Decorative Impact: Affordable Home Decor Ideas

Affordable home decor ideas circumvent the dreaded too much project at the end of the money.

Take heart, decoristas!

Projects, spaces and places come together as you dot the i’s and cross the t’s of getting “it” right.

Define right.

Right is when the finished look is exactly what you envisioned it to be.

As the dog days grow shorter and first signs of changing colors make their presence known,  thoughts of fall naturally come to mind.

Changing, rearranging, and editing from season to season puts a fresh spin in the mix of interior and exterior color palettes.


The Rusty Rooster

Painting a vintage piece can serve as the perfect muse for dipping your toe into DIY waters.


Embellishments set off accent pieces by adding the all important pop of color.

Damara Drum Lamp Shade

Damara Drum Lamp Shade

Custom lampshades are an investment- instantly bringing a noticeable change to the space.

spring-houzz-Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

A single curtain panel paired with a  tie-back  adds decorative flair and presence.

As a room divider or as a fixed curtain, this look can be a dramatic charmer.

Achieving a designer look with curtain panels doesn’t have to be money or labor intensive.

Duponi silk pewter

I have great luck finding inexpensive curtains or a single panel online and at big discount and resale stores.

Fabric store bargain bins are home to designer fabric remnants at great prices.


If you choose to go with drapery fabric and you do not sew,  no-sew is no problem.

I recently purchased a hand held Singer sewing machine from Hobby Lobby, but have yet to open the package.

Okay, the jig is up.

Sewing is just not my thing.

Here is my my no-sew advice: take the fabric to a seamstress for those no-frills bottom hems, side hems, rod pocket and header projects.

The lady I use gets the job done reasonably and the work is perfect.

Custom does cost more than ready made, but it is worth it for the look and decorative longevity.


With a glue gun in one hand and several yards of accent trim in the other, I’m now in the drapery decorating business.

Bouillon fringe comes in different lengths which comes to the rescue when the curtain look or length is not right.

It’s a handy talent when you are a card carrying member of the hot glue gun gang!

Drapery hardware can also be found at bargain prices at home improvement stores, discount and thrift stores or estate sales.

I am a corbel kind of girl, and I’ve never met a wall sconce I didn’t like.

I absolutely love them!


Using corbels as wall sconces for displaying decorative home decor accents comes highly suggested.

Shake things and a can of spray paint up for an accent with a twist.

Pick up a can of your favorite brand of spray paint or stain in your favorite seasonal color or finish and voilà!

Let there be color, presence, height, proportion, style, and a new and affordable look!

Seasonal home accessorizing can equal a stylish look that is both easy and affordable.