Interior Design Decorating Trends 2024

Interior design decorating trends 2024 predictions differ from one interior designer-decorator-decorista to the next.

As for the formula I use I take into account various predictions, conduct a quick retrospect of the previous year’s hits and misses, factor in personal taste preferences, and suggest accordingly.


Interior design and decorating rules aside, I study at the what works in your home is what appeals to your personal style school of thought.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a sampling of Interior Design Decorating Trends 2024.

Table Lamps

Lighting is relevant to the feel you want the space to convey, and the trend toward table lamps flips the style switch to focal point fabulous in both the on and off position.

Walden Floral Jade Marble Table Lamp

Walden Floral Jade Marble Table Lamp 1

Walden Floral Jade Marble Table Lamp


Mike Karlsson Lundgren


Flower Magazine – Photography by Emily Followill


Camille Styles – Claire Zinnecker Design

Sage Green


Lauren Lothrop Caron

Sage green is the color to embrace in 2024.

French Gray No.18

French Gray No.18

Some say sage green is a neutral while others say sage green is an inspired gray-green shade extraordinaire.


Versatile as a color choice for walls and/ or trim detail, this versatile shade of verdant green takes to the space it graces in simple yet elegant tone and taste.


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Laurey W. Glenn


Elle Decor – Photography by Jennifer Hughes

Metals Beyond Brass

metals-mix (1)John B. Murray Architect

In almost every what’s hot for the new year forecast of the past few years metals have made the list.


Jean Stoffer Design

Warm tones invite a sense of cozy comfort to the metals mix with decoristas continuing to show a preference to home decor accents and accessories which convey and invite cozy to hearth and home.


Kelley McNamara Design

This two for one photo showcasing mixed metals and brown furniture illustrates the reason why both are primed to be on trend in 2024.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Zeke Ruelas

Brown Furniture


Flower Magazine

Brown furniture is primed to be in the furnishings focal point spotlight in 2024.

Excuse me, did brown furniture every really fade from the spotlight?

brass-gold-bath-tub-Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro

Rich in tone and hue, the intensity of brown furniture exudes depth and warmth.


Corey Damen Jenkins and Associates LLC

Although not formally on the 2024 trend radar, antique pieces continue to find a top spot on the Places In The Home interior design and decorating hit list and with good reason.

Antique pieces play the room in house to home harmony to influence, balance, and complement other design styles resulting in a space enveloped in personality.


Carlos David – Photography by Douglas Friedman

Timeless in presence and provenance, antique pieces lend a quality to most design styles as a lone focal point accent or anchor style of the space.

Provenance tells the story of premier craftmanship and sustainability while finishes and details create visual interest.


Cathedral Giving by Design – Photography by Emily Followill


Schumacher Romantic Bosphorus

Schumacher Romantic Bosphorus

Murals set a scene replete in classic elegance brought to life through subtle colors used to depict serene scenes.

Rural painting wall mural

Rural Painting Wall Mural

Perhaps not initially the intended purpose, it is almost impossible for a wall mural not to become the focal point of the space it covers.

grisaille-mural-wallpaper (1)

Susan Harter Muralpapers

Dramatic Color

azure-blue- bold-monochrome-living-room

Homes & Gardens – Photography by James Merrell


Charlotte Moss

Small touches of color will be replaced in favor of spaces color drenched in dramatic color encouraging tone and hue to absorb light and distribute it  throughout a space.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Mali Azima

Pantone 2024 Color of Year Peach Fuzz inspires the wall of this lounge corner.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Kelly Marshall

Stand Out Stone


Elle Decor – Photography by Tim Lenz


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Sans Soucis chinoiserie wallpaper

de Gournay


 Widell and Boschetti

Central to form and function, stand out stone makes a commanding presence.

Calacatta Bettogli marble

Luxe Interiors + Design – Photography by  Stephen  brad ramsey interiors 

Beautiful as a floor to ceiling option, stand out stone remains a timeless material of choice in interior design and decorating.


House & Garden Magazine – Photography by Simon Upton

Awake Polished Ultra Compact Surface Off-white


 Brad Ramsey Interiors

Diversity in colors, textures, and patterns along with durable materials known to natural stone choices such as limestone, travertine, marble, quartz, onyx, and slate offer long-lasting durability while achieving the goal of stunning interior design and decorating features-a unique visual result.




Canet Gris 17 in. x 17 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Essential Travertine Gray 23.50 in. x 47.08 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Arctic Gray 12 in. x 12 in. Natural Polished Stone Floor and Wall Tile

Michella Marbella 24 in. x 48 in. Polished Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Eat In Kitchens


House & Garden Magazine – Photography by Simon Brown

Gathering together in the heart of the home aka the kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a concept easier implemented in the eat-in kitchen.

Island time.

Centrally located dining table.


Corner banquette.


Tori Rubinson Interiors

Changing tastes and reimagined uses for the spaces and places in the home give rise to the multipurpose concept, and the all-in-one attraction of the  eat-in kitchen exemplifies why this feature is appealing to more and more interior designers, decorators and decoristas alike.


House & Garden Magazine – Photography by Lucas Allen

1970s Style


Jeffrey Bilhuber LLC

Particularly fun and in the spirit of decades past, 1970s style is captivating the eye of interior designers and decorators for 2024.

