small brushstrokes on the royal icing of the sugar cookies. Repeat with black luster dust to paint bats.

Makes 1 dozen.

-Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen


These witch cupcakes are so ugly they’re darling.

I’m taking baking liberty here by suggesting you make the cupcakes using cake mix.  Where the cake mix calls for water, I use milk for a richer homemade taste.

How to make the witch hats:

Place a wire rack over a baking sheet.  Use a serrated knife to carefully cut 3 in. from the point of the sugar cones.  Place the chocolate wafers on the rack.

Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave according to package directions. Spoon the melted chocolate over one cone at a time making sure to evenly cover each cone.

With a spatula, spread the chocolate to cover the wafer, adding more chocolate if necessary.

How to make the frosting:

Using an electric mixer, beat 2 cups confectioners’ sugar, 1 ¼ cup butter (2½ sticks), 1 tsp vanilla and ¼ tsp salt in a bowl until smooth and fluffy.

Tint frosting green by mixing two drops of yellow food coloring with two drops of blue.

How to make the witches:

Spread a small amount of frosting onto each cupcake, top with a doughnut. Frost sides and top of the doughnut.

Place the jelly beans, cut-side down, into the frosting for eyes.

Cut each taffy into 4 pieces, shape each into a nose and place under the eyes.

Pipe the brown frosting ( two drops of red and two drops of green) onto the jelly beans for pupils and over the jelly beans for eyebrows.

Pipe a mouth with the red frosting.

Break the shredded wheat into strands and place on top of each doughnut.

-Woman’s Day

The homemade and the taste of homemade Halloween goodies trick is to treat the eye and the sweet tooth.

love your style


One is Good, But Two is Even Better: Halloween Party Decorating Suggestions

One post is good, but two is even better when it comes to Halloween party decorating suggestions.


Classic themes, colors, textures and patterns provide inspiration for these Halloween party decorating suggestions.   It’s hauntingly amazing how something intended to be delightful can be so utterly frightful.


clownCurious Portraits on Etsy 




Perhaps, but I do love this vintage ventriloquist’s silent clown puppet mounted print paired with a clown hat and shoes for an elegantly creepy centerpiece.


Party City

Here’s a couple of Halloween party decorating suggestions in the creepier the clown the better category.

Scary Peeper Tapping Clown - Motion Sensor Scary Realistic Hooded Window PropScary Peeper Tapping Clown – Motion Sensor Scary Realistic Hooded Window Prop

If sending in the clowns is way too creepy for your Halloween party decorating taste, perhaps the throwback mystique of vintage Halloween decorations is right up your alley.


Remember Halloween decorations like this?

vintage-cat Halloween-decoration


Black Cat Candy Bowl

I couldn’t wait to comb the one, maybe two aisles (if you were lucky) of Halloween merchandise at the local five-and-dime and discount stores of the day, looking for more innocent than scary door decorations, plastic jack-o-lantern window lanterns, honeycomb centerpieces, and jointed cutouts.


A Halloween Holiday Haul

Halloween decorations have come a long way in both design and detail since the Halloweens of the late 60s and 70s, but I still love to decorate with at least two or three of these vintage or vintage style Halloween decorations.


Vintage black and white Victorian photos and framed portraits lend a certain amount of eerie charm while creating a haunted presence and ambiance.

Old-Photo-Image-Unibrow-ManFree Printable of Old Photo Image of Unibrow Man from The Graphics Fairy


Vintage Victorian Photograph in Original Ornate Wood Frame


Free Printable of Old Photo – Witchy Woman from The Graphics Fairy



Expensive is not on the Halloween party guest list.  With deals, free printables, diy ingenuity, buy more save more promos, and online clearance sales starting sooner and sooner in the season, your Halloween bogeyman boogie down get together can be an affordable affair.


Fabric remnants in traditional or transitional Halloween colors and patterns make great party tablecloths, napkins, and treat bags.

Susan Winget Halloween Jack O' Lanterns Eco Canvas Multi Fabric

Thrift stores are excellent haunts for fab-boo-lous fabrics and garments for party decorating and Halloween costume embellishments.

Faux Sequin Shiny Confetti Dot Knit Red Fabric

Drape a tabletop with several yards of faux sequin fabric in ruby red.

