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Life styled for outdoor living decor meets the needs and desires of those ready to take the party outside.

outdoor living decor

Lula & Georgia

We’ve covered the front-of-the-house curb appeal, now let’s take the party to the patio-porch-terrace-balcony-deck.


Country Living- Photography by Annie Schlechter


Luxe – Photography by Eric Piasecki

Grillin’ and chillin’ outdoor living is concept design with attitude requirements.


Elle Decor – Photography by Joshua McHugh

Creating a space around an attitude of relaxation and unwinding at home requires outdoor living features and accessories tailor-made to suit your lifestyle.


Southern Living – Photography by Patricia Lyons


Aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting lights the night, afternoon, or evening for mood, task, and setting.


 Marissa Rodriguez

Layer lighting choices to create depth, contrast, and visual appeal.

Better Homes & Gardens 10-Count Warm White LED Ribbed Outdoor String Lights

Better Homes & Gardens 10-Count LED Ribbed Outdoor String Lights


4-in-1 Cage-Style Garden Torches, Set of 4

When it comes to outdoor citronella candles the jury seems to still be out on the verdict of whether they work or not.

candles in wrapped jars outside living

 Kelly Sikkema

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller products for mosquito control win the superior function over superior style case every time.


Ronald Langeveld

Speaking of function over style, how many of you remember using mosquito coils at the drive-in?

Drive-in theaters were on the way out by the late 70s when I was a teen, however, every now and then you would run across one fully operational.


My older cousin, a teen of the 60s, still got a big kick out of going to the drive-in on hot summer nights.

Her go-to mosquito control involved a trip to the snack bar to purchase a mosquito coil for dashboard placement and mosquito control.

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Blue Lavender, and Cedar

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Blue Lavender, and Cedar

If the repeller product is unsightly place out of sight in or behind planters.

Minka Textured Pot

Minka Textured Pot

Earthen-Ware-Terracotta-Vessel-Planter.-3-colors-available (1)

Earthen Ware Weathered Egyptian Terracotta Vessel/Planter

Reserve hurricanes, buckets, and jars filled with citronella votives and pillars for your viewing audience to see.


Black Wood Cutout Lantern with Rope Handle, 20″
Glitzhome 14.25″ Solar Powered Outdoor Lantern
Large Seagrass Candle Lantern

For a shell of a good look begin with a clear cylinder vase(s) of your size choice, add decorative craft shells and starfish, and drop in a pillar or LED flameless candle.


Libbey Clear Glass 8″ H Wide Cylinder Floral Vase

Better Homes & Gardens 6 White Flameless Flicker Outdoor LED Candle 2-Pack

Better Homes & Gardens 6″ White Flameless Flicker Outdoor LED Candle 2-Pack


Veranda – Photography by Lisa Romerein

Perhaps cozy is more associated with the fall into the winter season, but I like to think of it as the year-round hallmark of a relaxing ambiance.

Bryndle root fire pit

Bryndle Root Fire Pit

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

Round Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit in Pewter

Round Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit in Pewter


Round Hammered Wood Burning Fire Pit in Copper with Fire Tool

Round Hammered Wood Burning Fire Pit in Copper with Fire Tool

Classic black and white is always so chic, and according to trend spotters, this fabulous color combination is on-trend for the 2023 outdoor living decor season.


Outdoor Rugs

Hampton Outdoor Wood/Wicker Club Chair (Set of 2) by Christopher Knight Home

Hampton Outdoor Wood/Wicker Club Chair (Set of 2)

Tone-on-tone blended with texture and pattern advances the overall appearance to next level style.

Better Homes & Gardens Tarren 5-Piece Outdoor Conversation Set, Black

Better Homes & Gardens Tarren 5-Piece Outdoor Conversation Set, Black

Embrace your curves.

Dark Gray Rope Lorenzo Outdoor Swivel Chair

Dark Gray Rope Lorenzo Outdoor Swivel Chair

Outdoor French Bistro Chairs

Louna Outdoor French Bistro Chair (Set of 2) 

Scatter spot stools, stands, and ottomans about to serve comfort and purpose.

