A Hook, A Towel, And A Thinker: Decorative Towel Holders

By nature I’m a thinker.  It’s a fun challenge of sorts to put a new spin on an old way of doing things, and a great opportunity to stretch imaginative design skills.

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“Lend me your antler and we’ll stylishly hang out together,” said the decorative kitchen towel to the decorative deer head.

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Normally a towel bar, is a towel ring, is a towel holder.

These utilitarian items are not essential, but they do serve an easier purpose in the kitchens and bathrooms of our homes.

I’ve seen towels hanging over doors, hanging out of drawers, hanging out on counter tops, and keeping company with the refrigerator handle.





Let me type that word again.


With a few dollars, a few screws, a drill, and an eye for the unique you can turn a decorative hooks or door knobs into useful and decorative towel holders.

iron dogsA pair of spade iron door handles make unique displays.

iron handles

A different way to go would be incorporating a vintage door knob and back plate set.

A single knob could be mounted to a decorative piece of backing wood or decorative ceramic tile.

decorative door knobs

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vintage door knobs

Decisions, decisions!

Don’t let me break your creative process, but let me throw another option into the mix.

Drapery holdbacks come in many colors, designs, and finishes.

Drapery holdbacks have more depth, making them more adequate to negotiate thicker hand towels, aprons, pot holders, or oven mitts.

drapery holdback

Decorative door knockers come in different sizes, styles, finishes and price points.


A gorgeous cast of characters!

I know the decorative towel holders I’m going to choose!

Love your style!