Phrenology the Science of the Brain Victorian Replica BustPhrenology the Science of the Brain Victorian Replica Bust

Now let’s play Halloween dress up.


Victorian Bust Tabletop Decor

Place a red feather boa around the neck of a decorative bust and place in the center of the table for a dressed to the nines focal point wow factor effect.


Follow up with a trio of clear glass candle holders from the dollar store filled with decorative black sand.




Drop in a battery operated votive or pillar candle and drape Spanish moss from the sides, and poof!


Halloween party decorating suggestions magic.


You know what else would look especially spooky, creepy, and crawly good juxtaposed against Victorian elegance?



Note to self:

Add Jim Stafford’s “Spiders and Snakes” to the Let’s Halloween playlist.


Yes, I went there, and now I’m probably going to have nightmares.

Some would argue that’s the point, and others, like myself, would argue plastic or real, the fear of things that go hiss and squeak in the night is the exact reason why we stick with a kinder, gentler Halloween theme.

LED Light-Up Crystal Ball Halloween Decor

LED Light-Up Crystal Ball Halloween Decor

A wide variety of printables in all levels of Halloween spook, scare and spirit for treats, potions, hang tags, place cards, invitations and tabletop decor are available on Etsy.


What Do Witches Eat Halloween Hang Tags

I selected these hang tags to use as menu cards for two reasons:

They’re a little bit scary, a little bit vintage, and a whole lot of fun.

I like the idea of saying hang tag at a Halloween party.

Resin Women's Shoes Decor

Resin Women’s Shoes Decor



Pumpkin With A Witch


Skeleton Print Victorian, Steampunk

skull-table-top-figurineSkull Table Top Figurine

Better Homes & Gardens offers a free printable skeleton image to use for framing, window displays, diy wreaths, gift bags, scatter decorations, etc…

Get the Free Skeleton Pattern


Reverse Sequin Skull Table Runner

Spooky Goat Cheese FingersSpooky Goat Cheese Fingers Recipe From HGTV


Talking Tables Halloween Napkins Paper

Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

Dress to thrill, a skeleton should always strike a stylish skeleton pose.


bow tie


Eyeball Orbs

Eyeball Orbs


Eyeball Print – 6 X 7.5 inches

Bloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Bloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs Recipe from Better Homes & Gardens

Martha Stewart Poison Cocktail Napkins

Martha Stewart Poison Cocktail Napkins

modern oval glass bowlModern Oval Glass Bowl with Golden Stand



Reindeer Moss

When I was a kid, our house was Halloween central due to the gargantuan bodark tree and the green horse apples (hedge apple or Osage orange) it produced.  The neighborhood kids loved to throw them and then screech yuck at the sight and the smell.


Hedge/Horse Apples-Osage Orange

The horse apple, hedge apple or Osage orange is a choice decorative item vis-à-vis vase or bowl filler, and makes an excellent color, texture and pattern Halloween accent decoration.

Green Honeydew Mottled Pillar Candle

Green Honeydew Mottled Pillar Candle

Pillar candles dripping in color, texture, and pattern cast a wicked chic spell.

Bark LED Pillar Candle

Bark LED Pillar Candle


Patterned Decorative Owl

I hope one or more of these Halloween party decorating suggestions offers inspiration for tricking out your Halloween monster mash bash.

Love your style!

Halloween Tricks and Treats Decorating Ideas

Fall is the gateway to the holiday decorating season, and the Halloween tricks and treats decorating ideas are flowing.

September to December stands as the most wonderful time of the year for the pumpkins and antlers and garlands oh my decorating inclined.

die-cut-cat-decorationBig G Designs on Etsy

Halloween decorating is serious business these days.

The elaborate decorations and Halloween tricks and treats decorating ideas offered in today’s decorating market far surpass the dime store plastic pumpkin with a flashlight in it, honeycomb centerpiece and die cut front door decoration days gone by.

Halloween Tricks and Treats Decorating Ideas

With that being said, let’s take a look at a few Halloween tricks and treats decorating ideas.

Mackenzie Childs Orange Check Medium PumpkinMackenzie Childs 

Classic in style and presence, Mackenzie Childs presents its instantly recognizable traditional with a twist to Halloween. 

Jack-O'-Lantern Mermaid Sequin Decorative Pillow

No rocking chair lined porch is Halloween ready without at least one jack-o’-lantern.

