Home Decor Design Decorating Forecast 2023

Happy New Year, decoristas!  With a new year comes traditional resolutions, retail offerings, and the highly anticipated new home decor design decorating forecast 2023.

Admittedly, this year’s list speaks to my love of antiques, statement pieces, and accents swimming in gold.


Let’s take a closer look at Home Decor Design Decorating Forecast 2023, shall we?Home Decor Design Decorating Forecast 2023

Statement Table Lamps

antique marquetry chest

Flower Magazine – Photo by Gordon Gregory

Lighting is relevant to the feel you want the space to convey.


1stDibs Introspective – Photography by Ori Harpaz

Statement table lamp(s) perform focal point magic in both function and form.

scalloped-lamp-shade (1)

Over the Moon

Turn to Stone

Turn to stone is not only a killer song by ELO, but a fantastic design and decor choice of product.


Jason Arnold

If a build, redesign or remodel is not on your list of things to do 2023 consider bringing in a trend or two with home decor accents and accessories.

Toronto Marble Dish Beige - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

Toronto Marble Dish Beige – Threshold Designed with Studio McGee

Arabascato marble

Domino – Photography by Seth Caplan

highlands-north-carolina-mountain-house-kitchen-cabinets (1)

Country Living Magazine – Photography by Brie Williams


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles – Photography by Jeff Herr


cottage-bungalows-flowers-in-pitcher (1)

Cottages & Bungalows Magazine

Timeless by design, romance knows no trend.

It simply, perfectly, and effortlessly exists on the canvas and in the portfolio.


Cathy Kincaid Interiors

Grandmillennial and cottagecore made a hit with the under thirty crowd, bringing converts to embrace the romantic design style.

As for the ageless in style, we RSVP’d yes to the pretty party in the company of pastels, soft fabrics, classic feminine patterns, fresh florals, and accents of yesteryear.

french-limestone-fireplace-mantel (1)

 Alexandra Kaehler Design

Going for the Gold

gold-frame-over-fireplace-Michael Sinclair

House & Garden – Photography by Michael Sinclair

Classify going for the gold as a forever trend I feel most confident in predicting its here to stay status.


1stDibs Introspective- Photography by Tory Burch


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles – Photography by Jeff Herr

And the going for gold medal in the welcome style home category goes to Janie Molster Designs.


Janie Molster Designs


18th-and 19th-century blue and white Chinese export china

Milieu Magazine – Photography by Eric Piasecki

Collections of collectibles are an extension of memories in tangible form. When something makes an impression on a collector a collection is born.


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Mixing Past with Present

foyer chandelier table

Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Nathan Schroder

Mixing antique and vintage pieces with those of a present day or decade provenance results in a space enveloped in personality.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles – Photography by Emily Followill

gray-2-drawer-Bachelors Chest

Bachelors Chest

Glamour Deco


Soucie Horner, Ltd.


wallpaper-toile-red-wall-lamp (1)

La Mirande

Classic patterns coupled with durable function make wallpaper a quality  choice of product that remains a timeless design and home decor choice.


Flower Magazine

Gucci white heron wallpaper

Architectural Digest


Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Jay Wilde

Schumacher Romantic Bosphorus

Schumacher Romantic Bosphorus 

All-White Kitchens (or almost)


West of Main Design

Ebb and flow.

Come and go.

So goes the love affair with the all-white kitchen.


Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

Opinion, educated guesses, taste and trends drive the bulk of the what’s in, what’s out in design and decor predictions.  Of the ten or so articles and reports consulted, kitchen color choices fall between all-white and whatever color floats your boat.


Dylan Farrell Design

What I derived from it all is what I’ve known to be true time and project again, not to mention Bunny Williams is on board.

“If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”

— Bunny Williams

To eliminate the risk of an all-white kitchen registering flat to the eye add in spot accents and accessories in rich colors.

Congratulations, you’ve now met and mastered the art of the best of both worlds trend unification.


Rice and DeTienne Designs LLC

Rich Colors


1stDibs Introspective – Photography by Haris Kenjar

Rich colors warm a space promoting depth and ambiance rooted in coziness.


Domino – Louise Roe Home

Yes, decoristas, neutral paint colors and home decor accessories meet the requirements of the warm colors palette.


Jason Arnold Interiors – Photography by Haris Kenjar

“I am going to make everything around
me beautiful- that will be my life.”

— Elsie de Wolfe

Here’s to a beautiful new year!


Watermelon Home Decor

Today’s watermelon home decor post is fresh with color, texture, and sweet summer themed inspiration.



Watermelon is the fruit of green, red, pink, white, orange, yellow colors, distinctive pattern lines, and delicious possibilities.


Funny how the unofficial official fruit of summer inspires the theme of watermelon home decor accessories, stylish accents of the season, delectable recipes and color palette choices.

garage landscape lanterns

 Eric Condron Interiors

Summer months welcome watermelon home decor in all varieties.

watermelon-paint-front-door (1)

Country Living – Photography by Brian Woodcock


Watermelon Doormat

watermelon-themed-home-decor-rugWatermelon Doormat

Hello Summer Fruits Doormat by Ashland®

Hello Summer Fruits Doormat by Ashland®

Hello summer indeed, watermelon seed.

Aqua Embossed Tin Post Box with Distressed Finish

Aqua Embossed Tin Post Box with Distressed Finish

Michael Healy Brass Dragonfly Door Knocker

Tin Post Box - 3R Studios

Tin Post Box – 3R Studios

Coventry Collection 2-Light Copper Patina Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce

Coventry Collection 2-Light Copper Patina Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce


Jameson 4-Light Aged Copper Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce

Jameson 4-Light Aged Copper Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce

Hoffman 1 Light Outdoor Lantern - Red

Hoffman 1 Light Outdoor Lantern – Red


Heart to Heart Radiance (Caladium) Live Plant in Pink and Green Foliage


Home Depot


Wicker Box Planters in Pink


Terracotta Square Woven Planter

Take decorating liberty with the core colors and improvise with what’s available to produce the desired result.


Gardener’s Select Madison Planter, Green Drip, 15″


Indoor Green Ombre Footed Small Ceramic Pot


Kate Spade Surprise Ginny Sandal

Packed Party Women's "One in a Melon" Earrings

Packed Party Women’s “One in a Melon” Earrings

Adult Beach Straw Crossbody Bag Watermelon

Fruit Straw Shoulder Bag

Fruit Straw Shoulder Bag


 Sam Allen Interiors

Inspiration is everywhere, and from first glance this image brought to mind  the colors of a ripe, delicious watermelon, and this is how blog post content ideas are born.


