Souvenirs: 21 Design Features From Hotel To Home

Part II of the Souvenirs series takes a look at 21 design features from hotel to home.

The purpose of the well-appointed hotel room and the design features within is to make your stay convenient, comfortable and memorable- a thoughtful and inspiring souvenir.

hotel chic at home

Hotel Chic at Home: Inspired Design Ideas from Glamorous Escapes ~ Sara Bliss 

Design and decor features of a stylish, chic and well-appointed hotel room is full to capacity with ideas to use in our homes.

I keep the camera handy and a small journal in my purse for exactly that reason.

See it.

Shoot it.

Commit to design features from hotel to home memory.

 design features from hotel

To illustrate the point, I am using some from our Las Vegas trips in this post.

Some of the rooms have been remodeled since our last stay, but we will work with what we have.


Where a hotel room for some is just a place to sleep, for me it is as much a part of the vacation as a special dinner at a gourmet restaurant or seeing a top-tier headliner show.


In the spirit of Vegas lucky 21 I have selected 21 inspiring design features from hotels to home for your design and decorating implementation consideration.

Master Bathroom Features

1.  His and Hers Sinks

Better yet, his and hers bathrooms.

Since the his and hers bathrooms may not be in the cards, we will keep the focus on a design feature that is more in line with traditional bath design- his and hers sinks.

Two is better than one in the name of convenience and personal space, and storage allocation.


Medicine cabinets, storage tower(s) or center shelving offer excellent storage options.

traditional bathroom ideasDaniel Contelmo Architects

2.  In-Bathroom Television


M and M Design Consultants

Who doesn’t love a television in the dressing area of the bathroom?

Getting ready for the day, client meeting or an evening out can find us pressed for time.


Tim Barber Ltd.

Having a television in the bathroom makes it easy for us to get our news, weather, traffic updates, sports scores (his) and music choice channels (hers).

Smart Bathroom TV, Google System Magic Mirror TV for Bathroom

SYLVOX 32 in. Smart Bathroom TV, Google System Magic Mirror TV 

3.  Makeup Mirror  


Huntley & Company

More the rule than the exception in today’s hotel room bathroom amenities, a makeup mirror magnifies the magnificent you!


Nickel Brushed Tilting Lighted Casual Mirror

4.  Dimmer Switch

Call this a bonus lighting feature that adjusts to the task at hand.

The dimmer control allows me to add to or take away from the ambient lighting.

Control up for an extra layer of lighting to optimize the lighted makeup mirror or down for a soft night light effect.

preset dimmer

5.  Double Entry Doors 

Design of the wonderfully dramatic kind.

double door bathroom entry 3 North ~ DecorPad

6. Decorative Molding Accents


7.  Stylish Bathroom Faucets

Virture bath faucet pfisterPfister Faucets


8.  Decorative Mirror(s)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the statement making fairest of them all?

KlingJ K Kling Associates ~ DecorPad

Design and decorating elements of a ranch style house giveth and taketh away.

Eight foot ceilings fall into the taketh away category, but layers of light, color, accents and accessories gorgeously guide the eye and giveth style to the overall look.


G P Schafer

9.  Marble


Munger Interiors 

Marble is the material of choice for showers, walls, floors and vanity tops.


 Because marble is just so pretty.

carrara marble bathroom vanity topHouzz

Maddux CreativeWorld of Interiors~ Maddux Creative

marble tile shower bench

10. Lighting


Munger Interiors 

Layers and layers of task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting.


Elle Decor – Photography by Douglas Friedman


crystal ship chandelier

Sailing Ship Crystal Chandelier, 6 Lights

11. Vanity Stool


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles – Photography by Jeff Herr


Modern Faux Fur Stool

Sitting pretty.

vanity chair bath

12. In-Drawer Electrical Outlets

Convenience comes home!

outlet drawer bathroon

13. Stylish Hardware


Chrissy and Co

When the preliminary remodel/decor strategy session (eloquent words for the thirty minute “this is what I want, and how are you going to make my remodeling suite dreams come true?” conversation with Dave) began, my mental Rolodex flipped to I for inspiring design features from hotel to home.

inspiring design features

Caesars Palace Augustus Tower Hotel Room

Caesars Flamingo Road View

Caesars Palace Augustus Tower Hotel Room

Implementation of inspiring design features to further enhance the look and design of our master bathroom is presently on hold for two families under one roof reasons.

Hotels roll with the what’s on trend flow when it comes to updating the interiors of rooms, and what a difference a contemporary update makes.

Which do you prefer?

Venetian differences

14.  Unique Headboard

unique headboardPinterest


Height, color, pattern and texture- all present and stylishly accounted for.

Is the tall upholstered headboard on its way out?

If you love the look, it’s in style.

JSchoenberger_MasterBedroom2Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

15.  Floor Mirror

For checking your look from head to toe.

summer house styleDecorPad

bella mirror

16.  Above the Bed and Bedside Lighting

bedside lighting House Beautiful

Bedtime readers know the value of good lighting.

May I suggest adding Places In The Home and Hotel Chic at Home: Inspired Design Ideas from Glamorous Escapes by Sara Bliss to your bedtime reading list. 

sarah richardson design decorpadSarah Richardson Design ~ DecorPad

Beside swing arm sconce lamps are perfect additions in size, function, and balance.

swing arm sconces

17.  Bedside Light Switch

Convenience again makes an appearance on the list.  I love the convenience of being able to turn out the bedroom light(s) from bed.

Does that sound right?

You know what I mean.

18.  Bed Curtains

This design feature falls into the category of maybe, maybe not, but it is well worth considering.

Paul Corrie Interiors bedroomPaul Corrie Interiors – DecorPad

bed-drapes-soft-bedroom-paletteAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

19.  End of Bed Seating Options


A pair of upholstered stools, bench or settee placed at the foot of the bed round out my idea for extra seating and stylish function.

Barnes Vanze architects

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

french-bench-gray-pinstripe-bench-pinstripe-bolster-pillow (1)

Amy Berry Design ~ DecorPad

Gifting my friend with a bed bench for her birthday provided the missing piece of her decor puzzle.

Several weeks later I ran into her husband, and he waisted no time thanking me for supplying her with a lovely and convenient piece that currently serves as housing for their folded laundry.

You can lead my friends to stylish home decor, but you can not make them use it appropriately!

20.  Bed crown – Bed cornice


A bed crown cornice can be custom built for more length, and work beautifully in conjunction with an architectural piece headboard- the best of both worlds scenario.

Rococo Bed Corona18th c Ornate Rococo Bed Corona

Floral Wreath Bedcrown



First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s Bedroom, White House

21.  Bed Curtain with Decorative Tiebacks or Holdbacks



wooden-tiebacks 43 Chesapeake Court Antiques


Bed curtains, bed crowns and decorative holdbacks and tiebacks carry the look, the space and the eye to a regal level.

Benjamin Dhong BedroomBenjamin Dhong – House Beautiful

Don’t shy away from pairing two or more statement making design elements.

You will know if the two cross each other out.

There is a lot of trail and error involved in the process of making things beautiful, and plenty of fun, too.

Stylish, smart and luxurious hotel room features provide a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

Forget the soaps and shampoos- bring inspiring design features from hotel to home with you and make them your design and decorating souvenirs.






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