Cup Pulls & Camellias

Like most everyone at the first of a new year,  I’m recharged and ready to embrace new projects like updating cabinet hardware.  January starts things fresh, new, and in this case, blooming with color.  With major rain and the potential for flooding forecasted for the rest of the week, it was time to trek to the backyard to retrieve a bouquet of color.

A spring color tease beautifully overshadows this week’s dreary, rainy, and wintery color palette.


Listening to the all Beatles, all Rolling Stones station on iHeart radio reminds me time is on my side for only a few weeks until taxman time rolls around. I will be knee deep in paperwork which means the office, kitchen, man cave and possibly the dining room will temporarily be out of photo/staging commission.  In the meantime, I’m going to see how many small projects team Places In The Home can meet and master.

Dave the Builder handles the installation of things like handles, pulls, and decorative hardware on cabinetry.  He penciled this installation in on his schedule and here we are.  Small edits, updates, and accent additions breathe new life into the look of a space.  Updating cabinet hardware gives instant and decorative gratification.  The idea was to add cup drawer pulls to this high use, high traffic section of drawers, complementing the existing cabinet knobs and keeping the integrity of the finish and the look.

With juxtaposition being the goal, the small drawer and liquor cabinet door hardware were purposely not changed.  Dave measured the center for the pull placement and new holes, drilled two new holes in each drawer front, and from the backside of the drawer screwed the cup pulls into place with a Phillips head screwdriver.  The pewter hammered cup pull handles were purchased from ebay for $1.25 each.  Arts and Crafts~Mission accomplished! It’s on to the next project- the lantern light fixture redo.

Love your style!


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