Sunny Club Black Wicker Outdoor Ottoman

Sunny Club Black Wicker Outdoor Ottoman

Hammered Finish Metal Garden Stool, Copper ColorHammered Finish Metal Garden Stool, Copper Color

Punched Metal Plant Stand

Punched Metal Plant Stand

Porto Striped IndoorOutdoor Filled Ottoman Gray Square Pouf

Porto Striped Indoor/Outdoor Filled Ottoman Gray Square Pouf

Look familiar?



Let the music play and the sunshine in.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus II Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Round Ivory Tufted Sun Face Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow

Shades of seasonal colors in rays of sunshine hues add a touch of bright and cheery personality to the overall primary palette.


T.J. Maxx


Sanibel White Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Pink on the patio continues to be a house favorite.


Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Area Rug
Nevis Palm Frond Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug – JONATHAN Y
Pink & White Beach Umbrella
Cabana Stripe Outdoor Throw Pillow DuraSeason Fabric™
Plushlines CH342 Multicolor Pillow
Women’s Farm Rio Green Slip On Flip Flop Sandals
The Novogratz Poolside Gossip Collection Priscilla Folding Chair (2-Pack)
Travelwant Wall and Railing Plastic Pots
Iron Outdoor Lantern Candle Holder
Ribbed Geometric Outdoor Stoneware Planter Pot Cherry Pink

Ellen Merchant Melamine Pitcher

Ellen Merchant Melamine Pitcher

Summer breezes usher in touches of tropical times, and for around $3.00 a pink with tropical green leaves swim float becomes a chic and festive centerpiece ring sitting pretty with a vase or planter full of seasonal floral or a themed ice bucket placed in the center.

tropical wim ring

Bluescape Pink Tropical Inflatable Swim Tube Pool Float

round galvanized tub

Better Homes & Gardens- Round Galvanized Tub

palm tree ice bucket

Pastimes Palm Tree Ice Bucket, 3 Quart


Fawn Concrete Planter with Drainage Holes

Fawn Concrete Planter with Drainage Holes

Among the many Southern sayings in my dad’s rotation was the infamous “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Simple logic flanked by deep wisdom, folks.


This proven advice applies to the still popular choice of a clear beverage dispenser equipped with a spigot for displaying-holding-serving liquid refreshment to wet your whistle.

Pink Classic Outdoor Rolling Patio Cooler with Wheels and Handles

Pink Classic Outdoor Rolling Patio Cooler with Wheels and Handles

Speaks fluent ready, set, summer to me!


Social Cut

Chilling out with cool libation of the leaded or unleaded kind goes hand in hand with as the character Bick Benedict from the movie Giant puts it where we can sit and talk… and the breeze can get at us.


Glass Carafes

Converted vintage iron sewing machine stands and French marble-top baker’s tables serve style when used as an outdoor cocktail station.

French Cast Iron Marble Bakers Table

French Cast Iron Marble Baker’s Table

Carolina Chair and Table Vera Marble Top Bar Table

Vera 42 in. White/Black Standard Rectangle Marble Console Table

outdoor barware

Rene Lacquered Linen Matte Black Ice Bucket
Mila Oyster Bottle Opener
Better Homes & Gardens Acrylic Ribbed Short & Tall Tumblers Clear




Classic Gold Metal Console Table

Classic Gold Metal Console Table

Although the Classic 43 in. Gold Metal Console Table in gold is not an outdoor piece, it is a piece that I would definitely include in my outdoor living space for a focal point party presence.


You know—a take it outside for the event then bring it back inside afterwards piece.


Retro Yellow Outdoor Steel Glider

Chillasan Palm Trees Outdoor Hanging Chair And Cushion (1)

Chillasan Palm Trees Outdoor Hanging Chair And Cushion

Classic seating choices reply will attend to the outdoor living decor RSVP- retro style vibe party.


