Black and White Color Combination Extraordinaire

“Black and White” by Three Dog Night makes a profound statement in many ways, but today it struck a black and white color combination extraordinaire chord.


Architectural Digest

I’m of the strong opinion that all color begins and ends with black and white.

Van Gogh

“Suffice it to say that black and white are also colors…
for their simultaneous contrast is as striking as that of
green and red, for instance.”

– Vincent van Gogh

black-white-benchTraditional Home

Put the two together and the black and white color combination extraordinaire takes command of design and space.


My Domaine ~ DISC Interiors

If you are contemplating going with a black and white décor but wonder about the absence of a pop of color, take a look at the following examples of black and white done right.

black-white-wallpaper-bedroom  Maura McEvoy for House Beautiful


Williams Sonoma Home ~ PaperCity Magazine ~ Shabby Slips


House Beautiful

Don’t confuse choosing the design darling color combination of black and white with boring, calculated, unimaginative or stale.


Elle Decor

Selecting a black and white color palette clears the cobwebs of color confusion.


Let me explain.

Have you ever been totally overwhelmed in the selection process or execution of color?

I’ve selected colors with the best of them, and I can testify to the fact too much of a good and colorful thing can confuse the living color out of me.


Decor Pad

The places and spaces in our homes speak to us in either a whisper or a roar to the intent and result of our choices.


Shawn Broaddus and Mike Hammersmith

Of interest is a recent article referencing how in business and everyday life we should always strive to be inspired, continually educated, and never lose sight of the fire in the belly.




Jonathan Adler Vice Love Canister

Bolder Color Palette Framed Canvas Art PrintBolder Color Palette Framed Canvas Art Print

Mina Victory Luminecence Metallic Leopard Throw PillowMina Victory Luminecence Metallic Leopard Throw Pillow

Odd as it may seem, the color combination of black and white accomplishes these points.

black-white-CaracoleSimply Put – Caracole

Decoristas seem to never tire of studying new and inspiring design applications.

Inspiration is everywhere.


Casa Vogue


black-white-kitchenAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Building upon a standard of design is what keeps it relevant as well as timeless.

As decades go by, fads and trends fade from favor.


Duncan 1-Light Black Pendant and Rod with White ShadeDuncan 1-Light Black Pendant and Rod with White Shade

Does a certain period, style or color continue to strike your fancy, but you hesitate with the choice asking yourself the question, “Is this still used today?”

I think we all have.

Fear not.

Timeless to say the least, the presence of black and white in interior design and interior decorating choices proves as stunning today as it was sixty years ago.



Proven decorative ability is ever present when the design and decor color power duo is at play. A traditional decor favorite regarded as a contemporary darling and a modern marvel, black and white is a timeless color combination able to stand strong as the sole choice of color for a space.

This classic color combination choice removes palette doubt and eliminates any chance of the color combination extraordinaire burning out or fading away into decorating obscurity.

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6 thoughts on “Black and White Color Combination Extraordinaire”

  1. Great post, Darleen! This really is a classic color combination. I also love a black and cream color scheme, as well! It just feels chic and classic to me.

  2. Black and cream is such an elegant combination of a classic chic! I debated on featuring black and white in another post, but I’m of the school of thought that too much of a good thing can be a great thing. That’s the beautiful and inspiring thing about classic looks. Have a great weekend, and thank you commenting.

  3. I always find black and white as simple yet very elegant colors. The combination of the color is really stunning and makes the house very glamorous. Thanks for posting.

  4. I saw a lamp in the picture you posted on September 26, 2013 with the caption black and white color combination extraordinaire that I would love to have. It has black and white flowers on what looks like a ceramic base. The shade is white and looks like it is a drum shape. Is there any way that you would know the brand or manufacturer. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
    sincerely, Jane Milum

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