Although not in watermelon pattern, these perfectly paired accent chair cushions immediately draw the eye in with the fresh, crisp and bright apple-green material and white rope trim.

Romo’s Tulipa Coral1

Credit the accent pillow in Romo’s “Tulipa Coral”  fabric for taking this tiptoeing through the tulips palette to color perfection heights.


DIY Watermelon Umbrella

As it goes in the home décor and retail world we decorate and accessorize in, there’s times when the decorista must engage in decorative interpretation and in the style of implementation.

Abstract Rectangular Beveled Wall Mirror

Abstract Rectangular Beveled Wall Mirror

Texture and color on point trends watermelon home decor.


Ceramic Table Lamp With Shade


Beaded Front Watermelon Pillow


Decorative  Watermelons Outdoor Pillow Cover

Let’s be honest, watermelon home décor can be a tad too, let me see how to put this, tacky.

Well, it can.


Darla Polka Dots Loomed Accent Rug – Safavieh
Ocean’s Edge Braided Indoor/ Outdoor Area Rug
Plush Shag Rug – Room Essentials™
nuLOOM Kara Solid Shag Area Rug

Half Watermelon Modern Printed Red Lime 3 ft. 3 in. x 5 ft. Area Rug

Half Watermelon Modern Printed Red Lime 3 ft. 3 in. x 5 ft. Area Rug


Chic in the style of watermelon home décor pieces in color rich combinations of green, red, pink, white, yellow, and orange accent and accessorize please the eye and emulate the primary characteristics of the unofficial official fruit of summer.


Watermelon-Lime Sorbet


summer picnic watermelon beverage

Photo by Julia Ivanina on Unsplash

Doesn’t this spring into summer scene look refreshing?

watermelon popsicles summer

Watermelon Popsicles – Cooking Classy

Ninety plus degrees signs of summertime has hit the Deep South.

watermelon pool float summer

Photo by Marie Dehayes on Unsplash

 BigMouth Inc. Watermelon Round Pool Float

BigMouth Inc. Watermelon Round Pool Float

Fill up a watermelon inflatable pool with ice for a summery chic and fun beverage cooler.

BigMouth Inc. Watermelon Inflatable Pool

BigMouth Inc. Watermelon Inflatable Pool

Inflatable-sunning- pool-watermelon-pattern

Inflatable Sunning Pool in  Watermelon Pattern

Summer treats in watermelon flavor shine in the summer food and drink spotlight as a crowd pleasing source of refreshment.

Watermelon Catalina Picnic Basket

Watermelon Catalina Picnic Basket


Watermelon Placemat by Celebrate It™

Watermelon Placemat by Celebrate It™

Melamine Chip & Condiment Platter


Feta, Watermelon & Prosciutto Salad with Honey Vinaigrette

Feta, Watermelon & Prosciutto Salad with Honey Vinaigrette

William Roberts Ceramic Watermelon Bowls Set of 4


William Roberts Ceramic Watermelon Bowls Set of 4

Love this watermelon themed decked out in vibrant watermelon colors serving bowl.


Watermelon Serving Bowl



Watermelon Plastic Highball Glass

Watermelon Plastic Highball Glass


James Farmer – Photography by Emily Followill

Summer Fruit Ceramic Serving Pitcher

Summer Fruit Ceramic Serving Pitcher

Bordallo Pinheiro Watermelon Pitcher

Bordallo Pinheiro Watermelon Pitcher

Bordallo Pinheiro Watermelon Dinner Plate

Bordallo Pinheiro Watermelon Dinner Plate


The Sugartown watermelon  purchased this past weekend “produced” a sweet summer treat and a taste for sweet summer themed décor inspiration.


BHG – Photography Blaine Moats

Watermelon Sorbet


1 lime

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 cup frozen raspberries

12 ounces chopped watermelon (2 cups)


Finely shred 2 teaspoons peel from lime. Juice lime (2 tablespoons); set aside.

In a medium saucepan stir the sugar and water over medium heat until just simmering, stirring to dissolve sugar.  Remove from heat. Add raspberries and lime juice.

Stir to thaw.

Place raspberry mixture and watermelon in a food processor or blender. Cover and process or blend until smooth.  Press mixture through a fine-mesh sieve; discard seeds.  Stir in lime peel.

Transfer mixture to a 2-quart rectangular baking dish. Cover; freeze until firm (4 to 24 hours). Transfer to a chilled bowl, breaking up if necessary.

Beat with an electric mixer on low to medium speed until smooth and lightened in color. Return to dish.

Cover and freeze for 2 to 4 hours or until firm.

-Better Homes & Gardens


Galbraith & Paul


This watermelon printed midi skirt does not exactly qualify as home décor per se, however, it does make a summer chic style statement for spring into summer entertaining.

watermelon printed midi skirt

Watermelon Printed Midi Skirt

Summer fresh and pretty in pink!

Void of pattern, however, full of watermelon color.


Speaking of summer, the Sylvie Flamingo Watermelon Framed Canvas By Kendra Dandy Gold illustrates two iconic symbols of the season.

Sylvie Flamingo Watermelon Framed Canvas By Kendra Dandy Gold - DesignOvation

Sylvie Flamingo Watermelon Framed Canvas By Kendra Dandy Gold


 Melanie Morris Design


Barneby Gates Watermelon Wallpaper

red-dutch-laundry-room-door (1)

 Terracotta Studio


Any way you slice it, watermelon home decor accessories, refreshing treats and summer entertaining wares make for a unique, fun and summer festive addition to the party.

Love your style!

Royal Rethink of Elvis The King’s Jungle Room

Elvis the King’s Jungle Room has been in the spotlight of late vis-à-vis the buzz surrounding the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film, Elvis.


Certain spaces and certain clients call for over the top flamboyant chic when designing and decorating residential and commercial properties, and not all residential and commercial spaces are created equal.

As it appropriately calls for, there’s spaces and places where understated style simply will not do.

Chateau_Versailles_Galerie_des_Glaces (1)

Hall of Mirrors, Chateau Versailles

Ostentatious interior decorating and design elements has a standing relationship with grand scale museums, historical homes, architectural marvels, Las Vegas and hooray for Hollywood interiors.

Some exquisite.

Some gaudy.

Some remarkable.

Some unsightly.

What is it they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?


Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Celebrities love to dial up extravagance in a manner befitting a true Hollywood story and Elvis the King’s Jungle Room.

You live what you know as some would say, and if flamboyant is just another day at the office it becomes the rule versus the exception.


March 29-30, 1977 made hometown history much to the excitement and disbelief of the masses. Elvis Presley scheduled not one but two nights to perform live in concert in Central Louisiana at the Rapides Parish Coliseum.

Papa Places In The Home scooped up tickets for our entire brood (8), and the excitement level was off the charts.


Ours was an Elvis house.

We loved the music, the style, and the voice.

On January 14, 1973 the Curtis Mathes was tuned to Aloha from Hawaii.

For no one in my nuclear family to utter a word for over an hour proved how captivated we were.


Daddy surprised my mother with a trip to Las Vegas complete with her chance to see Elvis live at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Vegas was a different beast in those days, back when $100 bills in the palm of the showroom captain, the original ticket master, got you the best seat in the house.


While waiting to be seated my dad struck up preshow conversation with the couple standing behind them.  Two husbands determined to please two wives devised a you put up one hundred and I’ll put up one hundred plan.

Remember it’s 1974.

Two Ben Franklins got them seated “right on the stage” as my dad used to say.



Daddy was more excited for my mother to see Elvis up close and personal than actually seeing Elvis perform.

As the story goes Elvis, with scarf in hand and enough charisma to light up the Vegas Strip, stood in front of mother not once, not twice, but three times for her to respond.

Mesmerized by this larger than life being looking her directly in the eyes, the woman could not move.

Daddy kept nudging her and telling her, “honey, stand up” and although she wanted to she just couldn’t.

Dan-Tanna-filming-Desert-Inn (1)

Never one to be star-struck before, she insists she wasn’t that night as well.

Over the course of a 30+ year span of trips to Vegas my parents met and mingled with celebrities and cultivated life long friendships with several.

Yes, that’s Dan Tanna himself, the beloved Robert Urich who was one of the aforementioned friends from my parent’s Vegas days.

She really can’t explain it nor does she regret it.  It was one of those in the moment moments that came and went with nothing more than a memory for the souvenir books.


Most, if not all, design and décor features at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, stand in a time capsule- as it should be when you think about it.

From the articles, books and interviews I’ve read referencing the interior spaces of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, his personal design style preferences ranged from his idea of elegance and beauty to flash and kitsch.

Iconic spaces left suspended in a style of the times state challenges the design and decorating side of my brain to a round of how exactly would I redo-remodel-rearrange-reimagine-replace-rethink the design without compromising the original scheme without insulting or diminishing the core concept.

Although my design and decorating services have not been engaged by famous architects, heads of Hollywood studios, hoteliers or the fine folks at Graceland, a decorista can ponder can’t she?


Elvis’s Jungle Room

An article on How Stuff Works reveals Elvis purchased the furniture for the jungle room on a spur of the moment whim to stir up his father.

Elvis’ father thought the furniture was the ugliest he had ever seen.

Admittedly I agree to some degree, which brings us back around to today’s royal rethink of Elvis The King’s Jungle Room.


If it’s the 1970s, brown, orange, and green rule the color palette.





Boone Leather Barrel Chair

Boone Leather Barrel Chair

Haussmann® Wood Elephant Chang Stool

Haussmann® Wood Elephant Chang Stool

Elvis referred to the space as the den.

Jungle Room does seem fitting for a whole host of reasons, décor being one of many.


Chantel Drum End Table

Tiki tacky crosses the mind, but the rule of what speaks to you is what you should surround yourself with, for whatever reason or season, applies here.


Gold Stoneware Glam Accent Table

Placement adjustments, furnishings tweaks here and there, subtraction of the outdated coupled with the addition of updated décor pieces go a long way in accomplishing a visually pleasing refresh.

The Kanaloa (Teeth) Grand Tiki 20.5 in. H Sculptural Polyresin Outdoor Side Table

 Kanaloa Grand Tiki Sculptural Polyresin Side Table

Western International Trading Co. (Witco) carved wood décor and home furnishings in tropical and Hawaiian inspired style was super popular from its beginning in the late 1960s though the late 1970s.

Pair of Faux Leopard Fur Hand Carved High Back Witco Tiki Thrown King Chairs

Tiki style was hot at the moment, and continues to this day to appeal to a certain design and décor aesthetic.

Witco furnishings are found throughout Elvis the King’s Jungle Room in all their carved, adorned, and hip for the times glory.


Sabine Brown Leather Victorian Balloon Chair


Tribeca Black/Ivory 8 ft. x 11 ft. Animal Print Area Rug

Brighton Pounce Loveseat

Brighton Pounce Loveseat

New York Sideboard in Various Sizes

New York Sideboard in Various Sizes


Uttermost Volker Burnished Honey Coffee Table

The King of Rock & Roll.


The King of the Jungle.

King of Kings Design Fabrikken

King of Kings Design Fabrikken

Marceau Corner Chair, Cheetah

Marceau Corner Chair, Cheetah


Modern Silver Shining Cheetah Revolution Area Rug

Replacing the paneling and the carpet to trend toward today’s offerings would be my first priority.

Reclaimed Wood Dark Teak Wood Wall Panel

Reclaimed Wood Dark Teak Wood Wall Panel

End Grain Faux Wood Wall Panel

End Grain Faux Wood Wall Panel

Safari - Color Morning Mist Pattern Green Carpet

Safari – Color Morning Mist Pattern Green Carpet


Napa 88.5 in. Distressed Green Velvet Fabric 3 Seats Sofa

the-house-of-scalamandre-animal-pillow-cover (2) The House of Scalamandre Animal Pillow Cover

If you can’t find it, make it or have it made.



Uttermost Kiango Airy Neutrals Animal Pattern Arm Chair

Thalia Horn and Bone Round Wall Mirror

Thalia Horn and Bone Round Wall Mirror

Timbergirl Carved Wooden 4-Door Sideboard

Timbergirl Carved Wooden 4-Door Sideboard


Grand Bazaar Congo Hand Knotted Modern & Contemporary Rug


Shelby Rafia Table Lamp

Atolla Brick Tassel Pendant

Atolla Brick Tassel Pendant

Deco Copper Finish Table Lamp

Deco Copper Finish Table Lamp


Lianne Painted Glass Modern Contemporary Table Lamp

brown-gold-black-table-lamp Tortoise Drum Lamp, Antiqued Zinc

Modena 26'' High 2-Light Table Lamp - Amber

Modena 26” High 2-Light Table Lamp – Amber

Cool cat claw doorstop.