Jack-O'-Lantern Mermaid Sequin Decorative Pillow2

Displaying a jack-o’-lantern decorative throw pillow is my idea of the perfect no carve pumpkin decoration.

11.25" LED Resin Masquerade Skull


Bust a fabulous centerpiece move with a decorative bust in Halloween or year round decorative accessory theme.

bronze sheep bust

Bronze Sheep Bust (Set of 4)

 Halloween decoration now, decorative home decor accessory later.

handheld mask

Handheld Mask

Set a mood of intrigue and mystery with this handheld mask from Save-on-Crafts.

Mardi Gras will be here before you know it, and I do like decorative items that serve a dual holiday decorating purpose.


Town & Country 

Pumpkin pretty in pink and black.

I grow more impressed and inspired each Halloween season by the stellar designs and Halloween spooktacular creations.

Open Hand Door Knocker in Solid Brass

Open Hand Door Knocker in Solid Brass 

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

This open hand door knocker in solid brass is a Halloween decoration now, and a decorative curb appeal accessory later.


DIY projects shine at Halloween time, and nothings says frightening elegant like a metallic skull head.

wrought-iron-glass-lanternWrought Iron and Glass Lantern

Lighting does set the scene at any soiree, and a black lantern fitted with an orange light bulb shines a light on an eerie glow.


Party City

Add a touch of fright to the look by draping Spanish moss from the arms of a light fixture.


If you don’t have access to moss via nature’s arts and crafts store, pick up a couple of packs at your local dollar store, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.


 Classic Horror Movie Posters

I use movie posters from classic horror movies for everything from wall decorations to invitations to coasters to tablecloths.


Halloween Rolling Pins

Tasty treats and stunning sweets are what Halloween baking is all about.



Cameo silhouette cookie cutter 

It’s not too early or too late to begin gathering ideas and goodies for your Halloween decorating extravaganza.

I hope one or more of these Halloween tricks and treats decorating ideas help to trick out your Halloween decorating spooktacular.

Love your style!

Halloween Happenings

October is an eventful month at the Places In The Home corral however, the corral is anything but ok these days when it comes to the business of all things house that make a home.  Let me ‘splain.  In the grand scheme of blogging things, one (me) simply can’t get the job done, posts written and images photoshopped unless the desktop computer and monitor work, and work they don’t.  This recent development is not my idea of frighteningly fun Halloween happenings, and trying to undo this sinister snafu without losing my mind and my religion is the trick.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Although working on the notebook computer is no treat, the trick is to drink apply the principle of adjustment. Adjusting is the theme of this week.  Our city government announced this morning that local trick-or-treating will now take place on Friday evening.  The forecast is shaping up to be an ugly event making Halloween trick-or-treating on Saturday a washout.  Our Halloween celebration is still on, but with an adjustment or two of its own.  Call it a trick-or tweaking.


No rain event will poison the party atmosphere at our Halloween at Places In The Home party.


The welcome mat is out, the pumpkin is marked for carving, and in the words of Tom Bodett we’ll leave the light on for the trick-or-treaters.

we're-all-mad-hereBlame the madness on the Great Halloween Computer Crash, Charlie Brown!

I’ll redefine the term steaks are on the grill via a cast iron skillet on the stove, a liberal pat of butter, haunted house seasoning and a low and slow approach.  The food and drink will flow, and the Let’s Halloween playlist will rock the castle.

keep_of_Portchester_Castle,_2008-1The Keep of Portchester Castle, Hampshire, United Kingdom

For those of you who Halloween, have a safe and wickedly wonderful time. For those of you who do not Halloween, have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Love your style!

A Most Fetching Friday Halloween Edition











This week’s Fetching Friday Halloween edition is appropriately inspired by the occasion of the day.

ff-black-pumpkinSweet Paul Magazine



halloween-decorArchitectural Digest


ff-pumpkin-in-barber-chairSur La Table on Facebook

ff-traditional-kitchen-alison-spear-dutchess-county-new-york-201306_1000-watermarkedArchitectural Digest Design File- Alison Spear Design

ff-halloween-statueAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.

– Author Unknown


halloween-black-service-areaHouse Beautiful


I hope you have a most fetching Friday.

Love your style!