A Most Fetching Friday: Design Details

Today’s fetching Friday focuses on design details and the it’s all in the details beauty that enthralls, captivates, and delights the eye.




Stunning images such as this classic example of French Louisiana architecture from architect Ken Tate with interiors designed by Ann Holden of Holden and Dupuy Interiors affirm my love of traditional design and decor features steeped in southern charm.

lantern-in-foyerDering Hall


Jenny Wolf Interiors

Monogram_2Monograms and Antique Linens ~ Victoria Magazine

outdoor-settingVogue Living

Beauty on point captured by dancer Kyle Froman as featured in Harper’s BAZAAR.


gold-giltGold Gilt on Pinterest

Have a lovely weekend.

Love your style!

The Heart And Soul Of Decorating

In an ever-changing world it’s difficult to stay on top of what’s on trend.  Think electronic gadgets.  About the time you program, master and become proficient with the latest and greatest electronic gadget of choice here comes the newest version down the pike.  Does this principle apply to decorating?  Nah!  Accents and accessories with timeless and classic appeal make sure of that.



The heart and soul of decorating is evident through individual decor style choices.  We put a lot of ourselves into the selections and styles we go with. Perusing the blogsophere last year I scrolled through images of a blogger’s kitchen remodel reveal.  In the comment section I was taken aback by a comment from another reader.  “The  _________________ look is so over!” I felt so bad for the blogger. There is no expiration date on what style you, the lead decorator of your domain, deem stylish, relevant and a necessary gorgeous to surround yourself with. The pride the blogger took in sharing the finished project was obvious, and to then have decorative doubt placed upon the heart and soul of decorating choices made- so uncalled for.  Comments, like great interior decorating, should be balanced with good taste and careful consideration.

comment section


It is my personal and professional opinion that a look, style or decor choice will at sometime in its life be in need of at the very least a  freshening up.  That’s the heart and soul of decorating.  Tastes and decor likes, loves and gotta have it choices change over time.  A tweak here and a trend there guarantees it, but it’s the individual tastes and decor choices at the core of it all that makes it a statement of quality and personal style.

the heart and soul of decorating

And that look, my fellow decoristas, is never over! Embrace, be proud of, and by all means…

Classic Pieces

Classic pieces connect the thin line between fashion and interior design.

From the runway to the entryway, classic lines, textures, patterns, and colors captivate the tastes and eyes of fashionistas and decoristas the world over.


Martinique Wallpaper

Classic pieces in the world of fashion and interior design speak fluent influence and style.



Inspiration is everywhere, and the above image testifies to the truth of those three words.

When fashion needs beautifully collide with home decor wants the result can be fabulous and inspiring.

Where one good eye sees a drop dead gorgeous outfit, another good eye may see a home decor accessory must-have.

I’ve asked the following question several times, even writing a blog post about it.

Scalamandré Tigre pillow cover

Scalamandré Animal Pillow Cover in Tiger

It gets its footing from inspiration and its merit from this visual world we live, write, design, groove, relax and Pinterest in.

When you see an image of an iconic figure from the world of fashion, design, cinema, or music, do you think interior design?

The onslaught of seasonal home decor finds and fashions is in full fall force.

What’s hot, what’s not, and what’s trending makes an interesting read, but I chalk it up to what it really is- a subjective reference guide.

My wallet can’t keep up with the ever changing fads from season to season, year to year.

This is where trend pieces come in.

Selecting affordable wardrobe and home decor accessories keeps things updated, fresh, and fun.

That’s a great and stylish thing.

Oliver Gal 'Travel in Style' Fashion and Glam Wall Art Canvas Print

Oliver Gal ‘Travel in Style’ Fashion and Glam Wall Art Canvas Print

Leaning toward favoring the classics, I follow a basic principle of style in both fashion and interior design.

Build your house of style upon timeless and classic foundation and investment pieces, and let trending accessories do what trends do best, come and go. 

A  timeless piece is a quality investment you’ll only have to make once.  

This applies to fashion, interior design and home decor accessories. 

What trends and classics are inspiring you?