Antiqued Claw Doorstop

Antiqued Claw Doorstop


Gallery Auctions

Wood Pendant Light with Metal Rods - Distressed Gold

Wood Pendant Light with Metal Rods – Distressed Gold



Zebra Green Ice Bucket

Zebra Green Ice Bucket


All New & Unique Cheetah Woolen Rug 



Gold Leopard Glam Table Lamp - (Set of 2 )

Gold Leopard Glam Table Lamp – (Set of 2 )

King of the Herd Safari Zebra Metal Wall Sculpture black gold

King of the Herd Safari Zebra Metal Wall Sculpture

Staying true to the theme while resisting oversaturation respectfully yet tastefully updates the outdated.

Love your style!

Sweet Summer Trends

Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror, and the kickoff to outdoor living, pool and patio times-sweet summer trends starts in 3-2-1…


The Cottage Journal

Between lawn and garden this and whipping up holiday eats and treats that I found I spent a hunk, a hunk of burning love of the holiday watching movie trailers and sneak peeks from the soon to be released Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis.

Note to self: Add Burning Love by Elvis Presley to your Spotify summer grooves and tunes playlist.


Terrain Events

Like a really good movie trailer, drops of liquid sunshine, warm breezes and summer trends build home decor and entertaining anticipation.

Bravo, summer movie and summer trends blockbusters!

You’ve succeeded in guaranteeing I will be buying a ticket to the best outdoor show in town better known as summer.


Here’s a selection to get the beach ball rolling.

Sunburst Beach Ball

Sunburst Beach Ball

Chic Summer Retreats 

backyard-pool-furniture-poolside-summer-Photography by Staci Marengo1

Rue Magazine

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I will be flattering the heck out of chic and cozy in my summer space styling suggestions.

Better Homes & Gardens Willow Sage 2 Piece All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Canopy Chair and Ottoman Set, Beige

Better Homes & Gardens Willow Sage 2 Piece All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Canopy Chair and Ottoman Set, Beige

Ollie the Magnificent loves to spend time of the patio with his mama and papa, and for summer trends 2022 he’ll have his own patio pad.

Indoor Outdoor Rattan Pet Bed (2)

Indoor Outdoor Rattan Pet Bed

Rockin’ in the U.S.A.

Simply can’t get away from the vintage inspired grandmillineal-coastal grandmama style, and more importantly, why would you want to?

International Caravan Chelsea Resin Wicker Porch Rocker

Summer fresh.

Squeeze the Day Decorative Pillow

Squeeze the Day Decorative Pillow

Color kissed and pattern pleasing outdoor throw pillows prove both a preached and practiced way to update for the season.

International Caravan Chelsea Resin Wicker Porch Rocker white

International Caravan Chelsea Resin Wicker Porch Rocker

Natural fiber throw pillows naturally accentuate this undeniable summer fabric favorite.


Natural Fiber Outdoor Pillows

Light up those summer nights with the elegance of copper.

Tabletop Glass Torch Outdoor Lighting

H. Potter Tabletop Glass Torch Outdoor Lighting



Just hanging around.

Glam in gold candleholders housing classic pillars or LED flameless options light the way to lighting options that enhance summer ambiance.


Gold Hurricane Candle Holder
Bazaar 16 Inch Gold Hurricane

In the style of days gone by, this Candle by the Hour beeswax candle comes with presence and provenance.

From the details:

In 17th century America, coiled beeswax candles became a popular way for parents to monitor the time a gentleman spent courting their daughter.

Candle by the Hour Horizontal Candle

Candle by the Hour Horizontal Candle

Once the candle was lit, it burned at a measured rate. When the flame met the clip and went out, time was up! Candle by the Hour™ brings back this novel concept as a worry-free way to illuminate and decorate your home.

To use, just feed up to 3″ of the pliable eco-friendly beeswax coil through the clip and light the wick. The natural beeswax will melt at approximately 20 minutes per inch, providing up to an hour of light at a time.

Barbara King Illuminated Sandstone Seashell Collection summer

Barbara King Illuminated Sandstone Seashell Collection

Seashell style is summer style, and I love the offerings from the Barbara King Illuminated Seashell Collection.

Illuminating seashell sculpture

Barbara King Illuminated Sandstone Seashell Collection

Tablescape Escapes


Southern Home Magazine- Alcott Interiors -Photography by Emily Followill

As is the case of this summer perfect tablescape by Alcott Interiors  inspiration is everywhere.


Sunny Cottage Joy

Simple elegance makes a powerful style statement, and is rather simple to execute.

Clippings, stems, and blooms fresh from nature’s arts & crafts store (your yard) placed in a vase and allowed to fall and set in an organic way.

Serveware in vintage mismatched patterns rich in charm and character.

Garden statue pairings that capture the essence of the summer season.

Hungry Cranes Set of 2

Hungry Cranes Set of 2

Seasonal & Seasoning Lagniappe

Elderflower Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Elderflower Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Food is love, food is art, food is summer trends.

Rose Ice Cream

Rose Ice Cream from Salt & Lavender

clear tulip ice cream dish

Tulip Ice Cream Dish

Corn on the cob is a summer sides staple.

Corn Holders, Set of 4

Corn Holders, Set of 4

Dress up this summer delicacy with a set of these silver plate corn pick set.



A great summer soiree is only as good as the refreshing summertime beverages served.


Non-Alcoholic Sangria Recipe from The Kitchn

Acrylic and melamine tableware gives good style at a great price point.

outdoor drinkware

Bee & Willow™ Textured Highball Glass in Pink
Studio 3B™ Textured Highball Glass in Green
Destination Summer Vintage Embossed Highball Glass in Pink

4pk Acrylic Drinkware Set - Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

4pk Acrylic Drinkware Set – Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

Assorted Kelly Ventura Floral Insulated 16-Oz. Tumbler Cup - Set of Four

Assorted Kelly Ventura Floral Insulated 16-Oz. Tumbler Cup – Set of Four

pretty-pink-porch-white-wicker (1)

The Cottage Journal – Photography by Mark Lohman

Pink Kimono leaves pattern Melamine plates and green Tiki glasses invite stylish fun to the pretty in pink on the patio party.

outdoor-melamine-plates-tiki-tumblers (1)

Kimona Leaves Outdoor Dinner Plates and Bowls Set of 8
Tiki Glasses- Set of 4

Summer trends toward ’tis the season for seasonal fare.

