Wallpaper: A Classic Choice

Wallpaper is an essential decor element- the paper doll of decor.

wallpaper uses

Consider a wall, ceiling, bookcase back panel or whatever item you have in mind the form, and the colors, patterns, and textures the designer article of attire.

wall-covering-ceilingArchitectural Digest

Have fun with interior design, decorating, and home decor!

Pacifico Palm Floral Wallpaper Roll

Pacifico Palm Floral Wallpaper Roll

Rules apply for balance and form, but consider this- the unexpected use of color or well thought out and very intentional placement of a design or decor element in a “I would have never thought of that” place keeps things interesting.

Wallpaper adds interest, a punch of personality, and the all important and essential pop of color.

grasscloth wallpaperTraditional Home

If we’re talking traditional wallpapers, we must talk grasscloth.

Grasscloth wallpaper hangs around the scene for one stylish and obvious reason-its natural texture, quality of style, and durable function keep the spotlight on it. 

Dazzling Dimensions Lustrous Grasscloth

Dazzling Dimensions Lustrous Grasscloth

I’ve installed, suggested, and used grasscloth many times over the years in properties we flipped, commercial and residential design jobs, and in our houses to rave reviews.

Repeat after me:




wallpapered bedroomBetter Homes and Gardens

Instantly recognizable iconic patterns identify with not only the brand but with classic traditional style.

The investment in iconic pattern wallpapers is for the life of the space.



   Scalamandré Zebras Wildlife Wallpaper Roll

Wallpaper can most definitely be considered a work of art, especially patterns such as this one from Studio Printworks as featured in Architectural Digest.

jean louis denoit

Architectural Digest

Timeless designs, on-trend patterns, and durable function make wallpaper a classic and quality choice of product for a quality result in interior decorating.


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