New Year, New Home Decor Trends 2016

A new year inspires fresh beginnings and clean slates.

The Places In The Home New Year, New Home Decor Trends 2016 is complete and ready to inspire.

You will spot several carry over trends from last year’s list, perhaps question the prediction of renewed interest in decor trends of decades past, and hopefully agree with and look forward to implementing one or more of the new introductions making a big style splash into your decor.

home decor trends 2016

Decade Design

Interior design and decorating loves a good comeback story.

In the world of trends, a revival of styles in an everything old is new again manner is inevitable.

Early home decor forecasts show decade design on trend for 2016. Dynamic colors, textures and patterns of the glam 1970s and the large floral prints reminiscent of the 1980s are inspiring home decor accents and home furnishings lines.

Gold drenched metals, geometric patterns, bold floral pattern- all present and accounted for.

Mid-Century Modern

Didn’t you just cover Decade Design?

Yes, but Mid-Century Modern design is a design marvel unto itself.

When it comes to mid-century modern home furnishings, Eames and Nelson set the standard and Herman Miller brings it all home and office.

Vintage period pieces and pieces in the style of  from the decade of clean lines, nontraditional materials and modern utility complement most of today’s decorating styles.

It’s a Mad Men mixed material modern world we design and decorate in.


Tile Pattern at Play

Play with your pattern.

You’ll be amazed at the statement it can make.

trend-alert-penny-round-tiles-1602368-1450449001.640x0cMy Domaine


Discovering or rediscovering a classic home decor accent that brilliantly reflects decorating fabulousness is always on trend.

A mirror is the ultimate home decor accent master of illusion.

Spaces devoid of size, light or depth become prime candidates for the presence of a mirror or mirrors.

Mirrors cast the illusion of depth which contributes to opening up the space.

Placement is key when using a mirror to bring more light into the space.

Place, hang or prop a mirror perpendicular to windows in order for the light to saturate the space.


Mirror, Mirror on the Kitchen Wall or Backsplash

No smoke but definitely decorating with mirrors in the kitchen is gaining trend traction.  

In the pursuit of openness and light, a strategically placed mirror in a kitchen solves the issue.  

Now for the part I love about using a mirror(s) in the kitchen- decorative oomph.  


All traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary, urban, farmhouse, eclectic, coastal, antiques or vintage runs the risk of the decor style of the Jack or Jill decorista being categorized as unimaginative, dated and boring.

Throw the eye a curve ball and the space a pop of personality by mixing styles.

greekmodern_3Apartment Therapy

The success of a trend is often measured by the acceptance of the designing and decorating public, ease of functionality and implementation into established decors and the decorative ability to show staying power.

A passing fad, epic fail, emerging classic or blast from the past must try- what’s your opinion of the New Year, New Home Decor Trends 2016?

Love your style!

2014 to 2015: Decorative Reflection and Anticipation

Saying so long to 2014 and looking towards a most stylish and tasteful 2015 calls for decorative reflection and anticipation.  Change came to Places In The Home in 2014 through color and redefining spaces, and embracing that change has proven to be a good and stylish thing.  As I look back at the most popular posts of 2014, I am anxious with anticipation to what 2015 will bring in terms of new trends, color options, and the always exciting challenge of taking lost in time decor styles to the next level with inspiring and timeless looks that reflect current day decorative wants and design needs.

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In the immortal words of Mr. Bennett, “The Best is Yet to Come!”

Love your style!