August Wren Oyster Platter

August Wren Oyster Platter

Casual defines the theme of the summer entertaining season just as casual means a host of ways to set a casual summer scene to many a host and hostess.

“It’s important how we feel in our homes,
because feeling good makes us more gracious.
And that makes it easier to welcome others
not only into our homes but into our lives.”

—Nate Berkus

Where one prefers to zhoosh up the look with the good stuff place settings and serveware, another prefers to lay down newspapers, set out paper goods, and let the good times lobster roll.

August Wren Dinner Plate

August Wren Dinner Plates

Summer is the season of beautiful settings, simple activities, and lovely thoughts.

oak-swing-just-think-lovely-thoughts (1)

Marnie Moyle Hand Crafted Swing

What summer trends are coming in as favorites in your game of I Spy Summer?

Love your style!

Coastal Home Decor

Coastal home decor comes to the mind of the decorista as warm breezes, cool tones, and hot tunes provide inspiration and ideas for updating house and home.


House & Home – Photo by Heather Ross

Is Coastal Style Still In Style?

When the calendar turns to a new season I generally take the time to reflect on and take stock of design styles. For instance, the popularity, pertinence, and staying power of the classics and the trendy.

Coastal home décor pieces rooted in traditional influences accented with new-traditional interpretations run the gamut from Palm Beach to Palm Springs style and coastal to tropical points in between.


Elle Decor – Photography by Eric Piasecki

Experimenting with different aspects of a design style is easy.

Introduce new takes on a classic to keep the decorating fun and fresh, and the decorative appeal of the space visually engaging to you and the eyes that will ooh and ahh over your decorating mastery.

The takeaway is this: the coastal home décor accents and accessories you find to be a stunning reflection of you and your impeccable personal taste is exactly what’s in style.


“We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.”


Dream and decorate in sea to sky colors of soft neutrals and crisp deep tones borrowed from the beauty of the sea.


If a total coastal home décor makeover is in your seasonal update decorating scheme plan, this post is here to give ideas.


If you find you’re leaning more towards refreshing your décor with subtle spot touches to achieve a relaxed day at the beach aesthetic, this post has got you covered like SPF 50 sunscreen. 


House Beautiful- Benjamin Dhong- Photo by Lisa Romerein

Wall mirrors classify as art in this decorista’s portfolio.


A&B Home Wall Mounted Mirror with Round Gold Metal Frame

Surya wall mirror in silver

Medium Round Champagne Art Deco Mirror

In this in the style of feature, one is silver, and the other, gold.

Hunter Wall Mirror

Hunter Wall Mirror

Serene pastels fit in comfortably with the beachside color palette.

Suzanne-Kasler foyer

Suzanne Kasler


Molly 3.5 in. x 28.3 in. Modern Rectangle Framed White Decorative Mirror

Fossilized Clam Rectangular Mirror

Fossilized Clam Rectangular Mirror

Louis XIV Style Carved Wood Console

Louis XIV Style Carved Wood Console


Inspiration is everywhere, especially in the colors, textures, and patterns discovered under the sea.

SAFAVIEH Lighting Ivy Resin Table Lamp

SAFAVIEH Lighting Ivy Resin Table Lamp



White Coral Tabletop Décor


Finch Versailles Tufted Accent Chair

Copper Grove Muir Rosa Tufted Chair - Pink

Copper Grove Muir Rosa Tufted Chair – Pink

Here’s a couple of fun pretty in pink accent chair options to consider.

Designart 'Quartz Texture' Upholstered Accent Chair

Designart ‘Quartz Texture’ Upholstered Accent Chair


Designart Influence Of Line and Color Upholstered Accent Chair

Mixing styles is key when the intent is contrast through traditional meets modern juxtaposition.


House & Garden – Photo by Paul Massey

The core concept of coastal decorating style places the emphasis on creating a comfortable and inviting space rich in layers, textures, and natural elements.


House & Garden- Photo by Cristian Barnett 


Pierce Wicker Side Table

Wicker, rattan, seagrass, jute, and woven pieces are instantly associated with coastal chic.

Meena Modern Rattan Wall Sconce

Meena Modern Rattan Wall Sconce


Southern Living Ideal Home – Crane Island, Florida

Seaside chic is color rich, texture driven, and pattern at play perfect for merging the coastal vibe of the indoors to the outdoors.

Burdett-2-Light-Aged-Copper-Outdoor-Hanging-Lantern (1)

East At Main's Cheyenne Living Room Chair

East At Main’s Cheyenne Living Room Chair

Wooden Sculpture

Small Wooden Tree Trunk Sculpture in Distressed Brown Finish

Fossil in a Fossil Color

Fossil in a Fossil Color

Metallic Gold Alligator Sculpture Table Decor 1

Metallic Gold Alligator Sculpture Table Décor


Universal Furniture

Coastal Living Zephyr Pendant, White

Coastal Living Zephyr Pendant, White

Coloring within the lines is a safe choice, but where’s the unique in that?

coastal style pendant lights

Fredrick Ramond Spyre 6-Light Chandelier in Champagne Gold

Fredrick Ramond Spyre 6-Light Chandelier in Champagne Gold

Crystal Modern Gold Drum Chandelier 3-Light Glam Brass Pendant Chandelier with Ice Drops Shade

Modern Drum Gold Chandelier with Clear Textured Glass Panels

Carson 6 Light Polished Nickel Chandelier

Carson 6 Light Polished Nickel Chandelier


Bo Massey

Uttermost Rahila Antiqued Mirror (Set of 2)

Uttermost Rahila Antiqued Mirror (Set of 2)

Carbon Loft Antique Silver Mirror

Carbon Loft Antique Silver Mirror

Arteriors Tilda Chandelier

Arteriors Tilda Chandelier

Ruffled Marble Bowl

Ruffled Marble Bowl

Madison Park Ashe Natural Dining Chair set of 2

Madison Park Ashe Natural Dining Chair set of 2

Shoreline Colors

Shoreline Colors

I’m adding a personal choice of sideboard here as the lines and curves remind me of the shape of sea waves as they approach the shore.