Wiser Words In The Key Of Style

I like how one word can be associated with many different areas.

Life, fashion, interior design, business, music, and writing all assign a sense of style however, I like to focus on the style of home.

I’m not simply referring to decorating and dinner party ideas, the construction, or architecture of a house.

The decor, personality, hospitality within, graciousness, and how we as hosts handle a less than comfortable situation measures the style of home.


Designers, actors, shop owners, one blogger, one musician and two chefs reveal their sense of style through meaningful words.


“The oldest form of theater is the dinner table.”

– Michael J. Fox,  actor & author

Elle Decor

“I learned that passion about objects and furnishings makes for fearless decorators—and that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too.  That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.”

Courtnay Daniels Haden, interior designer


“Turn off cell phones!”

Joan Michaels, interior designer

“A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words.”

– Barry Dixon, interior designer

Food and Wine

“Make a home-cooked meal, even if it’s just a bowl of chili and a salad with garlic bread. There’s nothing better than simple and delicious.”

Lisa Fine, textile designer

“In case of an entertaining crisis, take a deep breath and ask, ‘What would Auntie Mame do?’ If a guest accidentally breaks something, regardless of value, simply say, ‘Thank you. I’ve been looking for a reason to replace that old thing.'”

Bryan Batt, actor/shop owner



“When I was in Italy one summer, our hosts served cashews and potato chips in crystal bowls while we sipped Prosecco.  It was a revelation: right-out-of-the-bag snacks become sophisticated when they’re served in a gorgeous dish.”

Stephanie Ballard

Brass Heart Shape Ink Well & Stand Circa 1900

“Handwritten thank-you notes after being entertained are a must.”

Grant K. Gibson, interior designer

Apartment Therapy

“You can never have too many white plates, platters, and bowls.”

Cheryl Katz, interior designer

“I try to greet my friends with a drink in my hand, a warm smile on my face, and great music in the background, because that’s what gets a dinner party off to a fun start.”

Ina Garten, celebrity chef and author

“In life as in design, it is not perfection you should be after. There’s beauty in the faded and worn, the well loved, and the sentimental…After all, life has seams. Your home should be like a loosely woven fabric of desires, memories, practical, notions, and even compromises.”

Celerie Kemble, interior designer


Architectural Digest

“When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.”

Rose Tarlow, interior designer


“You should have a picture of yourself as a kid in your home so that you remember where you came from.”

John Mayer, musician


Digital Food Network

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important—fun, food, and life.”

 Daniel Boulud, chef/restaurateur


“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.”

Charlotte Moss, interior designer

Mark Hampton

Architectural Digest – Photo by Carlos Domenech

“Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.”

Mark Hampton, interior designer


Wise words, a good sense of taste and humor, and impeccable manners are strong anchors in the game of style.

Love your style!


House Beautiful And The Outstanding Design Secrets Of Annie Brahler

House Beautiful and the outstanding design secrets of Annie Brahler make an impressive design and decorating duo.

House Beautiful is hands down one of my favorite shelter magazines.

Each month when it hits my mailbox I can’t wait to look through the pages of quality interior design and decor beauty.

Undisturbed and attentive, I sit down to the pages of interior design details, articles, furnishings and stunning looks.

I am so excited to share with you the May issue of House Beautiful and the outstanding design secrets of Annie Brahler along with images from her Jacksonville, Illinois historical home.

As owner of Euro Trash, a full service residential and commercial interior design, styling and import company, antiquities come into play.

House Beautiful May 2012 issue cover

The Douglas Brenner feature with photos by Bjorn Wallander, the ideas for decorating with antiques, and informative Q&A with Annie Brahler is my favorite part of the May issue of House Beautiful.

It speaks to the antique lover and dealer in me, and  shows how well antiques fit into the interiors of not only historical homes, but in today’s homes as well.

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There are certain days I swoon over fashion, but swooning over homes, architectural features and interior design is an everyday treat.


Updated eight years, Annie’s social media accounts are chockablock full of design and decorating beauties.


Have you ever been moved to an out loud “Oh, my goodness” by a photo of a kitchen?