Everything old is new again to some extent, so why not approach the warm earthy colors, textures, and patterns of this trend with whimsical fancy through shapes, fabrics, and get down get funky accents.


1stDibs – Photography Shared by Galerie Glustin

Butler’s Pantry


Whittney Parkinson Design

Regarded as an extension of the main kitchen, a butler’s pantry allows the flow from kitchen to supporting space giving exactly that, more space.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Mali Azima

Additional kitchen appliances easily find space and home as well as serving and hosting wares or a niched wet bar area.


 Tori Rubinson Design

Personal Style

Personal style trends as a Places In The Home perennial favorite-the consummate design aesthetic.

“If you love something, it will work.
That’s the only real rule.”

— Bunny Williams


October Observations

October observations run the gamut from events to design to decor and just about everything else fallapalooza in-between.

Halloween is definitely October happening numero uno.  Man, has this
31st of October event become a celebration powerhouse.

October observations

Anticipated Halloween spending according to the National Retail Federation is estimated to reach $10.6 billion in 2022, breaking last year’s record of $10.1 billion. Approximately 68% of consumers plan to participate in some sort of Halloween celebration, up from 65% last year, 58% in 2020 and 69% in 2019.

That’s a lot of spirited spending, folks.


Candy corn.



What say you?

Psst! I like the stuff.



Artist Carlos Amorales exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano,“The Accursed Hour,” is as striking as it is haunting. Copy the look by covering walls and ceilings with swarms of paper butterflies stickers found on Amazon or Etsy.

Instant Paper Butterflies Wall Decor Halloween

There is Halloween decorating, and then there is Halloween decorating.


Fall fixer up time sees new wood molding atop the antique corbels on the front of the house, and a while we’re at it let’s touch up the colors paint session.

fall house paint colors 2022

Neighbors are precious friends-friends who come to call with skill saw, molding, primer and woodworking talent to save the day.


Recipes accenting the flavors associated with homey and hearty hit the spot on chilly fall night or game day afternoon.

sausage-and-wild-rice-stuffed-acorn-squash (1)

Sausage and Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe from Country Living


Bee & Willow™ Harvest Motif Dinner Plate

Savings is a prime number.


Sales on seasonal wares and accents have a way of inspiring cart fulfillment.

Ceramic Pumpkin Serving Bowl

Ceramic Pumpkin Serving Bowl


 Country Living

Vacation escapes and fall into holiday tablescapes pique my October observations interest.

Natural elements set a stunning table and the tone for a lovely drive.


Visit Gatlinburg

Peak color season getaways feed the heart and soul while gifting the eye a colorama as only nature can do.


It won’t be long before the honking sounds and sights of Canada geese heading south for the winter will be in our area.

Last year for about 8 nights in a row around 7:15 p.m. cst the show began much to my delight.

They fly so low you can really get a good visual, and of course, you hear them before you see them.

In honor of this October tradition, I’m purchasing a set of these Spode Snow Geese dinner plates.

Snow Goose Dinner Plate

Spode Snow Goose Dinner Plate

October in our little town is parish fair time, and that means my craving for a caramel apple is soon to be satisfied.


The Might Thomas Carnivals

Crisp days are coming into view, and with that brings the retail offerings, nature’s color parade, thrills, chills, tastes and trends that round out my October observations.

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Pinterest Home Trends: Too Much of A Good Thing?

Bandwagons can get awfully crowded.  I proceed with caution before jumping on most bandwagons, carefully picking and choosing the ones to get on board with.

Some would categorize Pinterest as bandwagon central. If Pinterest is a bandwagon, then I say giddy-up!

Pinterest is the ultimate virtual photo album, an all-in-one place where you can find everything from free fonts to fondue recipes to fabulous home trends. I use it as a visual catalog look book and client presentation tool as well as a vehicle for gleaning ideas from other decoristas.  

Beauty is in the pin of the beholder.


Kenton Overland Circus Band Wagon

Fascinated by the power of the trend and the role that pinning it plays in the spread of its popularity, Pinterest reminds me of the Fabergé Organics shampoo ad campaign with the and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on line.


Overdoing leads to fading fads and diminished trends.

Steven-Tyler-quotePurple Clover

Take the Mason jar.


Let the record show I love these jars, but fully understand the too much of a good thing point.


Now is the time has come for a keyboard confessional.

Painted everything is the please put down the paint brush and step away from the whatever piece one is painting trend I love to hate.

There, I typed it, and no, it is no mistake I’m emphasizing the word everything.  

Pinterest is peppered with painted everything projects- some gorgeous and some not so gorgeous.  As far as calling out the not so gorgeous, I believe it is best to apply the Thumperian principle to mouth and keyboard.

If you can’t say, type, post or link something nice,
don’t say, type post or link anything at all.

Admittedly,  a well applied coat of paint on an inexpensive piece of junk mass produced furniture that isn’t all that to begin with in the first place can’t hurt the look.

Even better is an applied coat of paint in a designer color(s) on a home furnishing with good bone structure can render a piece thoroughly modern magnificent.

Feast your eyes upon this stunning French Provincial dresser finished in a French blue color by Cindy at Edith & Evelyn.



Do I think the painted everything is on the way out? Pinterest popularity suggests the answer is no.

Is painted everything a Pinterest home trend that is here to stay, or one with an expiration date marked sooner than later?

Time and trend will tell.