Wood Bead and Metal Semi-Flush Light - Black

Wood Bead and Metal Semi-Flush Light – Black


Martha Stewart Elmcrest Natural Dining Table

Fromberg+Wood+And+Cane+Dining+Chair+Set+Of+4Epworth Wooden Dining Chair with Wicker and Fabric Seating (Set of 2) 

coastal-banquette-BHG-photo- JOYELLE WEST

Better Homes & Gardens – Photo by Joyelle West

Annika Rattan Pendant Light

Annika Rattan Pendant Light

54 in. Lippa in White oval Artificial Marble Dining Table

54 in. Lippa in White oval Artificial Marble Dining Table

Woven Wood Armchair with Arms Open Back Mid Century Modern Office Dining Chairs Woven Black Seat

Woven Wood Armchair with Open Back and Woven Black Seat

Bandelier Black Rural Woven Dining Arm Chair

Bandelier Black Rural Woven Dining Arm Chair

Maine House Interiors

Maine House Interiors

Quite the dynamic color combination tour de force, adding classic blue and white porcelain and ceramic accents to your coastal decorating theme frames a calm, cool, and collected picture.

Montoya Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamp

Montoya Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamp

Floret Lamp

Blue/White Indoor / Outdoor Porcelain Ginger Jar

Vintage Ming Jar in Various Styles and Sizes

The Curated Nomad Maynard Antiqued Brass Round Wall Mirror with Decorative Ring

Maynard Antiqued Brass Round Wall Mirror with Decorative Ring

19th C French Faux Bamboo Chest of Drawers

19th C French Faux Bamboo Chest of Drawers



Veranda – Suzanne Kasler – Photo by Brian Woodcock


Custis Salmon -Benjamin Moore

3 - Light Lantern Geometric Pendant

3 – Light Lantern Geometric Pendant

Handmade Wood Wall Mirror

Handmade Wood Wall Mirror

Designed with scalloped edges and tapered legs with a look reminiscent of a seashell, the Liliane Velvet Barrel Chair is a casual yet elegant choice of accent chair.


Modern Scalloped Back Accent Barrel Chair – Pink

Euart 30" Wide Tufted Polyester Armchair

Euart 30″ Wide Tufted Polyester Armchair

Pink Paper Palms, Set of 3

Pink Paper Palms, Set of 3

coastal chic home remodel living room

Ryan A. Jones & Associates

Coastal Living Pebble Accent Chair

Coastal Living Pebble Accent Chair


Decorators Best

Shifting the sands from soft delicate pastels to a touch of gold coast glam.

Durkee Circular Wall Mirror


20 in. Golden Gold Tree Trunk Stool

20 in. Golden Gold Tree Trunk Stool

Spot-On Spot Accents

Accent chests, spot chairs, and designer look area rugs qualify as spot-on spot accents for a foyer, entryway, living, family, or sun room.

Ridge Road Décor 30.5-Inch Round Antique Aluminum Framed Wall Mirror in Silver

Ridge Road Décor Round Antique Aluminum Framed Wall Mirror in Silver

Reims 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Madison Park Hanley 2-Doors Accent Cabinet in Black

Roseanne Accent Chair - Gold/Grey

Roseanne Accent Chair – Gold/Grey

Gray-Washed Decorative Carved Wood Coffee Table

Gray-Washed Decorative Carved Wood Coffee Table

Carved details, natural pine wood, and a soft gray-washed finish highlights this super coastal chic style coffee table.Tybrook Hand-Crafted Accent Mirror

White Finish Wood Sprigs Design Whitebriar Round Wall Mirror

White-Wood-Mediterranean-CabinetRidge Road Décor Rectangular Floral Cabinet in White

Decorative Palancar Coral Table Décor Figurine


Jan Jones LLC


LS Dimond Home Natural Teak Slice Console


Sea Urchin Chandelier

Distinctive hardware, sleek lines, and an elegant design presence meets the criteria for the perfect accent chest.

Powerful style statement in soft shades of seaside green.

Aqua Horizon Giclee Canvas Art Print

Aqua Horizon Giclee Canvas Art Print

Grey/Green Framed 4 door Wine Sideboard

Grey/Green Framed 4 door Wine Sideboard



Mix and mingle the cocktail hour with a distinctive piece such as the Avalon rattan bar.


Avalon Rattan Bar

AvalonRattanBarAVS18 (1)

Gorgeous lives in the details of the statement piece.

Leave no stone unturned in your search for special pieces to tie the coastal look altogether.


Atelier de Campagne LLC

Check out consignment shops, estate sales, antiques auctions, and online sites for classic pieces and curiosities destined to become the focal point of the space.

Pastel painting, seascape

Pastel Seascape Print

French Dry Scrape Painted Pine 2 Door Server

French Dry Scrape Painted Pine 2 Door Server

Part of the fun is the hunt, and the grand prize is in the treasure found.


Leftover Antiques

Rugs in neutral shades and natural textures keep with the coastal casual feel and gorgeously work the room.


Liliane Hart Interiors

nuLOOM Maxwelle Flatweave Diamond Trellis Jute Area Rug

nuLOOM Maxwelle Flatweave Diamond Trellis Jute Area Rug




Shape and form again catch my eye.

The curved details of this 20th Century Painted Bombe Chest With Verde Marble Top has an under the sea quality to it.

20th Century Painted Bombe Chest With Verde Marble Top

20th Century Painted Bombe Chest With Verde Marble Top

Oly studio daybed AD

Architectural Digest

Uzbek Suzani handmade embroidered Bedspread Bedcover

Uzbek Suzani Handmade Embroidered Bedspread Bedcover

Earnestine Solid Woven Rug

Earnestine Solid Woven Rug

Maharaja Sandblasted White Wood Hand-Carved Arm Chair

Maharaja Sandblasted White Wood Hand-Carved Arm Chair


Twin Melanie Upholstered Daybed White Fabric 


Blue and Cream Collection by Threshold

Alayna Botanic Bone Inlay Traditional Beveled Distressed Accent Mirror

Bone Inlay Traditional Beveled Distressed Accent Mirror

rug on floor

Strick & Bolton Sylvie Handmade Braided Jute Reversible Runner

Accents and accessories in traditional coastal design color, texture, and pattern choices infuse the spaces and places in the home with a comfortable seaside chic aesthetic that emphasizes a there’s no place like home or the beach vibe.


Sydney 32" Wide Down Cushion Armchair

Sydney 32″ Wide Down Cushion Armchaira-touch-of-black

Dallas-based designer Jan Showers words serve as design tip numero uno in my book.

Alayna Bone Inlay Wall Mirror

 Bone Inlay Wall Mirror

I realize black may not be the color that immediately springs to mind when considering the coastal style color wheel, but it’s the color that lends a touch of elegance to any décor style it graces.