Meet the photo responsible for my OMG heard round the world (okay, around the house).

Where do I begin?

The vintage demilune topped with marble and modified for backside cabinets as a kitchen island— brilliant!!

Antique accents and accessories adorn this totally white hot kitchen, where elegance and simplicity merge in an absolutely fabulous manner.

Annie Brahler kitchen

The bronze chandelier, gold leaf mirror, 18th-century French armchair, 17th- and 18th-century Delft tiles and bluestone columns seize the opportunity to impress.


My two favorite accents are the zinc architectural finial in front of the window to the left of the fireplace, and the Louis Vuitton bag on the floor.

A vintage armoire customized to fit her shoe need and Belle Epoque pink chandelier do a closet good!

Repurposing antique and vintage furniture for practical uses to pair with modern furnishings is smart, green and gives what we all want from unique home decor, the wow factor.


The master bedroom headboard began as a neoclassical daybed and finished as a custom pièce de résistance.

I did something similar with a pair of twin English headboards.

Dave the Builder hinged them together for a client and voilà, a formal fireplace screen.

Seeing an item for what it is, but recognizing it for what it can become, seems to be a justified experiment with affordable antique and vintage furniture, don’t you think?

Speaking strictly for myself, stripping, painting, refinishing or totally morphing a piece into something totally different from its original purpose never scares me when we aren’t talking mucho initial investment.


Mirrors, mirrors gorgeously displayed on the wall, you and the Dutch chandelier are the gold leaf finest of them all.

A pair of antique upholstered armchairs, also known as fauteuils, grace the well appointed bookcase in the library.

The bookcase is made from a salvaged door surround. Unique furnishings reflect a sense of personal style, personality and creative character.

The blonde antique double door china cabinet and caned dining chairs in the breakfast room are from Holland.

I love the juxtaposition of formal dining chairs paired with a rustic or casual farm or harvest table, especially in this breakfast room.

I addressed this subject in a previous post here.

My advice then is the same now~ never be afraid to blend formal pieces with primitive ones.

The contrast surprises, complements, and is easily capable of becoming the focal point of the space.

The feminine quality of a Louis XV-style bed is quite the appropriate accessory in a historical home and a teenager’s bedroom.

The French mirror, balloon shade and crystal for days shaded chandelier strike a balance between period pieces and current trends in home decor.

A client at the antique shop remodeled her daughter’s bedroom a couple of years ago.

As per her request, we found a Victorian round pedestal table painted white at auction and later located five upholstered French dining chairs- four side chairs and only captains chair.

I paired the four side chairs with the table and the look was flawless.

Both mother and daughter were thrilled with the set, and as shown in the image above, placed the set in close proximity to the bed.

Modern meets glam meets antiquities.

Oh yeah, I like the look!

I enjoyed every word and image in this feature, and have a great appreciation of her design, tastes and excellent selection and use of antiques.

“Overdoing it with one thing is kind of not overdoing it.”

—Annie Brahler

Annie Brahler’s own words and design secret does supreme justice to the entire feature.

Love your style!









When You See An Image Of An Iconic Figure From The World Of Fashion, Cinema Or Music, Do You Think Interior Design?

Do you dream in color?

This is a popular question asked on the subject.

Color is such an influential and integral part of our decorated lives, and yes, I most definitely dream in color.

No big surprise as I write, source and see enough of it in my daily spin around the interior design world.

I happily refer to Chicago’s “Colour My World” as the theme song of my life.

It’s a colorful world we exist in, and thank goodness it is!

Donna Favors quote

I often wonder if when others dream or see something of particular interest or beauty if they see it in terms of decor.

When you see an image of an iconic figure from the world of fashion, film or music, do you think interior design?



Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel

The house of style accessorizes the ultimate house of style, 31 rue Cambon, Mademoiselle Chanel’s famous Paris flat.


The iconic mirrored staircase of 31 rue Cambon.


Details are the cornerstone of style.



sarah-jessica-parker-Chanel-coutureSarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture


Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel

Pale pink paired with two color basics, the classic color combination of black and white and/or the color brown, brings to mind the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry color block of Neapolitan ice cream.

