New Traditional Christmas Decorating Color Ideas For The Holiday Season

Decorating for the holidays takes planning, and with planning the first line of defense is time.

It may still be November, but the window for decorating, trimming, and decking our houses, trees and halls to the point of what defines holiday perfection closes sooner than later.

My rule of holiday decorating thumb is as follows:

Give yourself at least ten days to admire the fruits of your holiday decorating labor.

I’m deep in holiday color palette planning– leaning heavily toward a new traditional palette in the Christmas decorating color ideas department.


Christmas Decorating Color Ideas

Traditional green and red remain timeless favorites, but have you seen some of the gorgeous color combinations decking the halls out there at the holidays?

I am so taken with some I thought a post matching interior paint colors with the holiday ornaments and decorations might inspire me and maybe some of you to take a more permanent position with the color palettes.

Inspiration is everywhere, especially at this time of year!

pharaoh gold

Farrow and Ball paint colors

Hot ~ Sherwin-Williams SW6843

Strawberry Fields~ Sherwin-Williams SW1582

First Kiss ~ Valspar C1220

Strawberry Fields ~ Valspar C1219

Pharaoh Gold ~ Modern Masters ME660

Arsenic ~ Farrow & Ball No 214

Canadian Living

Victorian Mauve

Blue Orchid ~ Benjamin Moore  2069-50

Seal Brown ~ Pittsburgh Paint

Purple Easter Egg ~ Benjamin Moore 2073-50

Rookwood Medium Brown ~ SW2807

North Cascades ~ Benjamin Moore 1411

Victorian Mauve ~ Benjamin Moore 2114-50

Ashland Slate ~ Benjamin Moore 1608

Traditional Home

Louis chair


Heritage Red~ Benjamin Moore

Blagdon Yellow ~ Benjamin Moore DC-43

Cajun Red ~ Sherwin-Williams SW0008

Riding Boots ~ Benjamin Moore CSP-300

Gold Ingot ~ Dutch Boy 2C 6

House and Home

Sherwin Williams paint colors

Tricorn Black ~ Sherwin-Williams SW

First palette card from left to right:

Thyme Green ~ Behr 420D-6

Saguaro ~ Sherwin-Williams 6419

Toque White ~ Sherwin-Williams SW7003

Kelp Green ~ Dutch Boy G14-2

Iguana Green ~ Benjamin Moore 2028-10

Second palette card:

Gecko ~ Sherwin-Williams SW6719

Jolly Green ~ Sherwin-Williams SW6931

Country Living



From top left to right:

Tranquil Aqua ~ Sherwin-Williams SW7611

Parakeet ~ Sherwin-Williams SW6711

Nantucket Dune ~ Sherwin-Williams SW7527

Leap of Faith ~ Benjamin Moore 210

Silver Splendor ~ Valspar 7006-20

Jute ~ Olympic C14-4

Manakiki Greens ~ Devoe 30GY 12/257

Stone Blue ~ Farrow & Ball #86

Artichoke ~ Valspar 6003-28

Universal Umber ~ Valspar 3003-9B

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Home For The Holidays: Table Settings And Sideboards

Table settings and sideboard ideas are the topic of the final installment in the Places In The Home Home For The Holidays series.


Southern Living

It’s holiday time, joy is in the air, and help is here.

If you have followed this series I hope you have gathered helpful hints, tips and decorative ideas.

This Ivy House


Mixing flatware patterns instantly puts a unique twist on old favorites.

Step away from conventional ideas of absolute matching and mix things up for the eye a bit.


Southern Living- Photo by Lauren Rubinstein

Napkin folding arrangements are a tablescape work of art.

Traditional Home

Tabletop space can become very limited when entertaining, especially at holiday time.

It need not be a problem if there is a sideboard or buffet available.

Begin by editing the existing accessories in order to free up the space.

I am practicing what I preach, and now our sideboard is set and ready for our Thanksgiving desserts.


Additional china, drinkware and table linens can be conveniently housed as well as flatware.

House to Home

Natural centerpieces of seasonal branches, nuts, or fruit dress the sideboard for the celebration.


Country Living

The always elegant sideboard bar serves as the perfect cocktail accessory for entertaining, especially festive holiday entertaining.

Eggnog anyone?


House Beautiful

It’s hard to argue the beauty of both this sideboard and gorgeous holiday decoration.



I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing you the Places In The Home Home for the Holidays series.

I hope the information proves useful during the holidays.

 Love your style!