Bone Inlay Three-Drawer Dresser

See (or should I say sea) what I mean?

Giannetti Home-secretary-coastal-home-decor

Giannetti Home

Coastal elegance is beautifully defined through black decor pieces and accessories.


Enzo Barrel Chair Tangled White-Black

Sutton Banana Palm Chalk 33' L x 20.5" W Wallpaper Roll

Inspire Me! Home Decor Elegance FAR01 Indoor Area Rug

Inspire Me! Home Decor Elegance FAR01 Indoor Area Rug

Papasan chairs capture the look of casual chic, and speaking from personal ownership experience, is one super comfortable seating option.

Papasan Chair with Round Pillow Cushion and Cream Wicker Weave

Papasan Chair with Round Pillow Cushion and Cream Wicker Weave

This super chic space speaks fluent seaside sophistication to me.

Lindsey Lane - Charish

Lindsey Lane – Charish

Some may say this upholstery is more tropical than coastal.

I say it’s lovely and just the deviation from the too literal design style interpretation needed for the space.

Chardon Armchair

Step away from the expected by throwing the eye a curveball with a chic choice of conservation piece.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis paparazzi photo

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Paparazzi Photo


Keem Bay 24” High 1-Light Table Lamp – White

Scallop Side Table

Scallop Side Table

Hayes hobnail large planter

Hayes Planter

Levins Coffee Table

Ciao Bella 54″ Wide French Italian Coffee Table

I’m including this lovely video as it is befitting the end to a serene and relaxing day spent oceanside and the end of this coastal home décor extravaganza.

Take a moment, hit play, and take it in.

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination
and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

—Robert Wyland

Decorating is an adventure in personal style that should always inspire our imagination and bring us immense joy.

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Style Forecast: Decor Trends 2021

Excitement greets a new year, and today’s decor trends 2021 show and tell highlights exciting style predictions coming your way.

decor trends 2021

As for my personal formula of predicting interior design and decorating trends, I take into account various predictions from knowledgeable insiders, do a quick retrospect of the previous year’s hit and misses, factor in personal taste, and suggest accordingly.

My personal advice regarding first of the year trends is to tread lightly into the what’s trending pool in order to eliminate decorating regret.

Good taste, judgment, and an impeccable sense of personal style will guide your decor trends 2021 choices.

Face Line Art

Home decor accessories and accents brimming with visual appeal prominently work the room to introduce two key elements in decorating- contrast and character.

Face line art pieces emulate drawings in the style of Picasso and Matisse, representing broadened interpretations and color choices.

Being a fan of the mix and mingle aspect of decor styles, I love introducing a piece of face line art in all its fun and funky glory into a traditional or formal aesthetic.


Entrecôte Melbourne

Female Line Face Framed Wall Art

Female Line Face Framed Wall Art

Dark Blue Kitchens

Color in the kitchen made the what’s on trend list for 2020, and here it is coming around again.

Timeless color choices stand the test of time and trend.


House & Garden – Photo by Nicole Franzen 

Hello, dark blue kitchens.


The Main Company

If total color immersion, dark blue or any other color, does not appeal to your color scheme and style, consider using the color on a standout feature such as a kitchen island.



Old-World Charm

I’ve long regarded the distinctive details found in old-world charm accents and accessories as conversation pieces.



Pieces rich in unique design features and storied provenance create points of visual interest and conversation.

Mikel Welch-Photographer-John Bessler

House & Home- Designer Mikel Welch-Photographer John Bessler


House Beautiful

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting fixtures become capable components in the overall design focal point equation.

Baguès Art Deco sconces

Homes to Love

Lighting is relevant to the feel you want the space to convey, and statement lighting flips the style switch to focal point fabulous in both the on and off position.


Architectural Digest

Kelly Wearstler Precision Pendant

Kelly Wearstler Precision Pendant

Gold Accents

Gold accents will forever be on trend.


Villandry Chic Luxury Day Bed

Gleaming Primrose Mirror

Gleaming Primrose Mirror

gold accents

Gold Hammered Picture Frame, 4×6 
Oro Gold Dining Chair
Kronburgh 20” Table Lamp
Kash 4 – Light 15″ Unique/Statement Geometric Flush Mount
24×32 Linear Portrait Canvas Wall Art
Carly Embroidered 14×26 Throw Pillow by Kosas Home
Kate and Laurel Celia Round Metal Foldable Tray Accent Table


Better Homes & Gardens – Photo Jay Wilde


Bringing the beauty of the outdoors indoors never looked so good.


Lonny Magazine

Mudroom designed by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Copper Cookware



Culinary preparation is performance art at its delicious best.

Suffolk kitchen


Copper cookware and decorative accents remain an elegant element and traditional choice of material to complement taste, space, and of course to compliment the chef.


House Beautiful


Neutral colors are no longer thought of as dull, boring or unimaginative home decor, accents, paint and furnishings options.

Rosen Kelly Conway Architecture & Design

Rosen Kelly Conway Architecture & Design


Lonny Magazine

Rather a primary color choice to the space or color palette complement, neutral colors deliver on all focal point points.

I really do love how neutrals play so well together with the other colors found on the design and decor playground.


House & Garden


Studio McGee

Dark Hues



Dynamite look.

decor trends 2021


dark hues paint colors

Mushroom Lamps

For some time now I’ve been noticing the popularity of the mushroom in everything from cookies to footstools to mushroom lamps.


Yamini Designs

Toadstool trend?

It’s hot at present, and I must admit I owned and wish I still had both the aforementioned mushroom footstool and mushroom lamp that adorned my condo circa 1982.

Everything old is new again at one time or another.



Timeless designs, on-trend textures and patterns, and colors divine make wallpaper a classic choice of product for a quality result in interior decorating.


House & Garden


Elle Decor – Photo by Thomas Loof

This last decor trend is one that stands the test of time.

Personal Style

The consummate design aesthetic.

Finding normal footing in this very young yet promising new year proves an excellent motivator, and when motivation comes together with inspiring decor trends 2021 it’s a decorista’s dream come true.

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Decorative Home Bar Accessories

Decorative home bar accessories lend style to the mix – a visual garnish if you will.

Bette Davis “All About Eve” Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950

When it comes to the home bar, the addition of decorative accoutrements serve to visually enhance the mix and the mingle area designed and designated for inspired gathering.


On one of my pre Covid-19 treasure hunts I found this Canadian Mist Royal Canadian Mounted Police decanter.  Dave the Builder was in tow, and he echoed my enthusiasm about the find.

