Making A Comfortable Bed

Did you make your bed?

Let’s see a virtual show of hands of the ones who have heard this question, oh, I don’t know, say 5475 times in your life?

15 X 365 = 5475

I came to that particular number by assuming by the age of five the simple chore of making the bed was on the allowance radar of most parents.

why-do-I-have-to-make-my-bedWhy Do I Have to Make My Bed?  – Wade Bradford

With the the median age of first leaving home for males and females being at 20.35 years of age, that’s roughly fifteen years of making the bed.

If my math is correct, that, ladies and gentlemen, is a whole lot of bed making.

daybedMinnie Peters ~ The White Book

Why should you make your bed?

A relaxing and good night’s sleep is essential to our overall well-being, and promoting said good night’s sleep begins with making a comfortable bed.

Plus, it looks pretty.

Question asked and answered.

Routine, by definition, is an action or actions performed as part of a regular procedure. Decorating is rooted in the routine of interior beautification.

Our bedroom serves as a peaceful and serene sanctuary, and making a comfortable bed promotes this relaxation technique.

The basic ritual of making the bed each day is a most effective way to give the space an overall polished and finished look.

made-up-bedEthan Allen

A public opinion poll commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation of 1,500 randomly-selected Americans between the ages of 25 and 55 explores how respondents think about elements of their bedrooms and to determine the effect of the bedroom environment on sleep.

Findings show 85% of those polled rate the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as an essential factor in a restful sleep.

Another interesting result finds 73% of respondents get a more comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with a fresh scent.

Bedding Hanging To DryMother Earth Living ~ Photo By Corbis

I love the glamour associated with the classic color combination of pink and green with its summer afternoon spent lounging poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows chic appeal.

Beverly-Hills-HotelThe Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows

Forget counting sheep, I’d rather drift off to lala land dreaming of warm LA or Miami breezes and tropical island vacations.


Coastal-nautical-life’s a beach designed linens fall into the Goldilocks and the Three Bears category of bedding- not too masculine and not too feminine.

This design is just right.


Let’s don’t forget how utterly comfortable, cozy and stylish a down comforter, chenille throw or set of flannel sheets can be on those chilly fall and baby, it’s cold outside winter nights.


Not all bedroom decor styles are created equal or gravitate strictly toward the sole taste of one part of the shared sleeping experience equation.

Shopping semi-annual white sales with my mother has become a retail ritual with us, a bed and bath steals deals and famished shoppers who lunch meals sort of day.

We both agree on the importance of thread count, deep pockets and texture, but my goodness do we ever have differing opinions when it comes to pattern and color choices.

The Goldilocks and the Three Bears rule fits this scenario as well.

Ralph-Lauren-beddingRalph Lauren Palmer Bedding

I try to select sheets and bedding accents that are not only visually striking, but strike a nice balance between not too masculine nor too feminine.

I am super comfort zoned in on the look and comfort performance of sheets, pillow cases and shams in the art of making a comfortable bed.

A stylish neutral color, classic pattern and low frill factor choice of sheet is the way to go.

Short sheeted on sheet storage?

Store folded sheet sets inside one of the pillow cases from the set.


A good night’s rest revives, restores and regenerates the mind, body and spirit.

The Places In The Home turndown service relies on a comfortable sleep temperature, a generous spritzing of linen spray and our pillows cased in my favorite set of pillowcases.

making a comfortable bedSleeping Beauties

Texture, pattern, color, feel, thread count and making a comfortable bed play a significant role in the production of a beautiful slumber.

Love your style!

Master Bedroom Remodel Ideas

We are on a master bedroom remodel ideas roll here at Places In The Home.

Between the DIY projects, the oppressive heat that takes no prisoners, and the decorating tweaks over the last month, we are in full-on “what can we do next?” mode.

The next project to eventually tackle is the master bedroom.

The reason why this project is currently not under construction is a whole nother story, and one I may share with you all one day.

Until then, the master bedroom remodel ideas flow.

A picture shows it all and here it is- the master bedroom in all its pre-overhaul glory.

This photo, in all its 1980s decorating trends glory, was taken the day before the new carpet was installed last March.

This is the bedroom from about the half mark, and pretty much shows what I’ll be working with when the next phase of the remodel commences.

What’s not pictured is the master bathroom, dressing area, and walk in closets the entire length of the sleeping area.

We are talking nice square footage to work with- 800 sq. ft. to be exact.

I’m going big with the master bedroom remodel ideas.


I am forever working and tweaking the master bedroom accessory board, and may I just add I am in home furnishings heaven!

I’m not one to jump into the trend pool too quickly or strictly attach myself to one particular style.

My signature style leans toward classic traditional paired with new traditional.

Classic stylings prove timeless, and can be easily enhanced with the addition of current accessories.

The all important pop of color is obtained through paint, wallcoverings, and/or window treatments.

But on second thought…

glidden marshmallow white

Gold and silver are consummate favorites of mine.

I consider shades of gold and silver to be neutrals.

Empire Gold from Sherwin-Williams is a maybe contender in the wall color category.

Marshmallow white in all its neutral gorgeous goodness is the leading contender as an accent color.

I can’t help it,  I’m a fan of carpet in a bedroom.

I swooned when I found the Dana Landing series from Mohawk in Ice Plant.

dana landing by Mohawk

The other night we were watching a movie that now I can’t remember the name of.

The big scene with the leading man came up.

I put down my magazine (when a movie doesn’t hold my interest I tend to multitask) and Dave noticed me paying close attention.

When the movie was over he asked me if I liked it.

He made mention of noticing my attention turned away from the shelter magazine and to the scene with the leading man.

I assured him it wasn’t the leading man that caught my attention, but the crimson red dupioni silk drapes in the scene.

Talk about a scene stealer!

Love your style!