What Works For You Is What Works In Decorating

The what works for you is what works in decorating principle is a inspiring tidbit of information.  There is no hard and fast formula for what, when, how or who will light the fire.

There are times when the cart does come in front of the horse, and this is one of them.  Scrolling through an image gallery on the Traditional Home website placed inspiration in my blog post thoughts.

The kitchen in the image below has a whole lot going for it in the design and decorating department.

Great choice of flooring, natural light, exposed beams, workable layout and a pair of antique tables that serve up style with a side of function as kitchen islands.

Repurposing, replacing parts and the repainting of vintage and antique pieces has taken root.

I must admit I often cringe at the sight of antique pieces in the direct line of a can of chalk paint.

I have seen gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) reworkings and re-paintings of antiques, paling only in comparison to the highest end of high end furniture manufactures.

I’ve also seen plenty that left the one word impression on me of why?

I prefer to keep the overall integrity in place and in its original state, but as the taste of the buying public changes so does the need for and use of pieces.


Elle Decor

Repurposing an antique farm or harvest table, armoire or buffet to be used as a kitchen island, desk, entertainment center or home bar is what’s in at the moment.

Dave the Builder and I stand ready and willing to accommodate the needs of our clients by replacing the original wood top or shelves with marble, granite or a durable wood for practical use purposes.

The result is another what works for you is what works in decorating piece ready for stylish duty in its new home.


At first glance I did give pause to the placement of these sconces, especially the sconce on the far right and its close proximity to the wall.

Paired balance is present, but unless the cabinet door is rarely used the constant swing issue of door meets sconce could be a design deal breaker for some.

Moral of the story?

What works for you is what works.


Architectural Digest

Don’t be sheepishly shy with home decor choices.

The Places In The Home rule book clearly states the design and decorating principle that guides our simple philosophy- your house, your rules.

If you hear something I’m sure it is interior design icons, professors and the by-the-book believers crying out in a collective round of that’s not how it’s done.

To that I say oh pooh!

The unexpected always kicks the look up a noticeable notch or two.

Conformity can be awfully boring.

I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then,
is a good thing...”

— Thomas Jefferson


House Beautiful – Karyn R. Millet

I advise making a mismatched statement in at least one space. Mismatched dining chairs instantly add the pop of personality factor to the don’t be like the rest of them, darling equation.


Talk about going for the brilliant and the bold with determination and palette penchant.

This beauty takes a giant step away from ho hum, jumping style first into entry envy territory in a very what works for you is what works way.

mixed dining chairs Benjamin Moore’s Twilight 

What works for you is what works in decorating.


Love your style!

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