Bella Botanica Designs Inc.

Finding an exact piece eludes the hunt at times, and this is where in the style of decorating comes into play.

Farmhouse 2 Person Wicker Porch Swing - Dark Brown

Farmhouse 2 Person Wicker Porch Swing – Dark Brown


Blue Summer Hydrangea Square Decorative Throw Pillow 

Al fresco dining deliciously pairs with the spring-into-summer outdoor living package.


Scott Shrader – Introspective Magazine

Dedicated outdoor living kitchen areas range from state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens complete with elaborate designs and every creature comfort known to trend to a card table, galvanized beverage tub, and a hibachi grill.

Outdoor Gourmet 5-Burner Stone Island Grill

Outdoor Gourmet 5-Burner Stone Island Grill

Kamado Joe Classic III 18-Inch Ceramic Kamado Grill

Kamado Joe Classic III 18-Inch Ceramic Kamado Grill

Traeger Timberline Wood Pellet WiFi Grill Black

Traeger Timberline Wood Pellet WiFi Grill Black


7-ft. Stone Veneer 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Island 

You’re the captain of the SS Whatever Floats Your Boat, and when the goal is to create a serene and stylish space, a harbor, if you will to relax, connect, refresh, and still the day into evening, there is no wrong way of achieving the goal.


White Woven Decorative Platter, 12″

Bamboo Food Cover

Woven Jute Tray

Mini Table Lamp with Shade 12.75″H – White Finished Traditional Style

Natural Brown Faux Wicker Barrel Lantern with LED Bulb, Medium

Woven Garden & Patio Storage Box – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia


Giannetti Home

Spending quality time outdoor living it up doesn’t necessarily involve spending scads and scads of money.

Great looks at good prices exist, my friends.


Cushioned Rattan Armchair

Safavieh Idola White Washed Dining Chairs (Set of 2)

Idola White Washed Dining Chairs (Set of 2)

Round Woven Vase

Round Woven Vase

Melamine plates and acrylic glassware color, texture, and pattern options have come a long way, baby.

Bamboo and Melamine Printed Salad Plate - Threshold™

Bamboo and Melamine Printed Salad Plate – Threshold™


Green Ombre Bamboo Cup
15-pack Food Friends Good Times Paper Napkins


Set of 6, Indoor or Outdoor Melamine Plates (9″-6 Piece Set, Toile de Jouy)

Classic patterns and on-trend favorites translate to Melamine serving pieces for the KISS-keep it summer simple-decoristas.


Pink Ball canning jars pair pretty with the summer salad season.


Serving salads in canning jars continues to be a KISS serving staple.

Ball 4pk 32oz Regular Mouth Quart Canning Jars Rose Vintage

Pimpernel Blue Italian Sandwich Tray
Yellow Leopard Print Small Oblong Melamine Serving Platter
Ball 4pk 32oz Regular Mouth Quart Canning Jars Rose Vintage


Cool sips, light bites, late suppers, and tasty sweet treats delightfully entice and satisfy the taste for a light nosh on a hot summer day into night.


Watermelon Agua Fresca Recipe

Tuscan Artichoke Salad

Tuscan Artichoke Salad Recipe


Strawberry Salsa Recipe

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart Recipe

Summer is soon to be, and with its arrival comes the propensity to ready your outdoor spaces with spiffy summertime, and the outdoor livin’ is easy decor.


On The Patio, Porch, Terrace, Decked Out Summer Holidays

The on the patio, porch, terrace or deck on summer holidays season complete with summer ready spots of relaxation and entertaining decked out to impress is ready to a kick off.

summer holidays

Winter is in the rearview mirror, and we are looking ahead to outdoor living, entertaining, and my favorite, decorating, with the full-on colors, patterns, and textures that visually convey the message summer has arrived.