When the Canadian snowbird couple came to visit this past December, the decanter immediately caught their eye(s) and initiated conversation.

Decorative Home Bar Accessories

Winter months and cozy at home times make for cozy prime warm beverage drinking times- another great option for a home bar set up.

peppermint-hot-chocolate-Kritsada PanichgulPeppermint Hot Chocolate
Better Homes & Gardens – Photo by Kritsada Panichgul

bar-Carl and The Wolf1

Carl and The Wolf

When the thermometer hits 70°F and above in the South, it’s prime tea drinking time, y’all.

I’ll set up an iced tea cart quicker than you can say one lump or two.

peach-basil-iced-teaPeach-Basil Iced Tea
Southern Living – Photo: Iain Bagwell

Live and in person retail therapy has taken on a whole new look these days.

Ground shipping (a ton of stores and sites are offering free shipping) is available, and goodness knows we’ve gotten abnormally brilliant at this order online-pickup curbside service thing.

Another option is virtual window shopping.

Virtual window shopping paired with in the style sourcing keeps me in the retail loop and the decorating ideas flowing.

Not to mention it’s an excellent way to pass the copious amounts of time on your hands.

Time on your hands it better than germs on them, n’est-ce pas?

Designer Anthony Gianacakos Designer Anthony Gianacakos

Designer Anthony Gianacakos transforms an otherwise rinse and repeat rental kitchen into a style spot with painter’s tape, chalk paint, and style inspiration compliments of the color, the tile, and the graffiti traits of Lisbon, Portugal.

In many rental properties space is a luxury.

Design and decorating creativity steps in to save the day and the floor space by utilizing a wall shelf as a home bar.

The $$$ option.

Moroccan Blue Wooden Wall Shelf - Aged Blue

Moroccan Blue Wooden Wall Shelf – Aged Blue

The $$ option.

painted wall shelfRed Brick Shelf Wall Decor

Woven Animal Head Wall Decor

Woven Animal Head Wall Decor

Designer Anthony Gianacakos Designer Anthony Gianacakos

Feroz Faux Tiger Gold Rug-Loloi X Justina Blakeney CollectionFeroz Faux Tiger Gold Rug-Loloi X Justina Blakeney Collection

The $$ option.

Jonathan Adler Tiger Valet TrayJonathan Adler Tiger Valet Tray

The $ option.

gold tiger trinket tray

Boho Gold Tiger Trinket Tray

It’s a jungle out there.


Love Who You Want – ‘Mister Tiger’ Plate

Ardelia 20 Table LampGold Lion Table Lamp

Giraffe Lamp with Linen Shade

Giraffe Lamp with Linen Shade

Sacripante GallerySacripante Gallery

Gold Monkey & LeafGold Monkey & Leaf

The Absinthe French Match Strike catches my eye for use as a holder for cocktail stirrers.

I love using pieces for unexpected purposes.

Absinthe French Match Strike

Absinthe French Match Strike

This porcelain milk pitcher (creamer) from H&M will make a super cute vessel for measuring shots, jiggers, rocks, and double pours.

blue plates H&M pitcherPorcelain Milk Pitcher

A standard single-mixer/shot/jigger pour is 1.5 ounces.

A standard rocks pour is 2 ounces.

A standard double pour is 3 ounces.

bar set upAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Gold Pagoda Ice Scoop 1Gold Pagoda Ice Scoop

James F Carter

James T. Carter – Architect

Fresh or faux, an arrangement of flowers in a whimsical vase takes a classic decorating combination in a fun direction.

faux peony bouquet

Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Bouquet

pink peonies

A and B Home Visage Cement Vase

A and B Home Visage Cement Vase


Brockschmidt & Coleman, LLC 

Pastel panache under the big top is a great a theme to work with.

colorful-crystal-glass-candy-dishFLYING BALLOON Embossed Colorful Crystal Glass Candy Box with Lid

bear on bike drink coaster

cigar box tray

Flea Market Style Magazine – Styling: @kinassauerstyle – Photo: Edmund Barr Photography

DIY projects turn out some of the most unique items such as this cigar box serving tray.

Cut the lid to fit inside the bottom of the box; glue in place.

Spray box with sealant.

Drill holes and screw handles to box.

Attach adhesive bumper pads to underside.⠀

Water Tower Decorative ContainerWater Tower Decorative Container

An antique cabinet updated with DIY TLC and transformed into a statement piece such as this one featured by Domino adds such character to a space.



Decmode Wood and Brass Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe



Be it cart, accent cabinet, table or countertop, decorative home bar accessories that catch the eye, start a conversation, and bring a hint of whimsy stock the well-appointed home bar hospitality station with distinctive style and personality.

love your style

Little Updates For a Big Impact

Seeing that most of us are spending an inordinate amount of time at home these days, why not utilize a moment or two to refresh the places and spaces in your decorating repertoire with little updates for a big impact.


Southern Living – Photo by Melanie Acevedo – Styling by Olga Naiman

Rearranging furniture instantly gives the room a refreshed update.

Floating a sofa and/or accent chair(s) away from the wall opens up the room, creating the impression of a larger space.

Enlist the help of your fellow able bodied stay-at-home quarantiners to get the job done and give the room an updated look.

Little Updates For a Big Impact

Styling a coffee table with a sense of individual style is an easy decorating refresh to undertake.

Treasured keepsakes, fresh flowers or plant, a short stack of great reads and coffee table books, a vintage decorative box to house remotes, and a framed picture of a favorite something, somewhere or someone become coffee table conversation pieces.

Eclectic Home Photo Credit Sara Essex Bradley

Eclectic Home – Photo Credit Sara Essex Bradley

Art travels well from one room to another.

Kerry Spears InteriorsKerry Spears Interiors

Switching art pieces and wall decor from one wall to another or countertop, shelf, accent table or mantel is a visual game changer.

Dodson InteriorsPhoto Credit Julie Soefer

Dodson Interiors -Photo Credit Julie Soefer

A borrowed piece or pieces from another room falls into the category of take away from and add to.

It’s amazing how often this decorating trick works to the betterment of a space.


Julia Reed – One Kings Lane

Play a game of decorating I spy, the edit from within your home version.

That accent chest in the den or spot accent chair bedside table.

Bring a lamp from another room to the mix.

Flower magazine flowers in vase

Flower Magazine

While you do your part to be stay-at-home safe, why not consider a style-at-home little updates for a big impact project.

love your style