47 Park Avenue

47 Park Avenue

Pink never misses the opportunity to be the dazzling choice of color in both fashion and decor.

Ruard Veltman Architecture

Ruard Veltman Architecture

A stunning statement is automatically made when a space reflects the personality of the homeowner(s) through collections and personal mementos.

Cameron Diaz Pink Chanel DressCameron Diaz in Chanel at the Golden Globes 

Diane Bergeron Interiors

Diane Bergeron Interiors

Anna Mouglalis

 Anna Mouglalis in Chanel

brown-bedroomKatie DeStefano Design

The strength of brown as the lead color of a space influences new traditional through rich lines, patinas and textures.

st-charles-of-new-york-portfolio-interiors-stylesSt. Charles of New York

The essential Johnny Cash

The man in black pairs well with the bath in dark accents.

black-lacquer-bathroomHouse Beautiful

Farrah Fawcett 1976 swimsuit poster.  The best-selling pinup poster of all time.

mr-brown-london-portfolio-interiors-stylesMr. Brown London

Marilyn-Monroe1Marilyn Monroe

Imagine Living

calyssarosenheck2015-67Elle Decor



The voice – Smokey Robinson

magni-home-collection-portfolio-interiors-traditional-transitional-dining-roomMagni Home Collection

Smoky hues cast both the image and the feel of warmth, a sexy vibe some would say.

The design floor is wide open for interpretation and color implementation.

Swedish Actress, Ann-margret Singer and Dancer, 01.05.1967. (Photo by Photoshot/Getty Images)


robert-passal-hamptons-showhouseCoco Kelley


Brian J. McCarthy, Inc.

GiseleGisele Bundchen- Colcci Summer 2016 Collection


Fashion and decor stand together in front of the mirror of good taste, classic color choices and timeless trends.


Jean-Paul-Beaujard-ADArchitectural Digest


James Dean

James Dean

james-dean-office-pictureTraditional Home

Dramatic, dark, and defiant to convention.  The common threads of the decor and design beautifully parallel the figure.


Inspirational and iconic!  Remarkable figures capture our attention in the same way that classic design and decors influence our homes.

suzan-fellman-llc-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-barSuzan Fellman LLC

iconic green 1kingdesign1 Kind Design


Fine Paints of Europe


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eye color was actually a stunning dark blue.  The eyes have it for sure.

green-violet-foyerJessica Lagrange Interiors


Eclectic Home

contemporary-dining-roomGlenn Gissler Design


Dreaming in Color,  Frank Sinatra

D Magazine

I thought it appropriate to include the gorgeous design of interior designer Roger Thomas, the genius behind the fabulous interior design of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas.


Frank Sinatra ruled the Vegas strip as one of the most iconic entertainers in the town’s entertainment history.

The swank, swagger and style influence of Ol’ Blue Eyes is woven into the history, character, landscape, and design of Las Vegas.


When you see an image of an iconic figure from the world of fashion, film or music, do you think interior design?

Love your style!


I’m Board: Pinterest & Olioboard Boards

I’m “board” on this Monday afternoon. Pinterest and Olioboard boards that is. As I was clocking valuable twitter time Monday afternoon, I came across an interesting tweet inviting interested parties to participate in a design and decorating contest.



Participants are asked to create a Pinterest board featuring products they would use to create a dream foyer in their home.  My interest is piqued to the point of participation and inspiration to create a second Pinterest board of the Foyer Thinking persuasion.  Below is pictorial proof of how I spent my Monday afternoon.

My Dream Foyer PinterestAnother great site is Olioboard.  Olioboard is an easy application for creating digital mood boards. Interior designers, decor enthusiast and creative minds come together to share inspiration and offer feedback.  I use Olioboard to mockup decorating presentations, and once I mastered the tips, tricks and tools I have never looked back.


Over the holidays I was approached about taking on a living room renovation project.  Both potential client and designer are thinking the project over.  I thought I would get something down on paper, or in this case, on a digital mood board.