The warm temps of spring every days and summer holidays is inspiration central for those who love decorating and celebrating their outdoor living life on the patio, porch, terrace or deck on summer holidays.

beach-style-porchHeather Garrett Design

Summer evenings set to a serene and tranquil scene usher in a leave the fast track behind and escape to relaxation destination.


Peter Billiards

I love an outdoor space that visually draws you in and stunningly communicates come for the style, stay for the view.

Great lighting is an essential part of framing the space- indoors and outdoors.

Gold Washed Metal Rustic Eclectic Boho Lantern Candle Holder

Large Seagrass Lantern

Large Seagrass Lantern – Threshold™

Maize and Wood Outdoor Lantern with Glass

Maize and Wood Outdoor Lantern with Glass

I always suggest adding or at least consider adding a chandelier and/or table lamp(s) to your patio, porch, terrace or deck space.


Unscented Totem Taper Candles in Box, Set of 2

These lighting options inject a touch of casual elegance and make the space more intimate.

Mediterranean porch

Gil Walsh Interiors

Paper lanterns make an affordable addition to your outdoor lighting scheme.


Paper Lanterns

We use a fire pit as another form of lighting.

And for roasting marshmallows for summer s’mores.

And mosquito control aka natural buzz kill.

Hohman Firebowl Steel Wood Fire Pit with Handles and Spark Screen

Celebrating the moments of your outdoor living life with a cool refreshing beverage is always a good idea.

Convenience makes a fabulous party guest, and a beverage station or bar cart sur le patio is as convenient as it is necessary.


Redondo Outdoor Wicker Bar Cart

The image below reminds me of the vintage sewing machine stand I bought at a flea market when Dave the Builder and I were dating.

Dave found a scrap piece of marble to serve as the top and we were in business.


I first used the marble top sewing machine stand as a bistro table, then a kitchen island, then a microwave stand, and eventually a poolside bar/beverage stand.

Nothing fancy by any means, but unique (at the time) and very versatile.



Gauthier~Stacy Inc.

Gauthier-Stacy Inc.


Gunn Landscape Architecture


Pueblo Outdoor Wicker Club Chair With Water Resistant Cushions

Antibes Set of 2 Wicker Club Chair with Cushions - Christopher Knight Home

Antibes Set of 2 Wicker Club Chair with Cushions – Christopher Knight Home


black-iron-patio-chairs-gold-finials (1)


Midway 2pk Metal Patio Club Chairs- Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

Black and white stripes is a summer classic.

Safavieh Elsa Fashion Line 9 Ft. Umbrella


The vibrancy of summer blooms in seasonal colors is accentuated by color rich decorative planters.


Hendersonville Old World Floral Garden Ceramic Pot Planter


New England Pottery 17.25-in W x 17-in H Red Ceramic Classic Planter

Garden hose be gone, or at least housed in this beehive hose holder.


Do you know what a summer day and this post have in common?

They’re both long.

Summer days, summer nights, and summer holidays- are you ready to show your summer style off on your stylishly decorated patio, porch, terrace or deck?

Love your style!

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A Most Fetching Friday: Grilled to Perfection Delicious Inspiration

Today’s Fetching Friday features grilled to perfection delicious inspiration for your outdoor living entertaining ideas pleasure.




adjective: fetching


synonyms: attractive, appealing, sweet, pretty, good-looking, lovely, delightful, charming, prepossessing, captivating, enchanting, irresistible

salmon with creamed peas

Grilled Salmon with Dijon and Dill Creamed Pea Sauce


Grilled Flatbreads with Mushrooms, Ricotta and Herbs


Grilled Portofino Vegetable Antipasto


Grilled Tandoori Chicken


 Grilled Shrimp with Fresh Cranberry Salsa

grilled-stone-fruit-almond-mascarpone-dip Grilled Stone Fruit with Almond Mascarpone Dip


Summer Outdoor Entertaining Tips 2

It’s that time of year again to get the party started with summer outdoor entertaining tips 2.

Outdoor spaces of oasis dressed out for backyard grilling and chilling take center stage this time of year.

vintage backyard bbq

Here’s a few outdoor entertaining tips for getting the summer essentials prepped and ready to go.

summer entertaining tips

Butcher Blocks and Cutting Boards

To deter bacteria from finding a home in the cracks and on the cutting surface, wash the block or board with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water.

Allow the butcher block or cutting board to completely dry.

Cover the butcher block or cutting board with a thin layer of coarse salt to draw residual moisture out of the cracks.

Wipe of excess coarse salt and use a clean cloth to apply mineral oil, rubbing with the grain.

Let dry overnight.

grain prep board

Searching for an easy and inexpensive grill degreaser?

Try baking soda and a steel wool pad.

Apply elbow grease and voilà!

Keeping Outdoor Cushions Neat and Clean 

Keep the comfort and color, lose the mold, mildew, and dirt with a solution of 2 teaspoons borax, 2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid, and 2 quarts warm water.

Mix and pour solution in spray bottle.

Liberally spray each cushion down with solution and allow to sit for 15 – 20 minutes.

Hose off cushions with water hose and hang from clothes line or stand up to dry.

outdoor chair cushion


Flavored Ice Cubes 

The heat and humidity will melt those ice cubes soon enough, but with flavored ice cubes watered down beverages retain their deliciousness.

This is so simple- fill ice trays 3/4 full with the beverage of choice and freeze.

Take the taste to the next level by adding fresh mint to iced tea or punch cubes, rosemary sprigs to lemonade,  pearl onion or halved seasoned green bean to Clamato for bloody marys, or a blend of cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and strong coffee for iced coffees.

fresh mint ice cubes

Grab the blender (or food processor) and purée watermelon slices or fresh strawberries for a summer kick over watermelon or strawberry flavored ice cubes.


Weeds No More 

Weeds between patio pavers, bricks, and deck boards are unsightly summer sights.

Let the sun shine in and down on weeds that have been sprayed with a solution of 1 gallon white vinegar, ½ cup of dishwashing liquid, and 2 Tablespoons salt.

Fill a spray bottle with the mixture, set to stream, and spray the mixture on the weeds.

This works best on a warm and sunny day as heat from the sun aids in the process.

Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus They Carry

Talk about buzz kill!

Keeping these pesky uninvited guests away is outdoor priority number one.

Citronella candles, tiki and table top torches, and decorative lanterns come in a wide assortment of styles, sizes and price points.

citronella candle

Is That a Bee in Your Bonnet?  

No, it’s a dryer sheet!

Strategically placed in an apron pocket, under table linens, or pinned to the corners of a tablecloth, dryer sheets help to keep bees at bay.

dryer sheets

Freshen Up With a Twist 

Enjoying the summer good life can get messy, sticky, sweaty, and smelly.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes work well, but I also like to make individual “freshen up with a twist” packs.


For hands:

Place two damp paper towels in a Ziploc bag – one with a trace of liquid soap (I love the fresh scent of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap) on it for cleansing, and the other for rinsing. Include a slice of lemon for an extra twist of fresh.

Lemon softens your skin and is a natural odor eliminator.


Photo by Sama Hosseini on Unsplash

For Freshening Up Face/Neck/Arms:

I’ve tried almost every brand/every scent of facial cleansing towelettes on the market, and I invariably come back to the Equate Beauty Rose Water Cleansing Towelettes. The scent is divine, and the cleansing is gentle.


Refrigerate towelettes package a few hours before outdoor living party time, and when fun in the sun or evening things heat up simply put summertime beat the heat survival kits consisting of chilled towelettes and a travel size spray bottle in color choice filled with Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner with Rosewater.

Place individual packs into a larger Ziploc bag, seal it tight, and place it in a lunch tote or outdoor fridge to keep them nice and cool until ready to distribute.


Getting things ready for spending time outdoors entertaining and enjoying the best of summer goes with the backyard territory.

My friends, summer is making its presence known.

Get summer ready, get outdoor entertaining prepped, and go!